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Discussion in 'About the Members' started by pjdude1219, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    string your up next. and for the first question what is your favorite element
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  3. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    Hair colour?
    Eye colour?
    Favourite animal?
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  5. Cowboy My Aim Is True Valued Senior Member

    Favorite Nicholas Cage movie?

    Most overrated band of all time?

    Most underrated band of all time?
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  7. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    What is your philosophy on life?

    What is your favorite book?

    If there was one thing you could change about yourself , what would it be?

    Being elected president of America , what would be the first thing you would do ?

    What painter do you consider the best of all time that you enjoy?
  8. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member

    There is some photos of String in our album here:


    (VI, if you have some photos, you can send me, too, I will upload them

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    • What are your hobbies?
    • I know that you like cooking, where did you learn cooking and what are you cooking best?
    • Being a HRD manager (?), what do you love and hate about your job?
    • Have people ever treated you differently because of your sexual orientation? In what way? (I'm sorry if this question makes you feel uncomfortable, you can skip it)
    • Which place/country is your favorite or do you wish to visit in the future?
    • Who have influenced your life the most?
    • If you have any idol figure, who is he/she, and why?
    • Do you play any sport? If so, what type do you play? Which sport team is your favorite?
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  9. superstring01 Moderator

    The Fifth. While the first four: earth, wind, fire and water, were really cool. I thought that Leeloo brought something essential to the whole story. Sure, sure, Luke from "90210" made a cameo in the beginning and that was really apropos back then, but the Earth really wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for her, would it?

    6" (183 centimeters)

    195lbs (88.64kilos)

    Bald. But originally blond.

    Whadayatalkinabout? I am the ONLY person with actual pictures of himself in his Sciforums profile. Blue. Baby blue.

    1/2 man and 1/2 pigbear. Or is it 1/2 manpig and 1/2 bear. Wait... no it's 1/2 manbear 1/2 pig. That's it.

    Humans, followed closely by dogs. My yellow lab puppy, Remy is my absolute favorite animal by name. He's the greatest creature on earth. The kindest most loving animal I've ever been friends with. Cool. Even tempered. Nothing but love (and a love that is for sale for the low, low price of ice cream and graham crackers too!)

    Any one in which he dies, painfully. Ugh. I take it back. I don't like nick cage, though "The Rock" came close to being tolerable.

    Wow. Nickleback. Yeah, I own two of their CD's but I'm so tired of hearing "Savin Me", "Photograph" and "How You Remind Me" every frakking time I turn on the radio. Great songs. Just stop playing them.


    Just kidding. I love "The Pretenders" and I saw them live years ago. They were wonderful and nobody really talks about them.

    I am flawed and the moment I stop admitting that or that I forget it is the moment I cease being of any use to the world. I have the benefit of managing a rather large branch within the company I work for and I'm beginning to figure out that our "innocence" mechanism, that part of our psyche that, quite rightly, keeps us all from thinking we're bad people, also starts to overwhelm our sensibilities when we reach about thirty. This fact is aided by our stubbornness mechanism. It's there for a reason: we cannot appear wishy-washy and we can't appear weak, so this part of our brains keeps us balanced in tough situations. But these two parts of our minds being to run roughshod as we get older. I try to keep them in check. I don't always succeed.

    As a kid I traveled enough of the world to know that I saw a lot of stuff I didn't believe in but also realized that there isn't just one way of doing things. I don't believe in a grand, overriding morality or ethos. Morality is, what we say it is. If killing and eating babies becomes the moral code of humanity, then it becomes morally right. If enslaving all white people and denying them names becomes a global moral rule, then it's okay. That's how these things work. The universe doesn't care what we do with ourselves or out planet. Moreover, it's all going to end one day. This planet. Our society. The sun. We can pollute and wage war all we want, the Earth won't care, nature won't care, the universe won't even take note of it. One day, it will all be over. It may be soon, it may take another billion years, but at some point in time everything, even the memory of the rumor of humanity and Earth will be forgotten and return to stardust.

    Far from being a prescription for nihilism and carelessness, it's actually a potent reminder of how important WE are. If there really is nothing else (well, maybe a few aliens on other worlds far across the universe). If we really are it, and we define what "it" is, then we should take care to understand BOTH how important we are and how unimportant we are. We are not going to be missed by anybody but us. No god will regret our passing. Mother nature or the universe won't come to our aid if we begin to snuff ourselves out. If the planet perishes from a solar flare, there is almost no likelihood that anything of any intelligence will ever again know of what humanity was--our presence having been erased by the planet long before any "other" intelligences reaches the Earth (either by re-evolution or from another world). Therefore, it's up to us to correctly define what is right for us.

