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Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by Tach, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Undefined Banned Banned

    The error being to ask a question for arfa to clarify for me what he wrote in context? Wow, you seem to have developed a keen sense of what "needs correction". Do you also "correct" everyone around you for breathing, troll?

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    Are you up to your old tactics designed to have a thread/discussion ABORTED because you can't contribute anything worth a damn to the new/subtle points/issues being canvassed? I'm sure the mods have learned from their past mistakes of falling for that old trick of YOU trolling a thread/discussion until it gets locked. Won't work anymore, the mods are on to your malignant tactics now, Troll.

    Your post has been reported.
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Tach and Undefined,

    Please stop it.

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  5. Undefined Banned Banned

    At last! The reporting has worked. Thank YOU, James R.

    I will have no reason to defend against trolls IF they are not allowed to continue trolling. Let's see if your polite request has any effect in preventing future trolling from the one who starts these farcical situations (with the usual obvious intent of trying to get a thread/discussion closed down and/or 'frame' his victims for banning).

    Thanks again, mods/admin for your timely intervention/exhortation! I look forward to reading-only for a while to see what new insights come of the continuing (polite and non-trolled) conversation from now on! G'night!
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  7. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    How many time shave I suggested to you that this kind of invective rhetoric is every bit as antagonistic as the posts you're complaining about in the first time.
  8. Undefined Banned Banned

    Why prolong the situation by making your own unnecessary addition to the off-topic noise when the situation seemed to have been resolved with no more 'explanations' necessary?

    Anyhow, since you make it necessary, I would ask: If you had taken as much time and trouble in acting against the troll in question BEFORE now, all this would have been prevented, yes? If you can take the time and trouble to ban machiaventa or whoever, why do you not act when a troll causes such farcical disruptive situations as these where people have to defend and explain themselves because YOU didn't act in a timely fashion? Why just ban those whom you arbitrarily act against while not acting likewise against the troll in this instance which has been brought to your notice and reported many times already, with only minor slaps on the wrists which have allowed the troll to continue to manufacture these farcical situations which could have been prevented by your action as mod? Please stop making the victim out to be the problem when some timely troll banning of all the trolls would have made all this particular to-do UNNECESSARY. Thanks.
  9. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    Gosh golly gee whizz Undefined, I sure am sorry that some of us actually have to earn a living.

    I have precisely zero interest (see, it's a valid quantity) in discussing what actions I have or have not taking with you. Frankly, it's none of your business.


    Tach has been subjected to the same treatment as everybody else.

    Oh god, here we go again. Poor me, stop picking on me, stop victim blaming.

    The only actions I have held you accountable for are your own. I warned you dozens of times that if you kept responding to Tach in the provocative way you were that any action taken would have to be unilateral. I also told you that the way you react to Tach makes it difficult for moderators to take action against you. I have essentially handed you, on a gilded platter, the road map with directions on how to get Tach permabanned without getting yourself permabanned in the process and your response is to falsely accuse me of victim blaming.

    "But he started it" is not a valid defense. It's not a valid defense for a five year old child, and it certainly isn't a valid defense for a 63 year old grown man. I would even go as far as contesting that your actions would fail the legal test of "Is this what a reaonably minded person would do" that is required for the legal defense of self defense.

    In fact, do you know what I just realized? This subforum is unmoderated, which means that any moderation taking place is down to:
    1. Moderators that are active in the thread and happen to see the post in question.
    2. Adminstrators or Superadmins receiving reported post notifications.

    Perhaps before pursuing your invective rhetoric further you should stop and consider what that implies.
  10. Undefined Banned Banned

    Why do you keep adding to the noise? You are a mod. You should just do your job and stop picking on people to justify you NOT doing your job.

    As to what reports you get or don't get: It appears to be that you conveniently forget the ON-going problem (which you are perfectly well aware of because it has been discussed many times already) with the troll in question.

    And when it requires that you do act, what do you do? You make a post in the thread where the troll has been breaking the rules, but do you then take action against the troll in question when you are finally aware of his trolling etc actions? NO. You immediately take the tack that you are not to blame for not doing anything when you do become aware of the LATEST in a long line of trolling actions by the troll in question. Moreover, you then make more noise posts to take the victim to task, when your time and attention should have been directed to doing something about the troll in question AGAIN and again and again. You are obviously making excuses for not acting against him, while having plenty of time and attention to posts noise and blame the victim. Please don't continue to make more noise, just act against the troll who starts all these manufactured farces ONCE and for all, such that next time that troll will think twice.

