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    cluelusshusbund Magical Realist
    Kittenbells is obcessed wit you... lol
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    Photobucket has ended free 3rd party image hosting, & image links are broken. A notice says their new iPad app will work with IOS 11.
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  7. Tiassa
    #Mac&Cheese triumph! #SharpCheddar, #Kojak, #DoubleGloucester … oh … my.
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    1. ElectricFetus
      I, a Hispanic jew, worked in Africa for 2 years. If your going to move a lot of money to Africa to start a business such as crocodile farming or other high value products, then it is a very smart idea, a lot of work, but very likely to be profitable in the long run ---
      Jul 22, 2017 at 3:47 PM
    2. ElectricFetus
      --- you can then retire in a nice mansion in Africa staffed by African servants, like I a saw a lot of entrepreneurial business men do who were not afraid of getting malaria now and then.

      If on the other hand you want to move to Africa to become one with your tribe... HAHAHAha have fun.
      Jul 22, 2017 at 3:47 PM
  11. Tiassa
    If #CarlPalladino and #PaulLePage stashed their love child in Florida, we might find #PaulCongemi: ¿#GoBackToAfrica?
  12. Write4U
    Weird? It's going insane!
  13. Tiassa
    ¿What happened today? No, seriously, the American "today" is just weird. Bennington's dead, Trump's burying himself, body cam, 911 calls …
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  16. Tiassa
    #JeffSessions to step up #CivilAssetForfeiture: #Twitter #ChristopherIngraham #WaPo
  17. Tiassa
    I'm very much for classic lines that I know well, but … #LightSaber? That's pretty much both dare and promise. #AgroMechanix #seriousblazing
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  19. Write4U
    Write4U Michael 345
    Just a little correction; Cholera is transmitted by drinking infected water. Malaria is spread by mosquitos.
    No big deal, but I thought you might like to know.
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