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    We don't know where it ended but we do know when and where it all started, emma smith who is said to be a victim of the ripper himself. As margaret hayes describes her as a woman who has touch of culture in her and believed to be a women of respectable background and social standing who left all of that behind and situation led her to become who she was today.
    On 3rd of april 1888 between 12am and 1am margaret hayes show her talking to a man in dark clothing and white nekerchief at 18 george street. Later emma returns to her home beaten and brushed between 4-5am. She was hurt unexplicably which made her relutant to go to hospital. However her land lady mary russell and annie lee took her to hospital. At time the incharge was george haslip the surgeon. She is said to have not wanting to talk about the specifics of the assaulters. Out of which 1 was seem to be of 19 or so years old.she told doctor she was from country and not seen her friends or family for10 years. Indicating she and george were somewhat intimate since her past wasn't even shared with her close friends here. Her ear was torn, internal organs were bleeding caused by a blunt object and she was robbed of her money. On 4th april 1888 she passed away at 9 am. Inquest was done by wynne baxter the coroner. At 45 she passed away which might not be accurate.5'2" of height.
    Next murder of the year came on 7 aug. Tabram who was 5'3", dark hair. She was stabbed 39 times which can only be defined as rage murder. Mary ann connelly also known as pearly poll and tabram was assisted by private who might have been or 19 year or so maybe and corporal. While they were in a bar they weren't drunk enough to forget the face of those two military man. Later victim nor pearly poll was sober which made it the easy kill for the murdere. Pearly poll came out unscathed that day which shows that the intent of killer was tabram to begin with. Tabram's birth name was martha white and she had a sibling named mary ann white.it is likely that she had not contacted her family after 1865 when her parents divorced and six month after which her father died and they moved. Connelly hid with her cousin and came forward in 9 august. Tabram died in 7 august. She was 39 yrs at that time.
    Then the first canonical victim of jack the reaper, mary ann nicholas who also has ann in her name. Cause of death severance of left carotid arteries. Death at 3august-1888.
    Elizabeth strider the 3rd victim also died of left cartoid arteries severance. The killer's height was 5'5" so he could easily put his hand around her shoulder as men at time courted women to show intimacy and hid a sharp surgical knife to slit her arteries. At time of her death she was 45. Killer also shouted a name suggesting there were more than 1 killer.
    4th victim catherine eddowwes 46year at time of death 5 feet tall so killer could have used the same method since he was 5'5". Here is where it gets interesting. On 29th september she was taken into custody for sleeping drunk on street. Before she was released she gave her name as mary ann kelly and she was murdered the same day. Who wrote her report or how did the killer know her name as mary ann. She died of same M.O. slashed throat. 5th victim mary jane kelly who has name kelly and mary and if someone shouted your name it as mary jane it could sound like mary ann. She was a smart person who have to lot of places so she had more deeper view then normal folks at the time.she was 5'7" higher than the killer so she could not have been killed with same m.o. or the killer might mess it up. Her land lord claimed that she receive frequent correspondence from ire-land. He believed her to be an excellent scholar. But barnett who accompanied her informed the coroner that before her murder one month prior she often told him to read news paper suggesting she was illiterate.whose life was she living. She was also known as marie jeanette which also has mary sounding and an in jeanette.
    From also this there is a conclusion of hunt for mary ann. She was mutilated in such a manner which suggest personal animosity as if in a revenge. Her infliction might have been in the same manner as emma smith but more gruesome. My theory is that 3 people who inflicted wound on emma may have been paid to do so and motive here is purely of revenge in of search mary ann.
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    Can there be a thesis?
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    I don't want to work that hard.
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