Being "saved" (is extremely annoying)

Discussion in 'Religion' started by seekeroftheway, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Roman Banned Banned

    So it's ok for you to knock their beliefs, but it's not ok for them to knock yours?
    Fucking hypocrite.
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  3. Sci-Phenomena Reality is in the Minds Eye Registered Senior Member

    Yea Stryder, you've got to keep an eye out for the religious fanatics who "know they are right." You can imagine how badly Im suffocating here in Utah with all the fascist mormons living about!

    I used to be mormon, then I started thinking... Now that Ive left the mormon church all I get now is glares and bitchy silence from all those who were once my "friends." Its a form of soffocation that the mormon church likes to put its ex-members through, fuck those bastards!!!

    The mormons claim to be the "only true church." And they claim to want to "strengthen the family," but when a mormon starts smoking a little pot, he is disband and as good as fucked until he moves out of this godforsaken state of Utah.

    PS Im now in that position, anyone want to donate so I can get the fuck out of here?
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  5. draqon Banned Banned

    Utah sounds fun...from what you say here.
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  7. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self... Registered Senior Member


    Um, no, I debate and tell them what my point of view on their religion is and they get really pissed off and tell me I'm wrong. I've tried to give them all sorts of stuff about my religion and they always turn it down. I consider it debate, but they always take it too seriously, now I find it amusing. They can knock my religion all they like, I enjoy it, when did I say they couldn't?
  8. Carcano Valued Senior Member

    Very simple. First, find out if they are indeed true christians by having them complete the following bible quiz list:

    If they can pass these tests of bible knowledge the next step is to test their faith - escort them to the nearest body of water and toss them in with weights tied to their feet. If their faith is strong God will prevent them from sinking.

    If not, well...they were going to hell anyway right?
  9. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self... Registered Senior Member

    Carcano, you're a genius. Know where I can get any anti God weights?
  10. Penny Lane Registered Member

    oh shit... i've slipped into the eighth circle of hell! lol... i'm malicious, fraudulent and panderous! what the fuck? whatever, I'm a pagan... hell, I don't even believe in hell...
  11. Finsnuffle Registered Member

    I took the test. I got into purgatory. Funny thing is, I'm a multi-denomationalist mystic. I should be going to the City of Dis for heresy, or worse.

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  12. ecclesiastes Registered Senior Member

    it once occured to me before but i had forgotten....Jesus was Asian

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    (yeah ok before anyone starts off im asian and christian too so there)
  13. hug-a-tree Live the life Registered Senior Member

    I have dealt with these people. I've had a protestant girl trying to save me before while she was over at my house. I was sort of offended since I go to church way more then her and I'm not even her religion. But I guess she meant well.
  14. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self... Registered Senior Member

    My friends all mean well too, but I still feel disrespected because in meaning well, they think they're religion is right and mine is wrong.
  15. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    The only time someone came to me and asked if I wanted to be saved I started to speak in evil tongues and drool with buggy eyes. Since then, nobody has dared to approach me for that purpose ever again.
  16. LeeDa Danger! Read with caution. Registered Senior Member

    /me approachs truthseeker to "save him"
  17. Victor E Registered Senior Member

    I'd like some Jehovas to visit me sometime, I got a good answer:

    "Aha, so you're from Jehovas! That's a christian sect, isn't it? I actually got a bible besides the koran in my bookshelf..."

    No, but seriously, I've been speaking to some christians, and what irritates me most is that a lot of christians (of course not everyone) are very, very ignorant. They REFUSE to listen to my arguments and answers with things like "but I believe that". How can you argue with someone that comes with such useless replies?

    I respect some religious people though, those who has arguments for their religions.

    I still wait for someone which I can talk religion with on a serious level. Sometimes it's feels like I'm talking to a small child when I'm talking to a christian - they just refuses to listen to logics and can't come up with own ideas and arguments.

    And yeah, I'm an atheist.
  18. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self... Registered Senior Member

    "But why?"

    "Because the Bible said so."

    "How do you know the Bible's right?"

    "The Bible said so."

    This is the reply I get, and then they get mad at me when I keep pressing the point. They'd be total hypocrites to say something like "don't believe everything you read", which a lot of them do.

    The other thing that bugs me is this whole stem cell research issue. They just know embryo has something to do with child in womb, so they think it's killing children by default.

    It's not.

    An embryo is a container inside which the fetus grows, the embryo helps supply the fetus with nutrients, and, primarily, stem cells.

    Stem cells are cells that are, upon entry into the fetus, "programmed" with a certain purpose. Once they're programmed, they fill out that purpose. They may become heart cells, lung cells, spinal cord cells, muscle tissue, anything needed to comprise the baby.

    What Stem cell research is trying to do is take embryo's that haven't programmed their stem cells yet, so you can program the cells yourself to do a certain thing. What this will accomplish is that when someone has had a fire accident and part of their anatomy is burned off, stem cells can grow it back. If someone suffers a spinal cord injury, we can remove the damaged spinal cord and literally grow back a new one. This could, quite frankly, be a cure for cancer, the medical properties of this, if we pull it off, are profound. And I personally would rather save a life than replace it.
  19. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    What would you like to talk about?
    (I'm not religious, though)
  20. Carcano Valued Senior Member

    In my own experience the conversation goes something like this...

    Question: How do you know this God exists?

    Answer: Because the Bible says so.

    Question: How do you know the Bible is correct?

    Answer: Because its the word of God.

    Note the circular self-referential buffoonery of their argurment? :bugeye: A total poverty of integrity.
    Last edited: May 9, 2006
  21. Arete Guest

    I got sixth level also. It said I had extreme hertic. I just laugh at how christians talk about how god is mercyful and loving and then sends people who simply disagree to be eternaly tortured. Absolute bullcrap
  22. Victor E Registered Senior Member

    Well, I usually speak to them about some very intresting parts in the bible, parts which they explain with "but it's outdated!".. Also I speak some about what the christians caused in the community, and I don't get a lot of answers there either.

    Well, guess I should just ignore all christians/muslims/jews/etc. and let them die out all by themselves.
  23. thedevilsreject Registered Senior Abuser Registered Senior Member

    oh dear i went the 5th level which cannot be good

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