    Did you see his latest "correction" tactic/troll framing and baiting me? I asked arfa brane for clarification, and Tach saw fit to "correct" where no correction was warranted. The upshot was that arfa brane had probably made a typo (which is why I asked for clarification so I could read him correctly) and Tach interposed his malignant tactics of "correction" based on his OWN misunderstanding of what was written. Tach said I had got it "wrong", BUT when arfa brane responded to my request for clarification, I had got it "right" and Tach's "correction" bore no connection to any contextual reality at all. So Tach's post and "correction" was TROLLING and misrepresenting pure and simple.

    All your rationalizations and words, advice and excuses ring hollow when you don't act fairly to PREVENT the trolls by taking action that seriously dents their seeming 'ongoing liberty' to troll like that.

    So, what are you going to do about that, now that you ARE aware of it? Whatever you are going to do about that troll, just DO it and stop adding your own UNNECESSARY posts to the noise, because I don't have time to waste on coming back in and defending myself against YOUR noise as well as the troll's tactics. Thanks.
  11. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    Why do you keep dragging it back into this thread? You're the one that keeps complaining about the moderation of this thread in this thread. According to your very own logic, not only do I have a right to respond to your accusations, but I am entitled to do so. You can't apply one standard to yourself and a different one to everybody else.

    I do, routinely.

    The only post I can recall having seen you comment on in the thread today is this one:
    Which I do not consider trolling. Your response to it on the other hand was completely un-neccssary.

    I have no interest in making excuses to you or anyone else. You can either take my comments for what they are or leave them, I really don't care.

    I disagree with your interpretation. I think you have become so emotionally entangled in your persistent bickering with Tach that it's clouding your judgement. At the moment, I do not think it would matter what Tach said to you, you would still interpret it as trolling.

    Absolutely nothing at this point, because I fail to see it as trolling. Regardless of whether he is correct or not, it is, in my opinion, a perfectly reasonable post. Your response on the other hand, was not.

    By the standards you insist I should hold you to, you are the one causing the problem, not me, because I am simply responding to you in a reasoned fashion.
  12. Undefined Banned Banned

    So, YOU come in and make a post about me, while ignoring the troll who created the problem, and it's me who keeps dragging it back? I just made a post acknowledging James R's request and assured him I would not need to come and defend myself again if the troll was STOPPED from trolling. That should have been it. But you came in and effectively suggested the problem was somehow mine? And you now stand there and try to explain YOUR putting your unnecessary oar in by suggesting I dragged you into it?

    Look, Trippy. Please, if you are going to act against the troll now that you are aware of what he has been up to AGAIN and again, as recorded for your 'due diligence', then just do it and that will be the end of this. Then neither I nor you will need to have these discussions, whomever 'started it'. Ok. Thanks.
  13. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    Here's the post you made:
    This comment specificaly:
    Is antagonistic and inflammatory, the entire post was un-neccessary.

    However, that is not, as you seem to think, the response that I was referring to with this comment:

    This is:
    Your response to Tachs post, regardless of any personal history between you is unjustified and unjustifiable.

    I did that and you complained about it - and here's a clue to what I mean by that:
    He was banned for events that happened in General Science and Technology, a subforum I am directly responsible and receive reported post reports for.

    I'll look forwards to your not replying on the grounds that it's intorducing more noise into the thread.
  14. Undefined Banned Banned

    The only noise now has been from you whenever you make rationalization posts for NOT acting even when you are aware of the problem troll and irrespective of your specific mod area. If you are a mod, and you are aware that the troll is acting the troll ACROSS MORE than ONE AREA of this site/forum, then you have justification for acting....either yourself or requesting the other mod to do it. Excuses for not acting don't do anything except leave you and the other mods open to accusations of fear/favor etc.

    The mods collectively have done this before when acting against other trolls in the past, so why can't this be done for this particularly problematic serial troll?

    So, I acknowledge the intervention, acquiesce to the James R's request, and state my hopes that it will stop the troll in question, and you read that as 'inflammatory' to a TROLL who keeps creating the problems by his proven/recorded TROLLING? Since when did that particular TROLL ever need to be 'inflamed' by anyone before he starts in on his longstanding trolling tactics/behavior which is obvious to everyone by now that is compulsive noxious trolling without any need for anyone to 'set him off'?