    If the planet, the animals the ecosystem are so pointless, then why save them? Because they are essential to our survival. Because they actually bring us joy and nourishment. If they die, then we die. So, we should out of self preservation alone, take care of every millimeter of this planet. One day, it won't be essential for the Earth to take care of us (if we're smart enough to leave it). At that time, we can forget about it and do whatever we want, but right now, in this time, it's important for us to make a choice as to our own future and to ensure that at some point our progeny will have a place to live so that sometime in the distant future we won't have to worry so much about it.

    "Dune", "God Emperor of Dune", "Chapterhouse Dune" by Frank Herbert.
    In the early 90's I woke up in the wee hours and stumbled upon the movie "Dune" and sat and watched it transfixed until the sun started coming up. The whole story remained in the back of my head for years. I never read the books, but the movie so impressed me that I always kept them in mind for my "next" read. Years later I had unfortunately become addicted to a variety of street drugs and, well, totally destroyed my life. My father, like fathers are oft to do, came to my rescue from the other side of the continent, picked me up (literally) from the sidewalk in front of the apartment I was kicked out of and flew me home to a recovery program.

    In order to combat depression, I decided to read a book and came upon a battered copy of the first of these novels. Like most people in extreme situations, I latched instantly on the first "distraction" available and this book was a pretty big one. It took me a month to work my way through all six (between copious amounts of food, sleep and exercise: my father informs me I weighed about 130lbs when I got off the plane), but by the time I had finished all of the books, I realized that I wasn't so transfixed by my previous addiction anymore. It was there, but I was actually functional again. So, perhaps, my love of these books is due to unnatural reasons, but I like to think that I'd love them anyway, even without fucking-up my life.

    For months while in less rigid recovery programs, I imagined (quite vibrantly, and probably deserving of recommittment to a facility) numerous conversations with the main protagonist from the last two novels (Darwi Odrade). Like an old, OLD man I chatted with her about my life and how it was screwed up and what it would take to fix it. Obviously, I was digesting my issues with the aid of my subconscious (so I'm told), but more than anything that character helped me think about what I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

    "Conduct Unbecoming" by Randy Shilts. I read this book back when it came out in 1995 and it changed my life. I was recently "out of the closet" and it gave me a very different (and more confident) picture of who I was and what it meant to be a gay man. I joined the navy (and was subsequently kicked out for being gay) because of this book.

    "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson. I read a chapter from this amazing book every single day. I have a copy at work, and at my weekly supervisor meeting, I read a chapter and talk about it for fifteen (sometimes 30) minutes. I have never read a book so eye-opening about how to manage my life. Every time I promote a new manager or supervisor, I buy them a copy as a gift and recommend they read a chapter every day before starting work. It's worked wonders in my management style and in my stress level in life. Because of it--and pretty much it only--I have a reputation for never getting stressed out by the "big" things at work. I have a natural gravitation towards hot temperedness and I ponder this work every time I start to veer down that path.

    "Return To Sodom And Gomorrah" by Charles Pelligrino. This book I read about six years ago and it made me realize that my commitment to Judeo-Christian faith was misplaced. It woke me up to the world, and history, around me and I credit it with pulling me away from religous ideologies and misplaced belief in "the supernatural".

    "The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness" by Dave Ramsey. I attended one of this guy's seminars about two and a half years ago. I bought the book shortly thereafter. It changed the way I look at and spend money. I'm nearly TOTALLY debt free (having amassed almost $50k in debts). By January I will have every debt in the world paid off and I will LITERALLY have almost $2000 in DISPOSABLE income each month AFTER my bills are paid (that's if I act like an idiot and NOT re-invest it in my future). I recommend this book (and ignore the annoying religious talk) for anybody looking to change the way they spend their money and want to REALLY alter how their finances work.

    I'd go back to my graduation from high-school and go to OSU and become an Orthopedic Surgeon.

    Probably less than I hope. The US government is gargantuan. Extraordinarily strong willed men have all occupied that job and changed it little. While I consider myself strong willed, I doubt I'd do much better than the list of presidents we all know.

