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Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Absane, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Sciencelovah Registered Senior Member

    Hi Absane,

    - what's up with you and all these teenager thingy lately?

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    - your main interests other than math?
    - happiest moment?
    - saddest moment?
    - do you have any pets? what are their names?
    - when is the first time you get your truck? what you mainly do with it?

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  3. draqon Banned Banned

    Are we ever going to Antarctica/Alaska for hiking together, Absane? Are you even interested in going anymore?
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  5. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    1) What teenager thingy?
    2) Weightlifting, FPS games, work
    3) Vacations to Myrtle Beach with my family. Less mentioned happy moments include the few times I actually had a fun time partying. Some of those were drunken nights and others were high nights.
    4) When my grandfather died. Lately I have been kind of depressed because my college days are ending. The last time I experienced anything "college like" was a year ago.. everything else has been work.
    5) I have a cat named Mir (yes, the space station)
    6) Got my 91 Ranger 5 years ago I think. Just a few months ago I sold it and got a 99 Ranger. I mostly drive with it.. nothing special. I like my truck because it's too much of a pain in my ass to get in and out of regular cars.

    I still want to go. I need to figure out how to get a job down in Antarctica. I might start mailing them a resume and cover letter every week until they accept me.

    Hiking in Alaska would be cool. I don't know how to get up there though.
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  7. shorty_37 Go! Canada Go! Registered Senior Member

    I got one....

    Why did you only get to page 2 in your Q&A but Mrow got to page 30?

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  8. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    I was asking myself the same question yesterday.

    I did not go into any depth with my answers so that doesn't help to inspire more questions. Also, I do not post much anymore so I'm little known around here. Third, fail to show any interest in members so in the expected manner, no one shows interest in me. People want to talk about themselves or at least have a way to express themselves.

    There are very few people that I ever find interesting enough that I deeply care about their lives. 80% or more of the people I ever ran across aren't interesting by my standards. What are my "standards?" Generally, they have to be people that are high energy, aren't fake or trying to impress anyone, aren't mentally lazy, like to talk about ideas, willing to party, don't place pressures on others, etc.

    Most people fail these (except the party part). Most people are lazy, try to impress, talk only about themselves or others, engage in peer pressure, etc.

    This can all be summed up to this statement: If you have become an expert on any popular TV show (like American Idol) or you know about all the popular YouTube videos, then we aren't going to be friends.

    As you and others can imagine, I have few friends. There are many people that I know, but very very few of them do I actually consider friends.

    Do not get me wrong.. I do not think I am better than anyone. Every person is the way they are today because of their experiences, genes, environment, etc. If you like to watch TV 40 hours a week and work only 20 hours a week, that's cool.
  9. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member


    How is your workout working out?

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    Are you still on track for Navy Seal training?
  10. Reiku Banned Banned

    Ah. The same dream i have. I too wish to go the Antarctic one day too. Maybe even a job as a biologist, when i get my degree.
  11. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    Absane, it just has to do with your quickness in responding to the questions..
    Plus the fact that Draqon didn't ask you any

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    In fact, that last one is probably the major reason

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  12. thedevilsreject Registered Senior Abuser Registered Senior Member

    Sciforums 2007 or Sciforums 2008?

    A fiendishly hard question im sure
  13. skaught The field its covered in blood Valued Senior Member

    Absane, if you had to spend the rest of your life on Mars, which sciforum member would you choose to come with you?

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