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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Saturnine Pariah, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    Pictures of a Horse's head?
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  3. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member


    Yeah. If you can't fool me, you can't fool anyone.

    ......................Hey, wait a minute.
    What are you insinuating Donkey Brain?
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  5. Bells Staff Member

    Then you clearly have a comprehension problem.

    In that thread, I told Balerion that his bigoted ideology that led him to make the comment that Islam is poison is the same ideology that Breivik used to justify his crimes. Like it is the same ideology spouted by the Westboro Baptist Church that led Matthew Shepard's killers to do what they did and the only difference between the Westboro twats and Shepard's killers is that they murdered someone, while Westboro would never take such a step. There is a subtle difference there. It's actually not that hard to see it. He came into that thread specifically to whine about Islam, and then actually said 'well I'm not saying Muslims are bad', while ignoring the fact what makes a Muslim a Muslim is Islam and he does not think that it is an insult. In a thread about someone who went on a killing spree because he hated Muslims enough to want to kill people, after a whining manifesto and a string of youtube video's about Islam..

    I gave the KKK reference as an example, again, a clear example that you have a reading comprehension. Another analogy would be if someone from the KKK stands there with a hood, saying that 'niggers are a poison to society'.. And another racist twat kills a black man for being black and because he thinks black people are a scourge or a poison to society. What do the two have in common?

    And if I was like Putin, neither of you would be allowed to post here.


    I think your comment about Islam being a poison to society would be one. Since you know, Islam is what makes a Muslim a Muslim. Then your comments about what Muslim women wear. I'm sure you remember? Something about large sacks or something along those lines?

    Or are you going to deny you made those comments?

    You came into a thread about a man who murdered dozens of innocent children and teenagers because he did not support what he saw as the Islamification of Europe and you started to whine about Islam, disregarding that many of the victims were Muslim.

    I think the fact that you had others trying to desperately explain your initial comment, where you then changed it to fundamental Islam, because it was clear that it was as bad as it looked. Your initial comment was simply Islam.

    Ah, so your comment that you'd call me a slut, but you won't since you believe I'm not 'getting any' is what exactly? So in your opinion women who have sex are sluts? Or is that comment only reserved for the women you hate?

    Are you saying that isn't slander?

    Lets see, I say, in a thread about a mass murderer who did what he did because the underlying premise of his hatred is that he hates Islam and Muslims, you enter it and go on a terrific whine about how much you think Islam and then fundamental Islam is a poison to society, that you two share that ideology. I accused you of being like Stalin or Hitler?

    But you are a bigot...

    You are bigoted against anyone who is a theist on this site, especially those who follow Islam.

    And my saying you are a bigot is my comment about your ideology. If your ideology is bigoted, would you rather I refer to you as something that does not describe your ideology?

    Says he who is dragging things back from years ago, to try to prove just how much he is being hard done by by me. Poor baby.

    I said that you share the same ideology towards Islam with Breivik after you used the Breivik thread to go on a ranting whine against Islam.

    Which is what you did.

    Or are you saying Breivik's hatred of Islam is not bigoted?

    Yes.. And?

    I'd say the same thing to the Westboro about their hatred and bigoted beliefs about gays. I would say their views about gays is shared by the men who murdered Matthew Shepard. And the only difference is that Westboro did not kill anyone, while Shepard's murderers did for their hatred and ideology.

    Mine was a joke, as denoted by the grinning face and then a further response to the joke by my posting something from Ikea.

    But we shall get to your slut comment in a while.

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    So you were whining that people were comparing your ideology and philosophical beliefs about Islam to Breivik's beliefs and ideology about Islam, by going on a rant about Islam...? In a thread about the guy who murdered 77 people because of his ideology.

    And you accuse me of being socially inept?

    Oh, let me clarify. I don't think you simply posted like a bigot. I think you are a bigot.

    There is a difference between what Geoff said to me and what I said to you. I said you shared the same ideology with Breivik when it comes to Islam, an ideology which is the same which ultimately led him to do what he did and that the only difference between you and he is that he murdered people for his ideology, while you never would. I never said that you wanted to murder people. I said you shared the same ideology as someone who did murder people. Another example would be to tell a Nazi that he or she shared the same ideology that led Hitler to murder millions of people. Get it now?