    I'd like to think that I'd stubbornly balance the budget, cut back military spending; pull the USA's insane number of bases back to something more reasonable; trim the welfare state; kill the "Earned Income Tax Credit" (because I don't believe you should get back as cash what you don't pay in), re-invest that money in Medicare; provide mandatory "catastrophic care" to all citizens (very affordable); full coverage to all children and elderly; bring the maximum tax bracket back to 50% (to pay down the debt); pass tort reform (which would reduce doctor and hospital visits by as much as 30%); OH, and I'd actually start rebuilding our transportation infrastructure (it's at its lowest point, having declined since its peak in 1970, we should take a queue from Rome and keep the roads and highways [and airports, seaports, bridges and trains] running); try to get the states to centralize education control and distribute funds on an infrastructural and "per child" basis (i.e. some schools are so far gone, that they need a lot more money than wealthy sub-urban schools); and then I'd repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and allow gays to serve in the military without the threat of being kicked out.

    I know it's so passé but I love Van Gogh. "Thatched Cottages At Cordeville" (also mentioned in Dune) is a great painting.

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    Picasso is also good stuff. "Guernica" is an amazing painting.

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  10. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    What will be the next species or evolutionary lineage to take over the world?

    Would you rather be the farmer or the weasel? The ant or the grasshopper?

    Was Bruce Lee better suited to have played in Kung Fu than David Carradine? Why or why not?

    If you had to die tied up in Thailand, would you wear women's stockings?

    Have you ever stalked anyone?

    Is one truly the loneliest number?

    More important questions will follow.
  11. superstring01 Moderator

    I bike (and it just broke, so I have to buy a new one). I run A LOT! I come from an obese family (I have siblings who weight over 350lbs, my mother while young was very thin but as she and my biological father aged, they became increasingly obese). I'm obsessed with exercise. When I watch TV (and my boyfriend makes fun of me because of this) I to stretches, curls, sit ups and other "in place" exercises.

    I read, whenever I can. I am currently on my "medieval history" kick (having just finished a book on the first three Crusades). It comes in phases.

    I love photography, but I do it very little. I have a wonderful Nikon celluloid camera that is... well, it's out of date.

    I kayak in the summer in Lake Erie (for those of you who aren't from North America it's one of the five Great Lakes).

    I love to cook. I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen and--sadly--like many scientists, much of my "work" ends in failure. But often times: WOW! What a surprise.

    Well, like all good gay men, I took Home Ec. in high school. But it wasn't until I lived in Spain and spent some time in France that I realized that I could actually be good at it. So, a combination of schooling, good mentoring from those around me and sound experimentation.

    I can bake really well. I make the best damned brownies and cookies on earth (just ask Orleander). It's a gift (one of the few I actually have). So, I subsequently avoid it because I can sit and eat a tray of cookies in under an hour. I'm not lying. All of them. 24 cookies can go into my gut. It's a weakness and one I avoid markedly.

    I struggle with understanding women. This isn't as sexist as it seems. I'm gay, so people assume that I have a better understanding of women, and sure, it gives me some insight (I guess), but I just don't get the emotionality. Women ARE emotional. This is not to say that they aren't amazing workers and managers (2/3 of my staff are women), but there's just SO much cattiness and crying. Every day I have a lady in my office crying. EVERY DAY! I am not exaggerating. Women cry a lot. It's insane. Women are also so judgmental, especially about themselves.

    Sure, an office full of guys would smell like farts and have a lot of cock-fights, but an office full of women! JESUS. Even amongst the salaried women (and yes, this particular stereotype is true) I hear talk that would make a man gouge his eyes out: periods (yes, menstrual cycles), CLOTHS SHOPPING (I work in retail, but the ladies I work with shop like mad women), sagging boobs and what to do about them, how their husbands/boyfriends are "such insensitive jerks!", and all that good stuff. Most men in my field are gay men (and every time I hire a man, it backfires and I end up with more girliness at work), and the casual expectation is that since I'm gay I like all these things.

    My only comrade in this "hell" is a straight guy (who is the only testosterone at his house, having only daughters, a wife, a female cat and female dog) who manages our Loss Prevention department. We have the most crass, vulgar and disgusting conversations. We act like Marines in boot camp (he, being a former one) and see who can "out gross" the other first. It's my only dose of testosterone I get while chugging through a 9.5 hour day, and the brief minutes we have in passing eachother in the halls or dipping into eachother's office makes the day worth while! Passing me in the hallway, he leans over to me and says under his breath, "Homo, I wouldn't walk back where I came from, I just crop dusted." I lean back, "Still more butch than you meat-head. Oh, and I got ass fucked last night and you're walking into a far worse fart." It's wonderful in it total violation of every principle at work, but it's a brief respite from the rigid duties of my job.

    Note: Don't get me wrong, I love my job. But, I really don't get women and I am certainly open to the point that men are 100% just as bad in our own special way.

