American Beauty


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What is it about great movies that makes them stand out from the rest in the first 5 minutes? American Beauty is one such film--no explosions, no car-chases, no tits (well you know what I mean)--granted, the fact that Kevin Spacey is in it almost guarantees high quality, but the promise of greatness is evident in this movie from the outset, you just know..
So what is it?
It´s telepathy.

It´s when they have managed to get across the original intention with the film. A good film always has an underlying intention, a greater thought than just the words spoken and the facial expressions of the actors. And when that exists, it will show, within 5 minutes or less! :D
Usually I can tell if a movie is going to be good just from the opening music, I can also tell a turkey from the first minute. I think with AB it was the opening narration by Kevin Spacey that made the promise.
<i>"A good film always has an underlying intention..."</i>

Or several ideas. I agree with you on that one. The cohesion of those ideas is what seperates good and bad movies.
Did you guy's and dolls see The Green Mile?
That is a great movie, a movie that gets to you.
Try it out.
Because it is also an American movie, I thought I should mention it to you.
It is a wonderful good movie you won't forget soon.
With Tom Hanks in the leading part, but that doesn't say a thing of course. It is a sad movie, in the end....
Good points there.
I thought the overall presentation of the film infiltrated the glossy 'Hollywood' look, exploiting what it was revealing almost.
It stimulated your mind and you heart, as well as your eyes and ears.
Are these factors a little too rare now? Maybe this film is an example of what we've been thirsting for.
Perhaps I have to see that American Beauty movie too, but I don't go to the cinema.
Most of the times I look movies on video.
And there is no VCR in my house at the moment, so as soon as that is ok again I will go look for it.
Now I really get curious.:p
Hahaha, I haven't seen E.T. either...:p

Don't even want to see it also. Have some better movies I want to see first on my list. Guess I will never see E.T.

Heard it is a real tearyerker and I don't like tearyerkers...:)