    Geoff accused me directly of wanting to murder people. Previously, he accused me of wanting to murder women and children.

    It wasn't an accusation of my ideology or a shared ideology. It was an accusation that I wanted to murder people.

    My comment about your mental health, which you have taken to heart and blown all out of proportion was a joke. So much so that I even linked pictures and linked ikea when you commented about my riding a broomstick. You know, I joked about that broomstick. Whereupon you tried to sneak the slut comment in and in this response, you doubled down on it. While mine was a joke, yours clearly is not. Getting to that one in a second. Fear not.

    No, inferring a woman is a slut if she is having sex (or 'getting any' as you put it) makes you a misogynist.

    He told you to shut up because it did not concern you and you did not know why he was moderating GeoffP. You have gone so far as to drag something from years ago to whine about how you are so hard done by, dismissing the fact that if it was as you say, then you would not be here at all to post.. No no, the moderators are all after you Balerion.

    Knowing what your rants are like (this one is a prime example), you're saying you don't get abusive in your rants?

    No, you said that Muslim's faith is a poison to society.

    You said you'd call me a slut, but you don't believe I am getting any, so you won't call me a slut then. So if you felt or thought I was having sex, I would be a slut?

    In short, you inferred that women who have sex are sluts. And as I asked, or is that just something you save for the women you hate?

    I made a clear joke about your sanity (how clearly it was meant as a joke is clearly seen in the response where I posted pictures to your initial comment about that joke - you know, doubling down that it was a joke), which you took so seriously that you have inferred that I am a slut if I am 'getting any'...

    Again, I never once gave you permission to use my real name on this forum and when I asked that you stop, you kept doing it, even against and without my consent.

    My comment to Kremmen was that you were the one who dragged all this out into this thread, not me. Your response was to deny that it was you.

    Since people have the ability to read, they can read it here. I am not adding to the ridiculous clutter that this thread already is because of your pathological need to be a drama queen to the point that you are dragging things out from years ago to whine about..

    After you made the Islam is a poison to society, you then corrected yourself to this:

    The majority of Muslims who follow 'conservative Islam' do not perpetrate rapes and honor killings, nor do they call for the heads of cartoonists and authors or anyone at all who criticises Islam. The majority who are conservative do not seek to implement Sharia Law in Western societies.

    What you did was to lump all conservative Muslims and stereotyped them as being exactly the same as the radical and fundamentalist Muslims who, for example, do call for crimes to be committed against anyone who disparages their religion.

    You then seemed to claim that "some Mullah" would be bad for society, thereby lumping all Mullah's as being fundamentalist Islamists who are bad for society like the Ayatollah is bad for society.

    Not all are. In fact, the majority are not as you describe. You generalised and stereotyped all into this mold after describing how they are a poison to society. No Balerion, not every Muslim who wears the burka or follows Sharia Law are fundamentalists or supremacists.

    So if I have sex with men, I would be a slut?

    We brought up GeoffP's history but do you see us demanding it be discussed yet again? No.

    I would have thought my comment about your mental state being a joke would have been clear when I posted what I use to hold my laptop on my broomstick. But no, instead, you decide to infer that I am a slut if I have sex.

    You inferred I would be a slut if I was 'getting any'.. In other words, if I am having sex, then I would be a slut. But because, in your opinion, I am not popular with men from what you hear, then I am not a slut. How exactly am I supposed to qualify that comment? If I was liked or popular, I would be a slut? But because I am not popular with men from what you hear, I am not? Tell me, do you often go around PM'ing men here to find out if I am popular with them or something?

    You said you would call me a slut, or something similarly asinine, but you won't because you hear I am not popular with men and apparently not getting any.

    So if I was popular, I would be a slut? If I am having sex with a man, I would be a slut?

    What makes a woman a slut in your opinion?

    And if I said I was having sex, I would be a slut - since you know, you said you would call me a slut, but in your opinion, I'm apparently not getting any. So tell me, do you save the slut insult for all women? Are all women who have sex with men sluts? Or do you only save that for the women you hate?