    Always. But people treat everybody different based upon their qualities and we all get targeted based upon those qualities. On every level this is true. I work with a blond (a wonderfully thick skinned blond manager who can burp the entire alphabet) who gets cracked on for being a "blond". I work with a lot of Puertoricans. One of my closest friends, and fellow manager, is from Puerto Rico. Whenever she gets confused, or lost, I'll whisper to her, "Shit, sorry Raquel. I sometimes forget about your heritage. I'll talk slower and use more urban slang the next time." On my team we have a black lady, a Puerto Rican and of course white people (including me, the gay man). We have a game: Whenever we walk a store, if we see anybody who's just freaking weird (of one of our "identies" [i.e black, hispanic, gay]), we call them out to eachother by saying, "Tanika: will you please have a talk with your people about what NOT to wear?!" or "Dan, did you see those flamers, what's with that? Can you please say something at the next convention!?" (I work with an AMAZINGLY thick skinned management team of five individuals). I'm bald (somewhat by choice, but within ten years, not so much) and gay. I get my share of bald-guy and gay jokes. Picking on eachother's differences is how humans let off steam. It's both good and healthy. It keeps all of us humble to know that we are not immune, even though, in our past, we may have been regarded as lower status. Even picking, on eachother, keeps us reminded that we are all, essentially equals and NOTHING is off the table.

    But on a negative side, sure I've been "discriminated against" for being gay. I lost my job at "The Rain Forest Cafe" for being gay (long story). I was kicked out of the Navy for being gay. Get back up. Brush off the dust. Move one. Get on with it. Sure, if you like, spend some time fixing what's broke, but if you let it overwhelm you, you won't get anywhere.

    Tenerife, Spain is in my heart. I lived there for over a year. I love Spanish people passionately and I consider myself to be born American but Spanish at heart.

    My next stop may well be Turkey. Countezero just got back from spending the summer studying there. I've wanted to go there for eons. I want to go to Capadoccia, Izmir, Halicarnasus and Istambul so bad it hurts.

    My mother. Obviously. She died when I was 11, but she was unstoppable. The stories from my family go on and on. People are obviously canonized in death, but my mom was the real McCoy.
    • She ran down a 19 year old guy on a bike and beat him up for threatening to shove a broom handle up my brother's ass. She broke his nose and destroyed the bike. The guy wanted to press charges, but ended up being to embarrassed that my 30 year old mother kicked his ass.
    • She was a genius. Certifiable. She skipped two grades in school. Graduated from college in two years. She died before finishing med school (having take an 8 year hiatus to take care of her three children).
    • She was the epitome of a feminine woman and didn't for a moment believe that being sensitive and "girlie" was somehow subservient to men.
    • She never lost an argument she didn't believe in. We had a chocolate Lab who would crap right in front of the door, inside the house. My dad would come home and yell, "BOBBIE!!! That damned Zack just shit again on the floor, I'm gonna' shoot it today!" My mother knowing how much her kids loved the dog (and her too) would run and clean it up and say, "Doc, it's okay, I' got it..." and the debate would continue. Every day. Day in day out. One day, she decided to end the debate by buying a bag of Tootsie-Rolls and fashioned the most authentic pile of candy dog shit ever seen by human eyes (her hobby was clay artistry). She carefully placed the pile of shit at the front door (on a nicely cleaned surface) and awaited my father's return. Sure enough as he entered the house, he started yelling and screaming. My mother ran to the pile o'shit and said, "Fine, I'll clean it up!!!" And started eating the whole thing, making sure to allow plenty of slobber--all brown and gooey--to run down her face and neck. My father, overwhelmed by disgust, started yelling, "BOBBIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" And started gagging. My mother, having a knack for timing, pulled out the empty bag of Tootsie Rolls and said, "Honey, I made it myself from candy." My father never said a thing about the dog again.

    My dad. He raised my older brother Dale, and me, after he married my mother and adopted us shortly thereafter. I always knew we were adopted, but never knew there was an essential difference between us and our four other siblings. We were a family and nothing was different about us. After my mother died, my biological father "came back into the scene" and, my father was level and patient. He offered us a chance to get to know our biological progenitor (never uttering a single negative word, despite the fact that he beat my mother senseless before she left him). IT was our choice. To us, he was nobody and we left it at that. We were lucky in that we never had a "need" to know who that guy was. No yearning. No desire. He was sperm donor. Nothing more.