    Where are your priorities, Trippy?....with protecting the TROLL's sensibilities while he attacks everyone else's sensibilities; or with actually doing something about that troll? And you failed to acknowledge that I was JUSTIFIED in defending myself thus against an OBVIOUS malicious TROLL tactic of "spurious correction" of something that was not wrong in the first place!

    Keep youyr eye on the TROLL ball, Trippy, and leave all the noise and self-justifications for DROPPING that ball alone. It does nothing but make your modding approach seem biased and /or negligent.

    I trust that this is the end of it; and that the next post from your end will be to advise some action has been taken by you/whomever against the egregious serial troll who keeps dragging threads/discussions/members into these unnecessary diversions from proper polite on-topic discourse of the scientific issues presented?

    The solution of that malignant serial proven troll problem is within your collective capability/responsibility, and no amount of hollow-sounding noises and excuses from your end is going to solve it. Thanks.
  15. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    No, the noise comes from you, I am simply responding to, which, according to your standards I am entitled to do.

    And of course you're privy to every discussion I have, right?

    So you know what I have and have not discussed with other moderators, right?

    I don't even know how to begin to explain how wrong this is.

    So what, your complaint is that I treat Tach as if he has the same rights that you do, and that I hold you as accountable for your actions as I am Tach for his?

    Because clearly Tach is never and has never been wrong right? Is that what you're saying? That Tach is beyond error?

    I am, and I have made my thoughts on this whole absurd situation between you and Tach quite clear to my fellow moderators.

    Yes, and if you're lucky Tach will get banned as well.

    Tach and I cross paths infrequently. My world does not revolve around you, this thread, or for that matter, protecting Tach. Deal with it.

    Now I trust you're going to stop the noise and drop this diversion? I've warned you informally that if you have an issue with moderation to take it to SFOG. I know that I have perpetuated this diversion by endeavouring to explain to you where I am coming from in this matter, however I trust you will now drop these ludicrous and frankly libelous accusations?

    Either way, I'm done with this conversation with you.
  16. Undefined Banned Banned


    What the....??

    Ask Pete, Fednis48, rpenner and many many others of sound reputation what Tach does to RUIN a perfectly good thread/discussion by 'framing' and disrupting and confounding everything until he creates a mess that the moderators cannot untangle....and so the thread/discussion is effectively aborted etc.

    And it's not that Tach has never been wrong (we all know by now that he has been OFTEN proven WRONG)....it's that he has made a practice of being purposely dishonest and disruptive and PERSONAL at the same time he is OBVIOUSLY wrong/trolling/malicious etc, just like that recently. That is the problem. When his spurious "corrections" and "links" and trolling diversions and etc etc actually actively and purposely SABOTAGE all further polite on-topic discussion, like NOW. Get it?

    Go on, ask your fellow mods, James R and all the victims of this serial PEST/TROLL, and then come back and tell me it's ONLY ME that is telling you all this.

    Look, Trippy, stop the self-justifying 'framing' of the problem as somehow being the victim (since the victims of that particular troll/tactics have included James R, Pete, Fednis48 etc etc etc) causing it. Ok? That Troll does not need more enablement/excuses from such lame reasons for not doing your job.

    Tach was once banned and WARNED that if he persisted he would be PERMA-BANNED. So get to the point and face the problem squarely and act about that problem, and leave out any further noises and excuses which ring hollow when stacked up against the FULL LIST of that TROLL's victims, as already mentioned.

    Just do what's RIGHT and LONG OVERDUE as Tach was warned against. Don't keep dragging your mod heels when you would not do so if it was SOMEONE ELSE you were considering banning for the SAME serial transgressions against the members/rules. Ok? Thanks.
  17. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    As long as you perpetuate it for.

    I don't need to ask about Tach's reputation.

    I get that this is your opinion.
    I get that this is your opinion that this is what he was doing in this case.

    Your assertion is that he delbirately posted an erroneous correction to troll you. I'm disagreeing with you. While I agree that there are examples of Tach's trolling, that the post in question isn't one of them.

    This is not something I have ever actually stated or implied. This is something you have invented in your head. It's a strawman hypothesis. It only goes to illustrate my point further.

    Stop feeding the troll and watch how quickly he gets banned. Keep feeding the troll and risk getting caught in the cross fire. How can I make myself any clearer?

    On the one hand, I did not make that threat, nor can I recall ever having seen anyone other than you suggest that this is the case. On the other hand, I'm not the mod that made the threat, perhaps you should take it up with them.

    Are you omniscient? You seem to think you are. You seem to think you know what I am contemplating, or what conversations I am having with others...