    I'll let you figure out how that is misogynistic.

    I'll give you a hint. It's pretty obvious.
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  7. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member


    Captain Kremmen, thought you caught the assorted Posts recently in another Thread on this Forum when Bells attempted to intimidate me.
    She "vented" repeatedly by, what I have since come to realize is her "par for the course" or "S.O.P.", puerile name calling, inane accusations, amateur misdiagnosed psychological evaluations, completely biased perceptions and her apparently unlimited ability to imagine non-existent phenomena.

    Bells, is the Poster that went out of her way to inform me of two words that I, dmoe, could - not "not"?!?! - use in future Posts.

    Then she told me that she could not keep count of how many times she asked me to "stop", and that if I did not follow her directive to "stop", then something would evidently happen.

    She finished one tirade with this : link
    ...originally Posted by Bells - Post #702 posted on 09-06-13, 10:01 PM (bottom of long rambling Post)...
    quote - "Have I made myself understood now? Or do you require pictures?" - unquote

    So, Captain Kremmen, now you know the meaning of "Threatened with pictures".

    So...even though I know it is wrong...well sometimes Bears just repeatedly beg and beg to be Poked...
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Ah, so you are upset at the warning I issued you for posting anti-Semitic rantings about how the Jews dominate the media, blah blah blah, and then trying to back it up with links to holocaust deniers? Good luck with that.

    But in this thread, where it is inferred that I am a slut if I apparently "get some", then I guess it's all open slather.

    So knock yourselves out.
  9. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Bells, did you actually "Issue me a Warning" - I did not know you were the Moderator in that thread.

    I did get an "e-mail" from SciForums that my virus protection automatically "quarantined" it was disguised as a "Thank you PM" from another Poster (not you Bells). At any rate - I ran it in a virtual machine and it was an older Registry exploit that was used 7 or 8 years ago to "hit/mine/kill" and not a very good one at that.

    Bells are you saying that was you who attempted that - I wondered why you failed to answer me after numerous attempts to "Poke the Bear" in the Syria thread.

    Bells, if it was you behind it...and I do not think or believe it was...but on the very slightest chances it was...meh... try harder.

    Back to this "warning you issued" - I Posted(with the link), PROOF of my statements - I'll bet you cannot Post PROOF of you "issuing a Moderator Warning" to me, dmoe.

    There is no doubt that you can edit the Post I linked above, but that would really be useless since my home server has a running copy of all the, shall we say "surfing" I do.

    And by Posting the ^^above^^ you have basically already admitted to it!

    Anyway, Bells, just how upset do you think I really was or am?

    Ask Captain Kremmen, I may be pushed into an over the top "Extreme Sarcasm" response - but I do not fly off the handle with name calling, false accusations and allegations...well you should know the puerile and inane intimidation tactics that you are fond employ them often enough.

    At any rate, nice to hear from you again, hope you are happy and healthy!

    Hey, while I finally have gotten your attention again - just what were the pictures you would have supplied, if I had been in "need" of them?

    Please do not tell me they were somehow related to the four letter word - that my respect for myself, and even more, my respect for women - will not allow me to type, that followed "...where it is inferred that I am a..." (quoted from ^^above^^ by Bells)!

    Bells, so should I antici......................................pate you Posting PROOF of "THE ALLEGED WARNING YOU ISSUED" or was that just one more example of your puerile inane unlimited ability to imagine non-existent phenomena?

    If you would prefer to save your self any further self-embarrassing responses to any "poking of the bear" by me in the future- you could always apologize - most real adults are able to do that.

    Heck, ask Captain Kremmen, even I, dmoe, am at least adult enough to honestly and earnestly apologize when I have misconstrued a Posters meaning or intent - most adults do not have a problem with admitting when they are wrong.

    Do you have a problem with admitting when you are wrong, Bells?

    How many times will I have to ask you? Really. How many times?

    Do you, Bells, understand? Do you? really. Do you?

    Wiink, just "poking the bear"
  10. Balerion Banned Banned

    And the desperate get more desperate.