    My maternal grandfather. I've talked a lot about him in another thread. He stormed Normandy with the Marines. He came home and like many men of his time, became a millionaire by creating and building his own company. He was kind enough to fund my exploration of the world. I owe him my unique view of humanity. We were very close. I have his first name and his last name as my middle name. I look like him and talk like him. He was the first person I "came out" to and, impressively enough, he said, "Daniel, as far as I am concerned, the days of repression are over. If you want to bring your boyfriend over, go ahead." And then followed that with, "Wait, do you have AIDS?" (showing a bit of ignorance. Forgivable.) "NO Grampa' I don't have AIDS! And I don't have a boyfriend either. I'll let you know when I do." He was there when I got off the plane from Phoenix, after I destroyed my life. He paid off my substantial street-debts, which I would not have survived with all of my limbs--or life--intact. He paid for my treatment. He died before I could ever thank him properly or before he could ever see me make something of myself. But he did live to see me healthy again, that made him happy.

    Beyond the three family members listed above? I have passion for Sultan Saladin (the man was amazing, and insanely forgiving), Queen Elizabeth I (having united England and set the stage for her realm to become the greatest power in Europe), Emperor Cyrus The Great (he freed the slaves [unheard of], standardized the coin, encoded civil rights, built roads; a visionary), Abraham Lincoln (Well, you know) and Flavius Bellasarius (who faught against insane odds, had little support from his Emperor and still crushed his enemies).

    I kayak whenever I can. Kayaks are expensive, so maybe I'll finally buy one next year. I run a lot and I spend about three days a week at the gym with weights. I tried P90X and after a month I wanted to kill Tony Horton (it's creator and guide).

    Is Texas Hold'em a sport? I am obsessed with Poker!

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  12. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member

    Wow, String, I think you are an awesome person, and your mum was awesome, too!

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    Also, you have such passionating life! Makes me want to do kayaking and exercising and baking some cakes, too :runaway:

    p.s.: don't worry about not understanding women, most of the time I also don't understand myself/ my sister/ my mum/ my women friends either! >.<

    • What are 3 most important things to you?
    • Can you swim??

    More questions later (probably tomorrow). Thanks for taking the time to answer all of my questions!

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  13. superstring01 Moderator

    Other Simians. It's only logical. They are everywhere. People try to get too imaginative about who would come next (octopi, dolphins, horses, etc). Higher primates have already evolved, at least twice, into intelligent species. They are adaptable and quite intelligent already. They cover the world's continents. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are often times omnivorous and generalists (specialist being the first to die during catastrophes).

    If we left the earth in--say--four hundred years and came back anywhere between another 3-10 million years, we'd most likely see a two-legged primate just like us, ruling the earth.

    Farmer, I guess.

    Grasshopper. Ants aren't really independent organisms. They are part of a hive and have no sense of self. Pretending the grasshoppers are somehow "more" self aware than ants would be a stretch, but at least they are their own creatures, independent, not sacrificing themselves without will or mind for individual survival.

    Neither ever interested me. Though, one doesn't see Lee hanging himself while jacking off, either. But who knows.

    A jock-strap.

    No. Though, while I did beat the shit out of a guy for stalking me. It was annoying. I went on a single date with him (by "date" I mean, dinner and sex later on). By the next time we talked (seven ignored calls later), he had, apparently, picked out the wedding invitations. I'd like to think it was the crazy good sex or my irresistible personality, but that would just be stupid. He was plain crazy and I made a boo-boo by even agreeing to go out with him (I'm a sucker for a ripped body).

    He came up to my place of work. He called me repeatedly. He was fucking loco. Several weeks later while I was at a bar, he came up behind me and burned my ear with a cigarette (I didn't even know he smoked, if I did, I would not have even agreed to the date). So, I grabbed him by the shoulders and head butted him in his nose, then grabbed him by the throat and punched him three times. He fell straight to the ground. The bar tender (who I knew) said I should leave and he'd get the guy out of there. Later on that week, when I was back there, the bartender said that his nose was broken. The dude never said a word to me since (I've seen him out, maybe twice).

    My current boyfriend, Rick, is my first "real" boyfriend. We met when I was 31. While I dated plenty of men before, nothing lasted beyond a month or two. We've been together for thee years. I never felt really that "lonely" when I was in my 20's. I enjoyed the lifestyle. Well, most of it anyway.

    Once I reached 30, I started to yearn for a partner. It's weird, but we met on MySpace. Kinda' scary.

  14. superstring01 Moderator

    My job. My boyfriend. My family. Not in any particular order.

    I also just bought a brand new 42", 120Hz, LCD-HD TV for a steal at an auction for less than $300. It's currently a "thing" that I love dearly.

    I was in the Navy and I kayak a lot. I lived for a year and a half on a tropical island off the coast of Africa and a year in Key West so, I hope so!

