Apparent ISIS Attack Against Tunisia

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    A large armed force has attacked the Tunisian town of Ben Guerdane, the first town of any size on the Tunisian side of the Libyan border. Police stations and military facilities nearby were attacked. Fighting has continued all day and reportedly at least 53 are dead and an unknown number of attackers are still holed up in civilian houses. The Tunisians say 35 attackers have been killed, 7 civilians and 11 security forces. But fighting is continuing and there are bodies lying in the streets, so the death toll is likely higher. Locals say that the attackers spoke of "liberating" the town and of establishing a "Caliphate".

    While nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the the attack, the President of Tunisia says that it's the work of the Islamic State and says that his entire country is now at war against "barbarism".
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