    So then when I say war is immoral, am I then saying that soldiers are immoral, since war is what makes a soldier a soldier?

    Think about it, Bells.

    Cloth bags, yes. Some forms of Islam force women into covering themselves from head to toe when in public, since they considered property, not people. Yeah, I have a problem with a philosophy that treats women in such a way.

    You keep saying that as if I jumped into the middle of thread unprompted to disparage Islam. This is a feeble and dishonest attempt to misrepresent me. Thankfully, the link to the thread I provided will demonstrate to anyone interested that my presence in the thread was not as you continuously portray it.

    Exactly how did I disregard that many of the victims were Muslim? Please demonstrate that by quoting me.

    I had others doing things? Really? That's news to me. I'm sure it's news to GeoffP, as well.

    But yes, the comment required clarification. So I clarified.

    To answer in the reverse: Yes, I'm saying that isn't slander. Since slander is, you know, spoken. Saying you aren't getting any is merely an admittedly ridiculous response in kind to your ridiculous claim that I was insane.

    And here we have a clear case of you not being able to take what you dish out. My suggestion, then, would be to stop dishing it out.

    This is a misrepresentation, again. You're not smart enough to pull this off, Bells. You're simply not, and as evidenced by the overwhelmingly negative reaction to your words in this thread, it's apparent to everyone.

    I was already participating in the thread. I didn't begin whining about Islam, I complained about generalizations being made about people who had a negative opinion of Islam. Then you went off on a hissy quite similar to the one you're on now, desperately clawing at everyone and anyone within reach, lying through your teeth about the character of the posters on the forum you're supposed to be moderating.

    You're a joke. You're clown shoes.

    Compelling argument!

    Perhaps I've been giving you too much credit. Perhaps the difference between despising an ideology and despising its adherents is beyond your ken. Maybe it's too nuanced for you. If this is the case, then I suggest you stay out of such discussions, because you're only going to make yourself look like a vindictive little worm, such as you've done here.

    It's this outrageous insistence upon equating me with a mass murderer that makes you so wrong. It begins with your idiotic insistence on boiling both of our beliefs down to "Islam is poison" and ends with you accusing me of being on his side. You called him "one of yours." That's more than a condemnation of a belief; that's an attack on my person, one utterly without merit, and born entirely from your simpleton rage.

    Your misbehavior is at issue in this discussion. Your infamous rampage in the Breivik thread is a crystalline example of such.

    That's not at all what I did. Anyone who wishes to can view all of my posts from the thread in question, and decide for themselves if I'm a bigot or not:

    Non-sequitur much?

    And you'd be wrong there, as well. But at least in that case your rage would be well-placed, as the Westboro scumbags have actually given an indication that they hate gays. With me, it's the conflating "I don't like fundamentalist Islam" with "I hate Muslims" that is at issue. Well, one of the issues, anyway.

    I don't believe you. We're not friends, we don't joke with each other.

    I didn't call you a slut, and you're in no position to complain about any disparaging comments.

    The same thread where I said he was irredeemable? The same thread where I said he didn't deserve a chance to redeem himself? That's the thread you're talking about?

    Yes. Because you are.

    [quote\There is a difference between what Geoff said to me and what I said to you. I said you shared the same ideology with Breivik when it comes to Islam, an ideology which is the same which ultimately led him to do what he did and that the only difference between you and he is that he murdered people for his ideology, while you never would. I never said that you wanted to murder people. I said you shared the same ideology as someone who did murder people. Another example would be to tell a Nazi that he or she shared the same ideology that led Hitler to murder millions of people. Get it now?[/quote]

    That's simply not true. The lines you draw between these comments are defined by who said them, not their content or context, and so they are invalid.

    And the Nazi example is fallacious. Not all Nazis subscribed to Hitler's beliefs. Remember, there was a sizable group of them who attempted to kill him because they could not stand by and watch his atrocities any longer. But I'm not surprised that you have an oversimple view of history. It completely fits how you approach your assessment of the ideologies of others, as well as their comments.

    And you accused me of wanting to kill teenagers and children. You also accused me of blaming them for their own demise. And of disregarding them, which is odd considering that you first said I was blaming them, and one can't both blame and disregard someone...but I digress.