  15. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member

    Ooopss.. I should have guessed >.<
  16. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member


    All right: If you could rule a small third-world nation, which would it be? What changes would you make?

    Mountain climbing or fired into the air in a free-fall rocket?...with parachute, if you must.

    Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? If Harry stubbed his toe on an enchanted blade of long-gone Gondolin and fell and bumped his head, would you laugh hysterically or offer him a nude theatre gig with horses? Let's not be too descriptive on this one.

    Extreme shark racing or sword fishing on the Grand Banks?

    Radio Shack or Coffee Shack? Or isolated shack in the woods, plotting your bitter, bitter revenge?

    If you had to slay one of the Kids on the Block, which would it be and why?

    Would you run for office? What if you weren't corrupt? What would be your minimum bribe level?
  17. superstring01 Moderator

    Costa Rica's a beautiful place. Very peaceful. I would maybe go there, though I think it qualifies as "second world".

    Little. They seem to have a good thing going for them. Though, I do recall having to pay off a police officer to pass through a checkpoint, so maybe I'd work on corruption there.

    Despite my physical lifestyle, I have horrible upper body strength. It's a curse and an embarrassment. I'm only now beginning to force my previously skinny arms into proportion with the rest of my body.

    So, I'll take the free-fall rocket.

    I read the first third of LOTR and hated it passionately. The movie was only an improvement. Harry Potter books also bore me, and the movies are an acceptable diversion.

    If I had to choose? I'd say LOTR, just because it's a bit more deep and meaningful.

    I'd suck it up and do what any good horse owner would do: I'd put him down and sell him for glue.

    I don't know how I forgot about this one in the "hobbies" question, but I love to fish. I enjoy "catch and release" fishing in the summer (mostly bass, blue gill and carp). If the spirit moves me in the late summer and early spring, I will go for weekends to the Ohio River & tributaries and fish for Steelhead as they return to spawn.

    I love the larger Radio Shacks that one can find on the West Coast. Here in Ohio they are small dorky shops with little that interests me. I hate coffee, though some coffee shops have good pastries. So, tie.

    I can't be alone, I need human interaction. In my apartment, yes, with my computer, TV and books. But in a shack in the woods. That's just not my style.

    Duh! My first crush (and this was the one that made me go, "huh, I might be different.") was on Donnie Wahberg. His younger brother is ten times hotter, but back in the late 80's Donnie was king!

    "Would" I? Yes. I would under the right circumstances. Will I? No. My history, passionate rejection of religion and proclivity would certainly prevent me from achieving anything meaningful in the USA.

    I'm not not corrupt! Well, not enough to accept small time bribes. I'm certainly not corrupt enough send people off to gulags for starting protests against me because I decided to wipe out a small metropolitan area in order to send a message to MY people that they must do as they are told. . .

    Right now, in my job and not in elected office?

    I admit that EVERYBODY has a price. Sometimes the price isn't in dollars. But EVERYBODY has a price. Mine? I would need enough to run off to a nation that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the USA, to buy a new identity and enough left over to live like a king for the rest of my life. By my estimates: $100 million.

  18. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    can you play a musical instrument?
    Colour of your toothbrush?
    Oddest location you have had sex?
    If you could pick a superhero power, what would it be?
    Oddest food you have ever eaten?
  19. superstring01 Moderator

    I played the recorder in 2nd grade. I begged my parents for piano lessons and my dad said no. I firmly believe that I could have been good at it. Instinctively he pulled me away from things that weren't masculine enough, sensing something "different" about me. He always used the excuse that I'd never stick with it (on account of me not sticking to any of the team sports he signed me up for). It's not that piano playing is, in and of itself, not manly enough. He has a keen enough ear to appreciate it, but that fact, when considered with all my other slightly-to-moderately "deviant" behavior made him put the kibosh on anything that wasn't boyish enough for his old-fashioned taste.

    Funny you should ask! I got home from work last night only to see that I had left the bathroom door open, allowing my bitch-ass cat to enter therein and turn my toothbrush into a chewed-up mess.

    So, I had to venture to Walmart in a hurry to get a new one, here:

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Note: I bought the "value pack" so that I have a spare for the next time.

    "Up the butt Bob!"

    But really. Um. Well my first actual time having a sexual act was in the woods behind my best friend's house. That was pretty odd.

    The most odd overall location? Hmmmmm. Well, I don't really do toilet stalls in bars or dark alleys. So, Yeah. I'd have to reference back to my first experience in the woods in 8th grade.

    Mind reading. I'd want total control over the power and not some weird, "Friday The 13th, The Series" type twist where it comes back to haunt me in the end. I'm talking, the ability to turn the power on and off at will, read minds and that's it. Not control minds. Not alter their senses. Just read minds.

