BB is an incomplete theory . A System Universe is more complete.

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by river, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. river

    BB ( the big bang theory) is an incomplete theory towards our understanding of our Universe .

    It is two dimensional based , a point of energy , which came from nothing . Which is impossible .

    In a System Universe , a three dimensional system universe , is based on the different states of energy and matter ; from the Cosmic Plasma , to the Superfluid of extreme cold .

    Of which both and all states in between are always present , always have been .

    Hence both give energy to the other .
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  3. river

    Dark energy and matter is explained this way in this theory .

    Neither gives off light energy . Nor heat .

    Hence Both reside in the Cold superfluid .
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  5. globali Registered Senior Member

    any idea how to prove it?
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  7. river

    It has already been done .

    You can't see , this form of energy/matter , it is not electromagnetic in form
  8. river

    The Cosmic Web , is where this extreme cold superfluid exists .

    It's where protons and electrons form a magnetic interaction at the closest can be towards each other . With faster than light speed . Without becoming electromagnetic energy .

    Magnetic field is of both polarties , + & - .


    Energy needs less space to exist than does matter . Because matter is the expansion of energy . Hence it is matter formation that expands space .
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  9. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    Insofar as you know it's impossible.
  10. river


    Reason it out .

    Nothing is the absolute opposite of something , in all of somethings energy , physical ( matter ) forms .

    Which means nothing can never have a physical form , ever
  11. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    Why would the universe be constrained to what you can comprehend?
  12. river

    The Universe is not constrained by what I understand .

    It is the idea of nothing , which constrains the fundamental understanding of the Universe .

    Because the foucus of the Universe is based on , non-existence , rather than something , actual existence .( Which is three dimensional ) .

    Nothing is fundamentally non-dimensional .
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  13. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Yes. Nobody has ever claimed that theory is "complete" for understanding our universe.

    Why two-dimensional? Where did you get that idea from?

    Also, you speak as if you think energy is a substance. It isn't.

    So what? There's no detail in that statement. It's an empty assertion.

    That's not an explanation.

    You haven't even established the existence of this Cold superfluid of which you speak. Nor have you explained what it is.

    What's a cosmic web?

    Show me the maths.

    What? A magnetic field has a three-dimensional direction, not two "polarities".

    Energy needs zero space to exist. It isn't a substance that takes up space.

    Energy is an accounting device - a number. How can a number expand into anything?

    That's disproven by observation. No general ongoing creation of new matter is observed in space.
  14. ForrestDean Registered Senior Member

    The "big bang theory" is based purely on the assumption that the entire Universe is, and always has existed exclusively within the context of three physical dimensions plus time, and that all matter, therefore, originated within the context of this model. This model of the Universe would therefore seem to imply that in the beginning, before the so-called "big bang", the Universe was characterised by what amounts to a pre-existent void of three dimensional nothingness, or potentiality, which subsequent to the big bang event suddenly became populated with the constituents of matter, followed later by its galaxies, stars, planets, moons, comets, and other myriad residual cosmic material to the extent it has been identified, named and documented.

    This three dimensional Newtonian model of the Universe, plus the arbitrary concept of "time", completely fails to take to account the possibility or even probability of levels of higher vibratory frequencies of Energy, far beyond the capability of scientific instruments to identify and therefore to measure it.

    Scientists happily accept the fact that the fundamental medium of the Universe is Energy, the primary characteristic of which is vibration as measured by frequency. But why then would vibration suddenly cease to exist beyond a certain level, a level that just happens to correspond with the outer limits of the anyway infinitely limited scope of modern physical scientific instruments and therefore the ability to measure frequency?

    "Out of sight, out of mind" perhaps?

    Absence of evidence does not equate to evidence of absence.

    Vibration, frequency, also encompasses scientifically measurable non-physical forms of Energy such as photons of light, including the visible spectrum of color, the non-visible spectrum including but not limited to ultraviolet, infrared, radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and so on, to the extent these can be detected and measured using physical instruments of some type.

    When we look at this logically, it immediately becomes apparent that vibration simply cannot and does not cease to exist at the point at which it can no longer be measured, but rather simply reflects the limitations of human-made physical scientific instruments in measuring vibration beyond a certain frequency of Energy.

    When honestly and sincerely seeking the nature of something as fundamental as reality itself, an out of sight, out of mind approach is hopelessly flawed, quite simply because it only takes account of a very, very tiny subset of the potential data, which just happens to be instrumentally measurable, while ignoring everything else.

    This, of course, has always been the case throughout history, with scientific models and understanding always being strictly limited by the very nature of the instruments available. A couple of hundred years ago diseases were attributed to all manner of spurious causes, including but not limited to witchcraft, demons, evil spirits, and wrath of God, but only because bacteria and later viruses had not been observed and identified, and therefore could not be factored in to the practice of medicine at that period.

    In reality, this is an ongoing process, with scientific models, educational and research framework always being based upon the contemporary technology available for scientific measurement. So this is an infinite and completely futile process that can never be resolved with an absolute answer.