    Much like your comments about me. Except that you accused me of both sharing a warped ideology and approving of the treatment of victims of a mass murderer. As well as saying that I was on his side.

    So literally the gauge for which one was a joke and which one wasn't was literally who said it. Fantastic.

    That's not what I inferred. Read it again.

    I don't begrudge him telling me to shut up. If that's his prerogative, fine. I take issue with him then crying foul when I tell him to go fuck himself. The both of you have such thin skin considering you continuously cast such nasty aspersions on others. Maybe you should stop, if you don't like the negative attention.

    And for the record, I know why he was moderating GeoffP. He's a sad, angry little wannabe who gets off on bullying people around who he disagrees with. You guys are a perfect match, actually.

    I certainly did not get abuse. These were my exact words:

    What a crock of shit. Bells gets away with whatever she bloody well wants, yet the second anyone gives her a bit of her own fucking medicine, here come the white hats to the fucking rescue.

    Bullshit. Stay the fuck out of it.

    And let's not stray from the fact that you are being busted on yet another lie. I was not moderated for abusive posting for that post.

    No, I said that fundamentalist Islam was a poison to society.

    Bzzzz. Wrong.

    Try again.

    What makes you think it being a joke makes it okay? I don't get that logic. We're not buddies, we're not friends, and we don't joke with each other. Was the joke at my expense? How is that better?

    It doesn't matter. You posted your name on a public forum. I don't need Brad Pitt's permission to refer to him as Brad on the forum, because he put his name out there in the first place. So did you, so I don't require your permission.

    No, my response was to say that there's no way he could possibly construe you as being in the right on this issue. And you're not, regardless of who brought up what.

    In other words, you can't support your lies.

    I want an apology and your resignation, troll.

    Yes, I did. What's wrong with that? I even went on to say I didn't intend to paint with such a broad brush, and that my comments needed to be clarified.

    Incorrect. I didn't say anything about Muslims. I referred directly and explicitly to the ideology which breeds such behavior.

    Again, this is where context helps. We were discussing fundamentalism, and referencing exclusively fundamentalists.

    Keep clawing, Bells. Maybe you'll hit a vein eventually.

    That's because you'd come up looking as poorly as you do now that you've discussed your history with me. As evidenced by Tiassa's threatening moderation against me unless I shut up, and his insistence that Geoff was accusing you of actual felonies, neither of you are at all interested in the facts of the matter. You want loud accusations followed by submissive silence, so as not to shine light on your lies.

    I inferred no such thing, liar, and you and me aren't friends. You don't get to joke with me, so this thin pretense is obviously a lie.

    No I didn't. Simple as that. I said calling you a slut would be as asinine as you calling me crazy, because it's an asinine comment that has no place in this discussion. Then I took a jab at the rumors that you aren't exactly someone that people find attractive. That's what I said. And can you blame me? The way you act here, you could be Giesele Bundchen in reality and I'd still vomit on your shoes if I ever had the displeasure of meeting your in person. You're a positively noxious human being. I can't imagine anyone finding your personality interesting or compelling.
  11. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member


    so true...she gained so much control over moderators on here, they don't care what she says or does.
  12. Bells Staff Member

    Lets have a look at what you said, shall we?

    In other words, because you heard I am not apparently getting any, then you cannot call me a slut. In other words, you would call me a slut, but you heard I was not popular with 'the fellas', so you infer that I would be a slut if I was popular, or as you later clarified, since you believe I am not getting any.

    Your interest in people's sex lives aside, those were your words. And as I asked you, do you save this supposed insult for all women? Or just women you hate?

    And don't worry Balerion. I don't associate with bigots who view women as sluts or even refer to people as sluts.

    But carry on. I know you have more to say. After all, seeing you dragged a perceived insult from years ago, I am sure there is more to come. So please, don't let me stop you.. Let it all out.
  13. Bells Staff Member

    Yep. I'm like the evil spy that has infiltrated everything. Go go conspiracies!
  14. Balerion Banned Banned

    Your illogical gymnastics are truly at an Olympic level. Which Olympics I'm speaking of, I'll leave for you to decide.

