Are Tulpas (the kind that physically manifest into reality) real?

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by SarahEllard, Aug 10, 2021.

  1. SarahEllard Registered Member

    There's a cold case that happened decades ago in my home town that doesn't get discussed a lot nowadays, which heavily implicated that a tulpa of a kid's show cartoon character was responsible for the deaths of 4 people, causing the sole surviving witness to be disturbed for the rest of his life. 4 people did actually go missing forever on that day, and weren't seen again, because their disappearances made it into the newspapers. The sole surviving witness repeatedly stuck to his story up until he died in 2016 and reportedly fell into a deep depression because some people didn't believe him, even though the authorities did.

    The survivor was asked to draw a picture of what the 10 foot tall 'monster' that killed his friends looked like, and this 'monster' looked exactly like the character Cecil from the cartoon Beany And Cecil. His drawing even included the trademark eye lashes and the fin at the back of his head. Beany And Cecil had only been airing for a couple of weeks prior to his friends being killed.The US military, Navy, Coast Guard and police all believed him, however, and they could not find any trace of the bodies of the 4 missing boys despite the incident happening in very shallow water.

    I found a blog that went into detail about this case and included the drawings and complete story -

    After his friends were killed, the sole survivor suffered a nervous breakdown which only ended when the show had finished airing, about three months later. Wikipedia says that a 'Monster' is ''A type of fictional creature found in horror, fantasy, science fiction, folklore, mythology and religion.''

    Is there any evidence that fictional beings can manifest into physical space? There are similar cases of fictional things or people being sighted in real life, for example the Hellblazer comic character John Constantine:

    Here's a similar case involving a real life Slenderman sighting -
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  3. Q-reeus Banned Valued Senior Member

    One of the peculiarities of this site is a strange tolerance for threads started in entirely wrong sub-forums, yet often allowed to survive there indefinitely.
    Still the onus is on you to do a search beforehand and at least try to post a new thread in the appropriate sub-forum. It's obvious to me the topic at hand has nothing to do with 'General Science & Technology' but rather falls under the paranormal banner hence properly belongs in the 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' sub-forum itself a sub-topic of 'On the Fringe' section.

    Do try and make an effort to select appropriately in future. However long your stay is - having already been fingered by someone here as a likely sock of a banned former member.
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  5. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    :reported to have thread moved to the Monsters forum, where it will get better treatment than in SciTech:
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  7. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    Tulpas are an item originally from Tibetan mystical folklore, that seem to have taken on a life of their own (!!!) in the more new agey corners of the contemporary West.

    They actually make some sense in the context of a certain kind of extreme Tibetan Buddhist philosophical idealism. The idea there is that all of reality is really a mental construction, so that if somebody can visualize something in enough detail in various Tantric meditation practices, the thing visualized will be as real as anything else in phenomenal reality.

    So Tantric adepts are given patron deities by their gurus, then told to meditate on visualizing those deities for years if necessary. The goal is for the visualized deity to manifest in phenomenal reality and start delivering teachings.

    So in Tibet (where I think that the belief is controversial) the idea of Tulpas has a long history and is deeply embedded in philosophical views and in arduous meditation practices. The idea of adolescents conjuring up comic book characters sounds like a bastardization of the whole idea.

    Do I believe that tulpas can manifest into physical reality? Almost certainly not.

    Are these imaginary beings real? Almost certainly not.

    Is it General Science and Technology? Almost certainly not.
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