    As I have said, for the third time now, take this discussion to SFOG.
  18. Undefined Banned Banned

    I have bolded that sentence above.

    What 'assertion', Trippy. It's there in black and white! Here, in case you missed it...

    Note Tach's unwarranted, uninformed and obviously personally motivated trolling "correction" of something that was not in any way wrong, but merely request fro clarification of a possible typo.

    Now read where arfa brane responded to my request in the affirmative, that it WAS a typo in his earlier post...
    So why do you, Trippy NOT see what is obviously a trolling "correction compulsion" post from Tach without any possible justification in reality/context at that juncture. It was obviously personally motivated and WRONG to even intrude with his "arrogant statement that I "guessed wrong" etc.

    Trippy, when are you going to admit that YOUR 'reading' of the situation is not fully cognizant of the continuing context/reality of that TROLL's serial empty/trolling disruptive/personally malicious posts? That would make whatever 'version' of the facts you convey to your fellow mods 'suspect' to say the least. Please immediately correct that previous version accordingly in light of the actual facts as now pointed out. Thanks.

    Nuff said? Can you stop it now and do what's right without any further 'missing' of important pertinent facts in the matter? Thanks.
  19. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    The key point in that assertion, Undefined, is deliberateness. Mens rea.

    You're asserting that he deliberately and knowingly posted an incorrect statement simply to troll you.

    Right, that only proves that he was wrong, that he made (another) error, not that he was trolling.

    He saw what he considered an error and commented on it - something you yourself have done repeatedly. This whole conversation is because you can not help but compulsively comment on what you consider an error in my judgement.

    Undefined, when are you going to admit that YOUR 'reading' of the situation is not neccessarily representative of the reality and reflective only of your personal/emotional ego involvment/investment in this situation.

    I'm asking you, for the fourth time now, if you wish to dispute the moderation of this thread, start a thread in Sciforums Open Government. It's what it's there for.
  20. Undefined Banned Banned

    I bolded that above.

    Oh come on, Trippy. First you have admitted you are perfectly aware of that TROLL's reputation and modus operandi, then you come back with something like THAT?!

    Tach hasn't even come back to apologize for getting it wrong again and then continuing to troll/bait me again and again after his initial troll! See the pattern? Its the same, and went on and on until he was proven wrong again. Without any apology for intruding his own arrogant statements about others 'guessing wrong' etc.

    You still bending over backwards to make excuses for THAT troll, even though his reputation and modus operandi has been shown again and again and remarked upon as being 'what Tach does' (to mods/admin and other victims alike) whenever he makes such unwarranted compulsive corrections and intrusions into otherwise polite and correct dialogue?

    How far would you bend backwards to excuse OTHER people doing that same trollish thing again and again, Trippy? Double standards rearing its ugly head in your modus operandi, Trippy?

    This is becoming more iffy by the post. Let's please stop the excuses and biased treatments/allowances which you would not extend to other members equally, ok? Just do something or leave it. I don't care which, I just don't want your excuses etc for the oft and well-proven TROLL to continue ad nauseam. I just don't have the time to keep answering them anymore. Good luck in your future choices and modus operandi, Trippy.

    PS: Please let the on-topic discussion continue, folks; I shall be reading you all with interest!

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  21. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    Moderator note:
    I have issued Undefined with a yellowcard (warning) for offtopic posting. I have asked him four times, three times just recently, to take any moderation complaints to SFOG and create a thread there.

    My apologies to the other participants of this thread for my role in dragging this thread off topic. Apparently trying to reason with him was an error in my judgement.
  22. Undefined Banned Banned

    How is it that you post about me first, and so start this exchange, yet I am the one getting the warning for off-topic posts when answering YOUR posts to me? Anyhow, that's all from me on this instance, so no further posts from me in SFOG/elsewhere are needed unless the troll starts up again!

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    Thanks anyway for whatever action you/others may take against the troll who caused all this to-do, again. G'night, Trippy.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    PS: By the way, did you give yourself a warning too? (Just kidding!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ). And, yes, believe it or not, still no hard feelings this end, Trippy!

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  23. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    I asked both of you to stop it, not just one of you.

    I'm not so interested in working out who started what as I am in preventing personal off-topic arguments from cluttering up threads.

    Don't feed trolls in the threads. And avoid off-topic posts about trolls.

    For example, this thread is ostensibly about whether 0.999.... = 1.

    Rest assured, Undefined, your reports have not gone unnoticed. Neither have your posts.
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