    Instead of trying to goad me, let's get back to you failing to support any of your accusations against me. And let's get back to you claiming that I was insane. Also, answer what I consider to be the most important question of my last reply: So when I say war is immoral, am I then saying that soldiers are immoral, since war is what makes a soldier a soldier?
  15. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    You are not Putin after all.
    You are a reborn Rasputin. A new version called................................

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  16. leopold Valued Senior Member

    she might have shaved after that picture was taken.
  17. Bells Staff Member

    So you want to keep discussing and you want to keep whining about my calling you a bigot nearly 2 years ago, while trying to weasel out of you inferring that I am a slut?

    At this rate, you're living up to that joke.

    You tell me. Depends on the war and the circumstance.

    War does not make a soldier a soldier. Soldiers become soldiers when they sign up to the armed forces, are trained, etc. Then you get wars which start as a cause, and people put their hands up to fight for that cause, such as the rebels in Syria at the present time.

    To use an example, lets look at he Nazi's. Hitler's war was an immoral one, because not only was his desire and thirst for power and German domination insane, but he was also bigoted against Jews, Roma's, and anyone who was not Aryan. After the war ended, and the atrocities came to light, many of the soldiers who took part in those atrocities attempted to use the 'I was given orders' or 'I was acting under orders' as an excuse. Do you think that is a valid defense against an immoral war and immoral actions? I do not.

    Or lets look at Rwanda and the genocide there. Genocide is immoral. There is no disagreement to be made on that front. It is immoral. However in the lead up to the genocide, the Government had managed to recruit volunteers (or soldiers, since they did most of the killing), through a very good propaganda scheme. Those people became soldiers, fighting in an immoral war. Were those soldiers immoral? Hell yes. Were the soldiers who used their position to help people escape the slaughter immoral? No.

    But then, we look at other wars, such as the Vietnam war, where many soldiers defied orders and saved people, at great risk to their own lives. Are they immoral? No. Or Bradley Manning, who is, by definition a soldier. Is he immoral for telling the world about the atrocities a minority of American soldiers were committing? No, far from it.

    Not all soldiers who go to war are immoral, nor do they act in a way that would be deemed immoral. If I were to generalise, and say that all soldiers are immoral if the war is immoral, then I would be lumping all into one box, when reality shows that there are mostly good, with a few bad.

    In short, it makes sense to not lump them all under the same banner. You know, like saying that conservative Muslims belong to a religion that is a poison to society, when in reality conservative Muslims have done nothing wrong to have their religion that they practice in good faith branded that way.
  18. Balerion Banned Banned

    Did I infer you were a slut or not? You can't seem to make up your mind on that count.

    This is the second time you've taken the opportunity to make your alleged "joke" a legitimate critique of my psyche.

    Come down off the fence, Bells.

    Bullshit it doesn't. Soldiers only exist because war does. Without war, there is no soldier, and without the soldier, there is no war. In other words, war is what makes a soldier a soldier.

    And the only reason the armed forces exists is war.

    This is a desperate attempt to avoid the question. Soldiers only exist for the purpose of war; any ancillary duties they perform could and would be done by another group if war was not a reality. So the question is, again, are soldiers immoral simply because war is immoral?

    As to your attempted diversion, the answer is obviously yes. A soldier's job is to serve, not to question.

    Propaganda is used in every recruitment, including that of the Nazis, who believed they were fighting for a greater good. If you forgive Rwandan soldiers, you must also forgive Nazi soldiers.

    If you're capable of understanding that, why can't you understand that I wasn't making any disparaging comments about Muslims, but rather an ideology? It's like saying that war is immoral but understanding the good and the gray that exists among its practitioners. Now, if you say that the Iraq war is immoral, for instance, you might piss off quite a few servicemen and women who fought bravely and justly. Does that mean you intended to insult them? Does it mean that you were criticizing them, rather than their war? No, of course it doesn't.

    Just like me saying that fundamentalist Islam is poison is not a reflection upon its practitioners. Except to say, perhaps, that they've been poisoned.