    As I similarly stated in another thread regarding evolution, Science is an endless series of corrected mistakes and false, flawed assumptions, because no physical scientific instrument can ever even begin to measure or take account of the infinitely higher frequencies of Energy and Life beyond the physical universe.

    Plain and simple, to assume that the three dimensional Universe of matter encompasses all reality with nothing beyond, simply because it cannot be detected by current technology, is no different at all to those scientists of just a few centuries ago who believed that the Earth is flat, and was also the center of both the solar system and Universe. Those scientists were no less correct than contemporary physical sciences, for the same fundamental reasons.

    For example, scientists still cannot understand why, if there was actually a so-called "big bang" originating from somewhere within what is now considered to be the three-dimensional material Universe, that the entire observable and measurable Universe exhibits a very similar ambient temperature throughout. Surely if the big bang had originated some point within the known physical Universe, considerable temperature fluctuations might be expected to be observed, relative to the distance of the point of measurement, Earth, from this original primordial, explosive, extremely energetic, massively heat generating event.

    Well, the reason this is not observed is quite simply this.

    The origin of this original creative event was not of some arbitrary point located within a notional pre-existent three-dimensional void just waiting to be filled with matter, but rather originated at infinitely higher levels of Energy, far, far beyond the possible scope of the measurement potential of physical scientific instruments to measure such an event.

    This event originated at the very core, Source, of All Creation, at the very highest frequency of Energy, radiating uniformly outwards from the epicenter, the Source.

    So then, as this uniform, immense radiation of Energy with infinite potential continued to radiate outwards from its Source, the vibratory frequency of this Native Universal Energy progressively slowed, and as it did so the potential of the Energy became increasingly coarser and denser as it radiated away from its Source. Finally, the vibratory frequency of this Native Universal Energy of infinite potential slowed to the point that facilitated the potential for Energy to differentiate into what humans and mainstream material science recognize as matter with all its constituent elements under the process of observation. In quantum mechanics, this differentiation is described as native Energy as a waveform collapsing into particle form under observation.

    A good metaphor for the process of the potential for Energy to notionally differentiate to matter under observation is the slowing down of the vibratory frequency of water molecules through the process of cooling. Eventually, as the vibratory frequency of molecules of water slows to a certain point, zero degrees Celsius assuming the water is pure, it changes its structure from liquid water form into the solid water known as ice.

    The quantum physicist David Bohm recognized this behavior in the context of Native Universal Energy when he referred to the nature of the physical universe of matter as "frozen light".

    So the big bang did not and could not have chaotically originated at some random point within a notional pre-existent three-dimensional void waiting to be filled with stars, planets and other cosmic material before subsequently radiating across this notional three dimensional void of space.
  15. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    "which constrains YOUR fundamental understanding of the Universe"

    You are a bag of protoplasm on a small, unimportant planet revolving around a unimportant star in a medium-sized galaxy in one of many superclusters. The universe doesn't care what you want to know.
  16. river

    Go back to my first post .

    Energy is a substance , it exists .

    Because energy is based on the movement , of physical things .


    Where energy , the super cold , flows , it has no eletromagnetic form .

    The two polarities , which are three dimensional within themselves , give direction to the magnetic field

    Where does this logic produce any existence of anything ?
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  17. river

    To your last statement , Agreed

    To your second last statement

    So close , not frozen light , but captured , confined , light energy .

    Matter confines light energy .

    Because matter has mass .
  18. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    And it turns into thermal energy.
  19. river


    Is absoluetly a part of any physical and energy thing .
  20. river

    Its not about new matter being created but about the expansion of space because of matter expansion .

    All matter needs a minimum of space in which to manifest . To expand .
  21. river

    Because energy has become matter . Matter vibrates .

    Matter also has magnetic and rotational movement .

    Energy has become matter .
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  22. river

    The formation of matter comes about when Cosmic Web meets other cosmic web , filaments , birkeland currents .

    They twist , rotate , collide .

    Hence Galaxies , Quasars are formed .

    The more these filaments , Birkeland currents are assosicated together the more energy Galaxies and Quasars have .

    A Birkeland current usually refers to the electric currents in a planet's ionosphere that follows magnetic field lines (ie field-aligned currents), and sometimes used to described any field-aligned electric current in a space plasma. ... Birkeland currents often show filamentary, or twisted "rope-like" magnetic structure.

    Not only to a planets ionosphere but also to a Galaxies rotation .
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  23. globali Registered Senior Member

    unfortunately we can't agree or even disagree with you because there is absolutely no scientific rigor in your arguments or statements.
    Since you obviously are a philosophical person who likes to think about nature, i think its a big pity you didn't pursue a scientific career, so you can learn how science is done. It seems that you missed the first seasons of a show and you just started watching directly from the 6th season, two episodes before the end.

    Your statements have the same value as poetry, or as the lyrics of a song. They might be true or not (i am not qualified to judge that), but even if they are true and somebody makes a theory out of them, it is highly unlikely that you are going to get any credit, because you don't back up your arguments. There is no scientific rigor here. Unless you don't care, you just wanna share your thoughts anyway, which is fine.

    A poet might have guessed a truth in a poem, but that doesn't make him a scientist or a discoverer.
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