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  1. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    I am tired of moving from one discussion
    to the other posting messages here and
    there based on my opinistic views.
    There are people here that thing I talk
    shit. Why is that? Is it because my
    views are different perhaps skeptic towards
    yours? Obviously, that is the problem
    here with some people. Here, I am not
    going to put down anyone of discriminate
    their views - only because they are
    intitled to their opinions.

    First off,
    I would like to say that what I talk about
    here is not shit. I look at things in
    perspective and go from there.
    If you believe in things I don't,
    then good; you can believe it for all
    I care.

    Today, our topic will be of god and
    the devil. However, because each
    topic takes up a certain amount of
    space on here, I will slit this post
    into two sections
    The first one will be about the devil
    and the second one will be about god.

    1) The devil.
    I devil is easier to explain than god
    since god is far more complex and harder
    to talk about.
    I would like to know what people conceive
    to devil to be. Being a christian,
    I know that the devil is seen as
    an invisible man; an evil being trying
    to influence us to do evil.
    Basically, that's how the christians
    think. To most, it can't get any simpler;
    the devil is just a very, very bad man
    who's out to get you. Beware and resist
    him, worship and prey to god, and
    everything will be fine.

    My way of thinking is different.
    The scenario as I see it is totally
    different. In truth, the devil does
    not exist. There is no giant, two horned,
    flaming red boogy man out to get you
    when you step out of line by sin.
    In truth, the ultimate evil in the
    universe cannot be a man. It doesn't
    make sense. Thoughts like that relate
    back to the time when people thought
    the universe revolved around earth
    and that humans were absolute.

    As for hell, I believe that it does exist,
    but as for christian beliefs, my opinions
    differ in many ways.
    Hell is the state of sufferment whether
    it be eternal or for a set amount of time.
    When you suffer, feel pain in any physical
    or emotional way, that is what you would
    call living in a state of hell.

    1) Eternal hell is not being put into
    a furnace in a cavern deep underneath
    the ground where you are burned forever
    and stabbed by naked, two-horned, red
    men using over-sized tridents.
    Think of your soul being ripped out of
    existence. Now take that further and
    think of a constant state of non-existence
    where you don't existence, nor will
    you ever come to exist again.
    Since we are all connected to god in
    some way and can never be disconnected,
    such a scenario is unlikely ever to

    2) If you are being greatly ridiculed to
    an existence where it hurts you emotionally,
    that can be seen as a state of sufferment,
    thus you would be in hell.

    I now come to a close on what hell is
    (in relation to my opinions).
    I will discuss this later as I talk
    more and more, but not at this momment.

    2) What is god?

    That is the old-age question that has
    remained unanswered for countless centuries.
    What is God?
    Again, being a christian, I know how
    christian thinking works. The bible
    tells that a man created adam and eve
    which were banished from the eternal
    garden of eden and put onto this earth
    to live out their lives in sufferment.
    If you wanna relate back to my statement
    of hell, this would mean that they were
    cast out into hell for disobeying god.
    That in a sense plays somewhat in relation
    to the bible's views of hell.

    My opinions on this matter are different.
    Although I am a christian, I find it
    extremely hard to believe that the
    highest, evolved, ultimate form of the
    universe is a planetary-sized deep-voiced
    man with a beard. In my opinion, he
    looks much like Neptune, roman god of
    the sea does he not.
    Christians actually say that no one knows
    that god looks like yet they call him
    names such as "Lord," and "Father."
    Infact, I have never met a christian that
    hasn't used the pronoun fixations,
    "He," and "Him." Christians do not know
    if god is a man, yet they assume that
    he is. Infact, they back this all up
    with quotes such as "Man was created
    in God's image."
    In truth, that seals the fact that the
    bible is ignorant in its own way;
    it relates back to the times when men
    dominated, and women had no rights."
    Though people may not recognize it,
    the bible indirectly states that the
    universe revolves around earth and
    that humans are absolute.

    That is what I would call 3rd dimension
    My perspectives lie somewhat in the
    5th dimension and 4th dimension;
    I think that way on that level.

    I have to end this now, but I will
    continue it later.
    I'm sorry, but it's taken me an hour
    to write this and my brother needs
    to go on to do his homepage.

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  3. Bruce Guest

    Hi Dan,
    I would like to know how you came up with your beliefs? Is it a theory or what are you
    using for an absolute for the bases of your beliefs?

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