    If my statement that fundamentalist (I didn't say conservative, notice; that's another lie of yours) Islam is a poison is "lumping them all under the same banner," then so is your comment that the Rwandan genocide was immoral. You can't have it both ways, Bells.

    Obviously, you're only willing to see nuance when it suits you, and you completely ignore it when it suits you, as well.

    And I guess broad generalizations are okay, so long as they're positive. :shrug:
  19. Bells Staff Member

    I do not believe you are so stupid as to not get what I meant.

    Well considering you are pushing to discuss something from years ago, so you can whine about how you were mistreated, what else am I supposed to think?

    What fence?

    Tell that to Switzerland.

    A soldier is someone who is a part of the military. If I were to use your definition, then when a country is not at war, it has no soldiers. Which would be silly.

    Is it?

    So what happens when there is no war? Or are you suggesting we live in a continuous state of war?

    I answered the question. What part of it did you not quite grasp? It depends on the war and the soldier's role in said war. It is not such a black and white answer. Perhaps that is solely how you operate, but life outside of this forum is not set in black and white. Not all soldiers are immoral. The greater majority are not.

    And yet, many do question and act outside of their orders to do good or perform good acts to save people. If we were to take your stance, then those soldiers are not good soldiers.

    Who says I have?

    That depends Balerion. If you go to a funeral of a dead soldier and say that war is immoral or soldiers are immoral for taking part in such an immoral war, then you could find yourself thrown out on your backside for lacking in sensitivity and the ability to understand that there is a time and a place for certain things, and walking into such a situation to vent your beliefs is not always the done thing.

    If I were to apply your comment to this latest thing you have a need to discuss. I would come out and say that the armed services are a poison to society and then express shock when soldiers in said armed services found it insulting. I would then be like you and say 'well, that only applies to the ultra conservative ones because they are the bad ones', while disregarding the many conservative soldiers who are good soldiers. In other words, not every conservative Muslim is as you tried to portray them in that thread.
    I dare you to walk into a Mosque and say that Fundamentalist Islam is a poison to society and tell me how well that pans out for you. Since what you say is not a reflection on the practitioners of Islam, then you should have nothing to worry about.

    You are saying you didn't say conservative?

    [Emphasis mine]

    As for the Rwandan genocide.. It was immoral. But not all the Hutu's were, as the majority saved a lot of people. If I were to use your style of commentary or your ideology, then I would say all Hutu's are immoral, but the reality is that the greater majority were not. The greater majority helped save countless of people by hiding them and sneaking them out of harm's way, usually to their own detriment.

    In regards to Islam, you said that Islamic supremacism/reactionaries/conservativism/fundamentalism (whichever term) is - a poison to society. My response to you remains the same. The majority of Muslims who are conservatives are not reactionaries or fundamentalists. But you lumped them all under the one banner.

    I don't think you even know what the word means.

    Because you view things as being very black and white, with no inbetween. Like your comment that war is what makes a soldier a soldier. There are countless of countries who have armed forces who have never seen 'war' or been to war. If we were to take you seriously, then those soldiers are no longer soldiers, because in your mind, they can only be soldiers if they go to war. Which frankly is downright stupid.
  20. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    no more like the woman queen, men are starving for here. So they please her foolishness.
  21. quinnsong Valued Senior Member

    Hmmm, maybe we should change the title thread to Bashing of Bells instead of Banning Of Balerion. Carry on!
  22. wegs Matter and Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

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  23. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member


    Bells, good day. Glad to see you are still happy and healthy enough to Post.l

    In your previous Post, directed at me, dmoe, you stated : quote - "...then I guess it's all open slather." - unquote.

    Bells, I ,dmoe, am somewhat bemused by that statement - I fully understand the definition of "slather" - but I was under the impression that you, Bells, were one of the Major Technicians that preferred to apply it so often and so "thickly".

    Bells, would you deign to clarify that statement : quote - "...then I guess it's all open slather." - unquote, for me, please?

    BTW, Will I, dmoe, always be waiting or antici.............pating, your Posting of "PROOF" OF A MODERATOR ISSUED WARNING TO ME or of an apology?

    Just wondering, and please continue to have a wonderful day!
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