a serious question for the masses

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by maxpowers200169, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. maxpowers200169 Registered Member

    For all of you who read this question and answer here is the fomat to folow:
    I know it is a bit personal to ask your age but it is needed.

    Say you were watching television and the vexation of annoyance in the manifestation of a common housefly was buzzing oh so annoyingly around your head. After several attempts to rid yourself of the fly by shooing it away you finally trap the under evolved cretin under a drinking container. What do you do with the fly?

    please answer based on your first reaction. thank you all so much

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  3. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    leave it there and see how long it can live without food
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  5. Halo Full Time Nerd-Bomber Registered Senior Member

    Slip a straw under the glass and blow smoke into it.

    (joking of course, although it would make an interesting experiment.)
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  7. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    the format must be followed, and so it follows, follows, follows .. follows... ehh, shoot the format!:

    Age: 19
    Date: 17.11.2003.
    Answer: open the window and let it out

    p.s. by replying to this thread I really show that I have no life, I'd better return to my book
    p.p.s. I seriously doubt this is a serious question
    p.p.p.s. I'm not "masses", why wasn't this question addressed to ME?
  8. whitewolf asleep under the juniper bush Registered Senior Member

    Put all cameras I can find around it, sneak bits of air, food, and drink under the glass, and watch very closely what it does and how it moves.

    (Thank G-d you are not asking for gender! What is the purpose of this?)
  9. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

    aaah jewish eh??

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  10. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    Age: 323
    Date: see bottom right corner
    Answer: kill
  11. chuck u farley Registered Senior Member

    Age; old

    Done this. Shake the bejesus out of the container. Keep shaking it like crazy as you walk into the bathroom. Lower the glass down near the water surface of the toilet. Drop the bedazed creature into the water and flush it right away.
  12. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    must be

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  13. maxpowers200169 Registered Member

    this is for a project that is due for my history class. im trying to figure out the human phsyche. thus far everyone is doing just great

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    and the reason I need that format is so that I seperate answers into age groups. I am greatful for you participation. but I do need alot so if you could help me by telling others you know about it id be in your debt.

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  14. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    oh, if so, then I don't fall in my age group, I'm not a good representative of it, my psyche is more common to those born in some 1975 or so
    as I've observed anyway
    write that I'm 28
  15. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Age: 20
    Date: I don't know
    This may come as a surprise to some, but I would grab it and throw it in my fishtank. I have these fish that take insects off the surface in the wild and I fear they aren't getting adequate nutrients from shrimp pellets and flakes. I wish there was some more flies around here.
    Plus its pretty cool watching them hunt. If I don't throw the fly in the water and just put it under the lid is has about three inches to fly around in and the fish jump out of the water to get it. Its action packed stuff

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    Usually, if I didn't have a fishtank, i would let it out the window.
    So i guess thats more relevant to your project or whatever.
    My psyche isn't mindlessly telling me to kill it, I am just trying to make my fish healthier and happier. And more entertaining.
  16. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    your fish must adore you
  17. Ozymandias Unregistered User Registered Senior Member

    1) old enough
    2) check out the date on my post...
    3) slip a burning match in there and watch as it absorbs all the oxygen and the fly chokes. Or watch as the fly lights itself on fire. Fwahaha!
  18. DCLXVI Bloody Bastard Registered Senior Member

    Age: 22
    Date: Now
    Answer: I probably wouldn't bother to catch the fly in the first place, but assuming that I did I would just send it out the window. Unless there was a handy spider around, in which case I would feed my eight legged friend.
  19. curioucity Unbelievable and odd Registered Senior Member

    Age: less than a century
    Date: any valid date in human history
    What will I do? Let it die in peace. Afterwards, throw it away.
  20. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    1. Well aged, thank you.

    2. Today.

    3. I wouldn't have missed the fly when I tried to swat it the first time so this wouldn't have happened but if I did miss I'd get a bigger flyswatter.
  21. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    32 years old.
    11/18/03 (why do you need the date?)

    I would not likely catch it under a glass.

    Most likely I will open a window and get it to fly out.

    Or I will let it fly around (and possibly try to get my girlfriend's cat to see it).
    He loves playing with flies.

    Or, I will try to catch it in my hand if I am bored.

    If I do happen to catch it (under a flass or in my hand) what I do next depends on a lot of things...

    If my girlfriend is there, I will bring it outside and let it go (she is sensitive to such things).

