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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Saturnine Pariah, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. Bells Staff Member

    You started going on about how the Jews control the media, and thus, the media's report of certain matters will be skewed. You then went on and linked sites that are holocaust denial sites (Such as your David Duke video) and then had the temerity to be offended when everyone refused to take you seriously.

    Again, I will not apologise for moderating you in that thread. I asked you repeatedly to stop and you just kept on posting the same conspiracy theories that were anti-semitic. You can try and give me the genetic definition of "Semite" as much as you want, but all of us who were unfortunate enough to have to put up with your display know full well what you were saying when you started linking holocaust denial twats like David Duke, that perpetuate the ridiculous anti-semitic conspiracy theories, such as the Jews control the media. Since you demand attention to why I warned you in that thread... A reminder of what you claimed in that thread:

    If you feel hard done by, then I would suggest you ask the administrator's to review the posts in question.

    And really, claiming that calling Assad a mass murderer is anti-semitic...

    Those straws must be grasped I guess. Good luck with your complaint to the administrators in light of what you posted in that thread.
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  3. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Bells, greetings and salutations to you also. and again, hope you are having a beautiful day.
    Nice to be able to still be one of the objects of your evident biases and intellect and imagination, and to see that they are still in top form.

    Bells, I will once again, apologize for offending your sensibilities, and must again say that I am profusely sorry for anything that I, dmoe, did that in any way shape or form created them.
    I only hope that you can accept my apology - for there is not much else that I, dmoe, can do to alleviate your obvious suffering.

    Bells, please continue to live your life as you please, for is that not all that you can ask for?

    Again, I hope that you and yours are having, and always continue to have many happy and wonderful days.
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  5. quinnsong Valued Senior Member

    Is that sarcasm I see running down your chin? Drip, Drip, Drip.........
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  7. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member


    quinnsong, good day to you also.

    I perhaps let a little into my second sentence :
    - Nice to be able to still be one of the objects of your evident biases and intellect and imagination, and to see that they are still in top form. -

    However, quinnsong, everything else that I Posted was honest and sincere.

    As i tried to explain to you in an earlier discussion with you, I am new to all this "virtual conversation" stuff.
    I do not presume or assume peoples thoughts/views/religions/ideals or any of their "isms" in the real world so I do not do it in the "virtual" world. Note the use of the word "evident", in my, as you put it, -"...sarcasm... running down...chin? Drip, Drip, Drip..." - sentence ^^above^^.
    Since I do not personally know Bells, and have never related to her "face to face", all I have to go on is what little "evidence" that I am able to garner from her Posts.

    quinnsong, if anyone - guess I should actually say, most anyone - on these Posts were to actually personally get to know me in the "real world", they would know that I was not in fact any of the "isms" that I have been repeatedly called, or guilty of any of the allegations or accusations that have been thrust upon me, again, repeatedly.

    When I am unsure of another postings words or intent, I Post and ask - for instance I, dmoe, would have placed a "?" at the end of your Post #143 ^^above^^ - but that is just me. I do not demand or expect the same discipline of other Posters that I demand and expect of myself.

    quinnsong, how am I "supposed" or "expected" to reply to, or apologize for things that ; 1.) I do not feel that I am honestly and truly guilty of: 2.) or has it been in any way proven that I am guilty of; 3.) nor was of my actual intention in the first place?

    quinnsong, if you accidentally or inadvertently or unintentionally step on another persons toes in a crowd - does that prove you immediately guilty of being a harborer of "toe-stepper-onner-ism", and that for all of your life prior to and after the event you were and will always be a proven "toe-stepper-onner-ist"?

    I have repeatedly tried to apologize for any and all of my true transgressions against Bells, sincerely and honestly to the best of my ability - what more can I do?

    quinnsong, take care, have a good day and I hope that your Husband and yourself (off-springs too, if any!?) can finish out his Air Force career without any major military caused physical or emotional hardships.

    BTW - quinnsong - no "sarcasm (you) see running down (my) chin? Drip, Drip, Drip..." in this Post - honesty and sincerity only.
  8. quinnsong Valued Senior Member

    If you have been wronged then it will surely show in future posts as well as prior posts. Historical evidence will be your friend if it is not already.

    Frankly, I was confused by some of your postings in the Syrian farce thread and thought you might be a white supremacist, so I can see why Bells drew that conclusion. Speaking for myself, if you say that was not your intent and that you are not a white supremacist or any other ism, then I will take your word for it.

    Now stop apologizing( once is enough) because it comes off as sarcasm.

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    Bells may never except your apology, so best to move on.

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    Also, I am sorry to hear you are in ICU and hope all turns out well for you!

    BTW we are Army and thanks for the nice thought.
  9. Undefined Banned Banned

    Hi Balerion. Mate, if you re-read what I have said on that aspect, I think you will find I specifically limited the offer/acceptance of such blanket apologies to between those involved in this particular fracas involving Bells and you and anyone else who has 'baggage' to shed between same. So no apologies to me or for my acceptance are asked for by me at all in this instance.