    Sheep's brains in an omelet my first time in Spain. It was gross and I knew I was eating something horrific. I didn't gag when my cunt-of-a-host-mother finally coughed up the truth (laughing the whole time). But I didn't give her the joy of seeing me horrified either. I choked it down.

    My tastes were very specific back then, but they've broadened with age. When I am forced to try something new as I have in the past few years (pig's ears, chicken hearts and bone marrow) I remind myself that it's merely the same thing I've always eaten: Okay, Dan! This stuff has the exact same molecules of proteins, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates as anything else, they are just organized differently and into different structures. Our "gag" reflex is most often learned. I can be valiant in my effort to overcome it. I fail just as often as I succeed, but I'm getting better.

    And, in the end, I found out that sushi and roasted bone marrow is one of my absolute favorite foods.

    Still, Tiassa forever ruined Chorizo for me by telling me the ingredients. The thought of eating splenes and lymph nodes, it just sits on my mind as I plow through a great Paella.

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2009
  20. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    Its why I don't eat it either. I should never have read the ingredients list.

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    Would you rather explore space or the ocean?
    Have you ever hunted?
    Can you filet a fish?
    Have you ever hit a woman you weren't related to?
  21. Enmos Valued Senior Member


    - What is your favorite season ?
    - What is your favorite insect ? And why ?
    - What is your favorite marine mammal ?
    - What is your favorite flower ?
    - If all humans were to be killed (except you and your family) and you could - only prevent it by killing yourself and your family, what would you do ?
    - What is your favorite pastime ?
    - If you could trade places with any other person for a day, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, whom would it be ?
    - How much time do you spend in nature ?
    - How would you like to die ?
    - You are offered a paradisaical place with a thousand people of your choice if you except the death of all other people of the world. Would you do it ?
    - Would you rather be blind or deaf ?
    - If given the choice between losing both legs and losing one arm, what would you choose ?
    - Destroy humanity and save nature or destroy nature and save humanity ?
    - Die now or live forever ?
    - What would you do if you were forced to take a paid leave for a year ?
    - What is the color you wear the most ?
    - What's you favorite color ? Name five, start with the number one most favorite color.
    - Pee or poo ?
    - If you were given the choice between pushing a blue button and a red button, which one would you push (and not pushing either is not an option) ?
    - Do you have a photo camera ? If so, do you use it ? If so, what do you photograph ?
    - What do you think of these colors (image below) ?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    - Banana's or Blueberries ?
    - Chocolate ice cream or Forest fruits ice cream ?
    - What button would you push if the blue button meant that all life on Earth except humanity would instantly disappear and the red button meant that only humanity would instantly disappear ?
    - What is your favorite combination of two different colors ?
    - If Plazma would contact you and ask you whether or not you want to see some members permanently removed form SciForums, what would your reply PM say ?
    - Do you have a next victim in mind already ?
  22. superstring01 Moderator

    Though technically not an insect, Spiders totally rock. I used to own a huge striped tarantula.
    Bottle-Nosed Dolphin. They are smart, pretty much at the top of their food chain, have sex for fun, kill sharks for sport and get to save lost Cuban kids fleeing to America. They have a great rap, and have earned it.
    Not really a flower guy, but probably the Crocus. 1) it signals the end of winter and I hate cold, the snow and EVERYTHING that comes with them. 2) I love saffron and saffron comes from crocuses.
    Duh. Yeah.
    I love watching TV. I spend a large amount of time in one physical activity or another.
    I have a fondless for Cyrus The Great. So I'd pick him.
    Not enough! But more than most Americans. I was just out yesterday putting grasshoppers into the webs of common garden spiders (the kind with the zig-zags on their webs) and watching the big bug get wrapped and injected. Call me cruel, but I love nature at work, and even after more than 25 years, seeing spiders eat still thrills me.
    If it has to be early, then fighting for what I believe in.
    If it has to be when I'm old, then peacefully in my sleep.
    No. I believe in the survival of the human species. I think it may, one day in the future, be something of great value to the universe.
    Wow. That's tough. Below or above the knees?
    If below the knees: then I'd choose the legs. I want both hands in tact. I'm ambidextrous (and it's less blessing than you think) and use my hands for various different things.
    If above the knees: then the arm.
    Destroy nature.

    Neither are important to the universe. People (nature mystics and other such eco freaks) hold "nature" on such a pedestal that they think that it has "rights" and whatnot. Those rights have been snuffed out by meteors and vulcanism quite often. All of "nature" will one day be snuffed out by our sun, and quite realistically, a dozen times before then. So, the only real thing that matters is that we, humanity, survive long enough to evolve into what comes next.

