“The disease called man”--Nietzsche

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by coberst, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. None of the Names you mentioned where significant on Philosophy.
    Brown, actually was pretty modern. Influences of Philosophy come from many sources.
    Why I'm actually concerned of you. Tsen Tsu may not be proud. He's a great influence on Doctrine.

    Course, modern day Philosophical approach, is quite understandably leaning towards re-construction. Go "Green" if you're wanting to speak politics.
    Philosophy, if I recall of my instruction, contains of this:

    "If God could create a Stone he could not lift, then would he pick IT up..."
    God point, good quest.
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  3. Pinocchio's Hoof Pay the Devil, or else.......£ Registered Senior Member

    Hmmmm.....If god....that's if he exist's right?are you questioning the existence with the 'IF'

    "When man finds a stone he cannot lift, he ask's his brother man for help, then they would pick it up."
    point on humanity, the way forward.

    to me philosophy is the awakening of man after the religion induced coma that has been around for 2 millenia.I'm afraid the only thing I have in common (of the top of my head) with people that were around 2,000 years ago is a few genetic traits, if you are stuck in a mindset still pertaining towards God which has come from an era where everything unexplainable was seen as God's work Rain,disease,cloud's, death, life then "God help you IF he can"

    the link was to say that you can make a quote out of the sentence reply to 'red nob'
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  5. Red Nob, you may need a shot for that. Ha!

    It's Philosophy and I do not intend to tip to your collection plate. Bible Salesman, perhaps. Authors abound.

    The question lies would God do something he could not. The Proverbial Catch 22.
    You see, I think you developed lapse of Faith. Rudolph.

    When following the Almighty, denomination is in Order. You flipped to the Genome. Homeward Bound...
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  7. Pinocchio's Hoof Pay the Devil, or else.......£ Registered Senior Member

    Maybe his name is Ned Rob. lol
    if a 'God' does not help his devotees when they are suffering, in his name. then it is seen as a test to the internal spirit by the devotees.

    to the outsider it is either proof of non-existence or if this is unacceptable, then at least it means the 'God' is not fallable and also suffers from incompetence just as man. And a 'God' who is not fallable is merely a man.
  8. Pinocchio's Hoof Pay the Devil, or else.......£ Registered Senior Member

    sorry should say " a god who is fallable is merely a man"
  9. raydpratt Registered Senior Member

    I had an intense experience after prevailing in a situation of extreme violence where psychological stress caused one of my hands to scab up and start bleeding, but not the other hand, and where I essentially went through a deep bout of confession and self-confrontation for about a day or two.

    About ten to fifteen black muslim prisoners had attacked white prisoners with makeshift knives in a common dayroom at the Ely State Prison in Ely, Nevada, and I got caught in the middle of the violence. I quickly assessed the situation and knew that I should help any white prisoners who were still fighting and who needed help -- the reason being that helping viable fighters helps everyone survive. I first went to help one very strong prisoner who was fighting with two assailants who were stabbing him, but the assailants left when they saw me approaching.

    I next saw another assailant approaching one of my friends who was already surrounded and dazed on the floor and unable to fight, but I knew that the approaching assailant wanted to inflict further harm with his knife, so I intercepted him.

    Another friend of mine, Ricky Price, a former ESPN kickboxer, had taught me the blocking techniques of a martial arts style called Double Swallow Form Gung Fu, which is a modern and virtually unknown style that softly swims through punches rather than blocking them hard. I had practiced the deflections in play, but never in actual combat.

    Nonetheless, I walked towards the assailant, and he came towards me and tried to stab me, which I controlled and deflected, and he then tried to punch me, but I gently controlled and deflected that also. I then coldly and calmly looked down his arm and into eyes, our faces very close together, and I calmly looked into eyes dancing with fear. I took advantage of the condition and slowly raised my elbow in front of my face and pointed my elbow towards his face and started moving towards him as he backed away -- I was going to slam him in the head with my other elbow while he was mesmerized, but he quickly backed up to the wall away from me.

    He stopped approaching my downed friend. But another prisoner, without a knife, took over the task of trying to fight me and tried to punch me four times, toe-to-toe. He, too, quickly backed away in fear when I gently swam through his last two punches with my eyes calmly closed. (I could feel his body throw the punches since my deflecting arms were still in contact from punch to punch).

    Upon seeing that all the violence had stopped and that everyone was looking at me, I realized that I had a psychological advantage. And, seeing no one else to help, I decided to use that psychological advantage to help my downed friend. I calmly and slowly walked over to face off against the true leader of the entire group who was among the five prisoners surrounding my downed friend (the putative leader, the Imam, wasn't the true leader, the one whom the others naturally respected and obeyed).

    Unfortunately, the leader stayed calm rather than playing into my techniques which work better against strong attacks that provide for their own force for deflection. So, he backed me up half a step with a threatened knife uppercut to the abdomen.

    However, having backed me up, he then ordered everyone to leave.

    My downed friend's charotic artery had been knicked and was spitting blood in little spurts, and so I pulled him under the stairwell with me where I could defend him better, and I put my finger over the wound to stop the bleeding.

    Everyone dispersed and locked up, and the nurses eventually came and took over from me, and my friend's life was saved.

    However, what I went through afterwards has to be form of PTSD.

    I cannot even imagine how psychological stress can cause one hand to scab up and bleed but not the other hand. But, there it is, that's what happened.

    As to the hypothetical roots of PTSD discussed in this thread, I cautiously doubt from my personal experience that they represent the exact and complete truth for each unique individual.

    Very Respectfully,
    Ray Donald Pratt
  10. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    This thread exhibits no reason for sticky-ness.

    So I've un-stuck it.

    <----------has the power.

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