3D printed public housing in Singapore

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    With 80% of the resident population living in government buildings, Singapore certainly has a unique approach to public housing and. They plan to implement novel methods of construction, namely 3D printing.
    The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing is in the process of working with a company to test the feasibility of 3D printing public housing units storey by storey, off-site, before assembling them at their destination.
    The idea is to print these units one at a time. These will be transported to the construction site where they will be "stacked up like lego".
    Using concrete 3D printers, the Centre has plans to build a test-bed prototype in three years time. While the technology has not quite matured yet, the Singapore government believes that this will help the country to decrease its dependence on foreign labor, typically used in the construction industry, to build homes for its elderly community.


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