    If I have seen a spider web in my yard in recent memory, I will toss it at the web and see if it sticks.
    Once, there were two webs next to each other (the one spider was much bigger than its neighbor) in my basement and an ant had one leg stuck on a stray web string coming from the smallers spider's web and was struggling to release itself.
    I watched for a few hours as the little spider was trying to wrestle the larger ant, and the ant was fighting back while trying to free itself.
    Every now and then the bigger spider would come down and it seemed to be helping the little spider out.
    It was getting late, so I set up a little CCD cam on a tripod, set up some indirect lighting, pressed record on my VCR and went to work.
    The action lasted for hours.
    Every time the ant would struggle, one (or both) of the spiders would come down and wrestle with it until it calmed down,then go back up the web.
    The any almost freed itself a few times, but then it got tangled up again.
    Eventually, the ant died (starvation, heart attack, who knows, but) it just expired.
    The spiders didn't eat it.
    Days later the ant was still there, and the spiders moved out, so I cleaned up the webs.
    I think they were just annoyed that this ant was bothering them and were trying to free it and let it go, but the ant thought that the spiders were trying to eat it, so struggled to defend itself.
    I still have the video somewhere.
    I love irony in nature.

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    Where were we?
    Oh yeah, what would I do with the fly...

    Sometimes, if I find the fly particularly annoying for whatever reason, I will flush it down the toilet (shameful, I know, but the mix of an annoyed disposition and power can corrupt).

    If I am feeling particularly (ummmmm... interested? intrigued?) I will treat it like a little science project and "experiment" with it.
    Such as submerging it in water (temporarily) and see what happens when it floats to the top (will its wings dry and then it take off from the surface? will it walk across the water till it finds the edge, clean itself off THEN fly away? will it just lay there like a lump? will it freak out and act panicked?)
    Or maybe I will put it into some sort of container (not airtight) with a few leaves and things and see how long it lives.
    I remember once, when I was a kid, I took a fly's wings off and kept in a "tank" of sorts feeding it sugar to see if it will grow its wings back or not and see if it would survive without them (but I have become more kind with age).

    Here's the way I look at it...
    There are very few circumstances in which I will ever kill (or even interfere in any way) with a non-human living being.
    If I am protecting myself. - If a mosquito bites me it will be a little blood spot.
    If I am protecting another being in danger. - Sometimes, though not often, I will take it upon myself to help a being that is hurt or under threat from another being. (I will always intervene if a being is hurt or under threat by a human.)
    If it is in my home. - It may well be hypocritial (yes, I know that they don't "know" that they are not welcome in my home), but I can live with that. With a very few exceptions (such as most spiders, especially if they are not in my bedroom) I will not allow pests in my house. If I am feeling particularly benevolent I will put them outside, but I will have no qualms or feeling of guilt for killing them. If I crawled into an animal's home, I fully expect them to defend themselves, and I will do the same.

    I guess that is much more than you were asking for, but sometimes I tend to ramble.

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  22. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Some other spider feeders here I see.
    There used to be a huge spider that would build the most elaborate webs from the side of my house to the fence, but up high enough so I could walk under it.
    Actually I think it was the species known as building the biggest strongest webs in the world.
    Usually they build a web somewhere one night and then eat it the next night and build a new one somewhere else. But because i would toss about 8 flies in its web everyday it would keep building it in the exact same spot. It also had a designated spot on the web where it kept the flies heads like trophies. It was the coolest spider ever.
    One time my friend came over and got a little carried away and threw a little lizard in the web

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    That was the most horrible thing i've ever been involved in.

    Later we found another huge spider of a different species and it was actually more heavily built than "my" spider. So my friend claimed it was "his" spider to one up me. Then he got his on a stick and tossed it in my spiders web. I was pretty pissed off.
    My spider would pluck his web like strings on a guitar when something hit it to see what it was and would usually do one pluck and then race over to seize his quarry, but when this big fat spider landed on his web he plucked, ran towards its, and then stopped and plucked again, and then again. Like he was double taking. He was noticable pissed off. My friends big fat spider went over and claimed the lizard carcass and started chowing on it. Unlike my spider who would suck on it like a drink this spider would actually eat it, it was bizarre. My spider just sat back and watched the other one eat his lizard, unknown to us he was scheming a plan. After a few hours we came out to check again and the big spider still eating the lizard, but my spider was busy at work cutting out the segment of web that the bigger spider was on. The big spider didn't realise untill the last second and it was too late, he tried to make a run for sturdy web but fell to the ground with a thud with his lizard and a ball of web.
    I laughed and cheered and then returned my friends spider to its original web. And my spider got to work rebuilding his web.
    It was so awesome cause my friend was so cockey about how his spider was tougher, but mine turned out to be smarter and infinitely cooler.
    We couldn't even feed my friends spider cause his web was poor and flies would go straight through it. My spiders web was a masterpiece of architechtural perfection.
    I miss that spider, I actually remember the day he packed up and decided to finally move on. I saw him crawling along the fence.
    It was amazing that he stayed for as long as he did, this particular species usually moves everynight, unless they have an exceptional amount of success. Which he had with me as a partner.
  23. Carnuth i dont Registered Senior Member

    Age: 17
    Date: Nov 18 2003
    due to a bad experience with smashing flies ( i splatted the bugger with paper on my table and it "POPPED" spilling maggots everywhere, most disgusting and interesting thing ive ever seen in my life especially the sound it made ), i would feed it to MARS, my Venus Fly Trap

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    before i got my Venus i would let them go, post-fly-popping experience
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2003

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