    As I stated earlier, it's of paramount importance to preserve nature in the process (it keeps us alive and it's good for us to act responsible, even if, in the long run, it means nothing to the universe). By the time we become that "next" species, perhaps we'll look back fondly at the Earth and be able to use it as a study in how life evolves. Watch it and, maybe, preserve it for the next generation.
    If by "live forever" you mean: stay young and virile, then live forever.
    If by "live forever" you mean: grow horribly old, incontinent, grumpy, aphasic and decrepit, while never dying then I'd chose to die now.
    Um, jump for joy. Cry tears of happiness. I'd immediately break my lease, sell my car, pack my bags and head to Chile and backpack across that country. Then I'd do the same in New Zealand. Then in Australia. Then I'd head to Turkey. After that, India then China and then wherever else I thought would be fun. I really want to fake being a Muslim and sneak into Mecca. Put a "no fishing" sign up, and watch people weasel into your lake.
    I have a lot of khaki shorts. I have my black Sambas that I wear too. Solid white or black t-shirts (I hate to pay companies to advertise by wearing their logos, so I avoid those kinds of shirts)
    Blue. . . um, Red. Shit, they're all pretty cool. But Blue is my fave.
    Eeew. Scat and piss are both pretty gross.

    I had the misfortune of going on a SINGLE date with a guy who loved urine, liked being pissed-on and whatnot. I'm passionately open minded, and while we never went out again, I did say to him in a later conversation, "Look, obviously we're not seeing because I'm put off by your particular tastes, but if it makes you happy, at least it's just piss which is usually pretty sterile stuff and not shit like some whack-o's are into."

    So, if forced to chose. . . Christ! I'd chose to put my Kimber Custom Chrome down my throat and fire.
    Red pill. Er. . . I mean the red button. It worked, sort of, for Neo.
    I have several cameras and I love (and studied) photography.

    I have a Canon 10.0 megapixel digital point-and-shoot camera that I just bought. It's small, fast and takes RIDICULOUSLY great pictures.

    I have a Nikon N-80 celluloid camera that I used in class. It takes great pictures and has taken some serious beatings. I miss it but, it's age has long since gone.

    I'm working on getting a Nikon D-90 sometime next year before my trip to Europe (it's currently more expensive than the frakking plane ticket).

    If you are painting with any of them, be sure to use them only on one wall. They are far too dark to take up a whole room, though they might work out as an accent wall.

    Other than that? No. I don't particularly care for them.
    I really don't like either, but I do put blueberries in the protein shake I make each morning (with carrots and strawberries too). They are supposedly insanely good for you and they do add a reasonably good flavor to the mix.
    I hate chocolate ice cream. It's the only thing "chocolate" I don't love more than life itself (and I'm obsessed with Chocolate!). So the stupid, healthy sounding, tree-hugging fruits cake, I guess.

    What? No brownies or chocolate cake?
    The red one. Because if you pressed the blue button, it would be essentially the same as the red one, but would take longer to kill humans. "All life" means trees, farm plants, plankton and all that dead life would mean that humanity would not survive.

    At least by killing humans, some other life would survive.
    Colors, again? I guess green.
    "Plazma, the only guy that comes to mind is that douchebag, Enmos. He asks too many question. Can we make him disappear?"
    No clue. I'm just getting warmed up.

    Last edited: Aug 17, 2009
  23. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    lol Great answers String

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    This one especially:
    "The red one. Because if you pressed the blue button, it would be essentially the same as the red one, but would take longer to kill humans. "All life" means trees, farm plants, plankton and all that dead life would mean that humanity would not survive.

    At least by killing humans, some other life would survive."

    Although it contradicts one of your earlier answers:
    "Destroy nature.
    Neither are important to the universe. People (nature mystics and other such eco freaks) hold "nature" on such a pedantic that they think that it has "rights" and whatnot. Those rights have been snuffed out by meteors and vulcanism quite often. All of "nature" will one day be snuffed out by our sun, and quite realistically, a dozen times before then. So, the only real thing that matters is that we, humanity, survive long enough to evolve into what comes next.

    As I stated earlier, it's of paramount importance to preserve nature in the process (it keeps us alive and it's good for us to act responsible, even if, in the long run, it means nothing to the universe). By the time we become that "next" species, perhaps we'll look back fondly at the Earth and be able to use it as a study in how life evolves. Watch it and, maybe, preserve it for the next generation."

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