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    hey, hello everyone,
    I'm darchmitt, i am 17 year old student from Monterrey, México. I just read S. Hawkin's Brief History of Time (spanish version) and i think its great. i know this may be a book for those like me who does not know much about physics but i will like to find more books like this one. on august i will be studying physics in a local university.

    the first thing that drag me to read physic stuff was time... trying to understand time was confusing to me, and no one i asked seemed to care or know whar time was.. i had first my own theory, i thought time did not exist, but that it was the consecuence of man observing changes. later, after reading a brief history of time, i realized that the thermologic and psychologic time were almost the same, and after really understanding this, i realized that my theory was a primitive way to undertand the same thing.

    well the thing is that i would really apreciate any recomendations of books such as Brief History of time, (of course books which are not that hard to understand because im starting on this)

    well thats all.
    (please pardon if my grammar has any kind of error, english is not my primal leanguage)

    see ya

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