    My only 'involvement' to date has been as observer and 'short-circuiting suggestion' maker, as per my initial post.

    Again, I stress that my role in this instance is to humbly and impartially suggest/observe as I have done already. Any further comment from me will be determined by whether you and Bells (and any others involved in the 'baggage wars' which have led to this particular situation/thread) will offer/accept blanket apologies as suggested.

    So, Balerion, everyone involved, since I myself am not involved in this particular instance, I am not in any position to 'accept' any such apologies, since I am not affected either way by either 'side' in this. I remain humbly impartial as an observer only, and any apologies offered/accepted must be between those involved, and not involving me.

    I only said I would see who did and did not intend to start afresh as suggested. That will tell me (and every other observer) which of those involved is reasonable or not. It starts now, and any apologies offered/accepted between all you involved here will start the clock again as far as I, as an impartial humble observer in future, am concerned.

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    So, to be clear: no need to apologize to me for anything, Balerion, Bells et al. I am only suggesting/observing as indicated. No more, no less. Good luck to you all in your decisions from now on!

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  10. Bells Staff Member

    Okay, you keep demanding I apologise for my warning you in that thread and accusing me of bias towards you. Let me be clear, I don't know you, have only read the few posts I have come across in the threads you and I participate in and all I know of you is from what you post. I do not have a bias towards you. You keep demanding I respond to you about that thread and when I do, you accuse me of bias. There was a reason why I stopped responding to you in the other thread. It is because a) you did not make much sense and b) I did not want to give you even more of a platform than you felt you already deserved, because of what you were posting. So you can consider this my last response to you in this thread as well.

    As for offending my sensibilities. This was not in question. There was a reason why one in that thread called you Hitler and advised that you were going on their ignore list. It is because you were ranting about one of the biggest anti semitic stereotypes that is often used to abuse and insult Jews. You also broke the rules of this site:

    So it is not me you should be apologising to, Sir.
  11. Undefined Banned Banned

    Hi Bells, Balerion and all others involved in this instance.

    This is why I suggested a NON-specific blanket apology between you all (and to anyone else who may have been involved incidently/generally).

    If we keep insisting that each and every 'specific of the past' item of 'baggage' be covered, then you all will never end this feuding on old baggage treadmill of tit-for-tat exchanges (reminds me of how the mess in the Middle East has lasted so long!).

    Let all involved in this instance make/accept a blanket apology TO EACH OTHER GENERALLY so you all move on to a fresh start between yourselves. Yes?

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    Good luck and good thinking/discussing to you all in future!
  12. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Again, Bells, good day to you.
    Excuse me for not having years of experience on this Forum.

    I, dmoe, have seen posts where Moderators intervened and Issued Warnings - Those Posts can clearly not be mistaken as anything but what they are.

    Your Posts to me never Stated that they were Moderated Issued Warnings or in fact seemed in any way to be similar to Warnings I saw Posted either before or since.
    And, as I have mentioned before, were or are you the Moderator in that Forum?

    In your Post #147 ^^above^^, you claim that I broke the "Hate Speech" Rule!
    If I did indeed engage in "Hate Speech", would you please contact the Forum Administrator and have me immediately Banned, preferably permanently!

    The "Hate speech and stereotyping" Rules you Posted ^^above^^ seem very straightforward and Fair to me.
    As long as they are equally applied and enforced, I have no problems at all with them.

    Bells, again, If I had not been called out and accused by other Posters "Rants" or questions I would not have had to defend myself - in all honesty, I would probably not have mentioned that issue again.

    Bells, obviously you are even more deserving of a platform than myself, that is evidenced across this whole Forum.

    Bells, I have no problem with your Post #147 being your "last response to (me. dmoe) in this thread as well."

    I will however, have a Problem if you, Bells, do not immediately instigate the proceedings necessary to have me Permanently Banned for violating the Rules regarding "Hate Speech".
    I have participated in either the prosecutions side or the defense side in quite a few proceedings relating to "Hate Speech" under Federal, State and the Uniform Code of Military Justice Rules.

    I know very well where my guilt or innocence of those allegations stand.

    Bells, you have never intimidated me in any way - whether you have tried, only you know for sure.
    Nothing you have done or said has ever or will ever bother me in any significant way.

    So...please begin the prior mentioned actions.

    Bells, once again, please may you and your family continue to enjoy this beautiful planet.

    Good night.

    p.s.- who should I be apologizing to - you never stated ?!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2013
  13. Gerry Nightingale Banned Banned

    In reply to rpenner, re: your #61 post.

    Psalms 119; 97.

    #6 not to "piss off...Me.

    (Thanks for reading!)
  14. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    So you're saying even the Army thinks you're a racist? Or were you just one of those crazies borrowing army time, army uniforms and creepy thin moustaches to go around base preaching ancient fairy tales?
  15. Motor Daddy Valued Senior Member

    Better to be pissed off than pissed on.

    (Thanks for reading!)

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