"Beyond Good and Evil"

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by MISSunderstanding@, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. P. M. Thorne Registered Senior Member

    Gendanken: "God, you're such a little Christian- can't say fuck, cunt, or order chicken-fried-baby around you people."

    I knew you would like that!

    Gendanken: But I'll leave you alone, professional courtesy.

    Oh my goodness!

    Gendanken: Headnoise ok..... but for Spinoza?

    How about I say that you perhaps you judged too quickly? You suppose that might be a possibility?

    Gendanken: I had no clue Durant was influenced by Spinoza. Who'd a thunk?

    Durant was not the only one. Shelly loved Spinoza, and Lord Byron was to write a preface to Treatise on Religion and the State; however Byron's death prevented it. Lessing liked Spinoza. Goethe reportedly said that his was precisely the philosophy that his deepening soul had yearned. (Of course, we modern folk are far too in-the-know to speak in such a manner.) Coleridge and Wordsworth liked him also. Kissinger said that Spinoza and Kant influenced him the most, and that puzzles me. Kant I understand, but why would Kissinger be so influenced by Spinoza. Guess I do not know Kissinger.
    But I do not measure Spinoza by the opinions of others. I knew none of this when his words impacted me to joyful tears.

    Gendanken: No, schizophrenics really do develop this condition where they have to keep writing, and keep writing and writing and writing and talking to themselves as they write, called hypergraphia.

    I suppose you are saying, "they can develop...." as I have known quite a few, and I never noticed this trait that you mention, but then I should have read a book about it, huh, I mean besides "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden?" I think that was about schizophrenia. I know it is a misunderstood affliction, that has to do with hearing and seeing things that we "normal" folks do not, and that it is far more common than most folks think, or is it?
    I do not trust labels. When I was around those people, I would wonder if maybe they were "tuning into another diminsion, or something." A friend of mine used to run a halfway house for people from two menal institutions. I would say that at least a third of them were thus diagnosed. In your description above, would that not be similar to Van Gogh's last days, when he became so obsessed?

    “ Gendanken wrote: "No shit. its only when opinions concur that we call things 'good'. A sham is life, a tale told by an idiot."

    The sham is life, yes, original. The tale told by an idiot is Shakesperean. (Macbeth)


    Gendanken: Uhm..dude, no I don't.

    I am not a dude; never have been!

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    Gendanken: Good, then it awaits.

    Oh brother! The last two days have been a bit trying, but all better now. I passed answering this last night, because I wanted to go there first, but then I was sidetracked, and never got back. So, tonight, I thought I had best answer this before it became lost in history, or something like that.
    I doubt that I will do much more tonight. It is 11:28pm here.

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  3. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Like *flips hair* whatever.

    More like you mistakenly taking it as a tounge lashing, for which it was not but scattered lacteal fluid- I should have made myself clearer.

    In saying this:

    I was looking to guage something I call an O.Q- that's a wannabe (myself) trying to be fancy with the jargon, all it really stands for is Obssessive Quotient.

    The use of the word 'anymore' in the way option b has it falls on my ear askance and even though outwardly it seems I have gotten over it, inside I am obsessing about it, figuring out some kind of algorithm as to why it does not make sense or sound right.

    The saying goes that one can't keep birds from landing on one's head, but we have all the power in the world to keep them from bulding a nest on it- Poe's nameless narrator and Raskolnikov have nests and nests bulding up on their bald spots- hyperactive kernels. Are you this way is what I am asking?

    If so, both you and myself would devour ourselves when given the chance to kill a human life we don't give a shit about. Really. That's the irony.

    Perhaps. I usually do so when bored. Or looking to start something.

    Dude, I know. I call everyone a dude regarless of gender when not calling them some disease with a cute name.


    Its been well documented:

    But you've piqued my curiousity- "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden", poem, song, novel, what? What is it? And how is it about schizophrenia?
    I've looked and looked- zilch.
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  5. Fenris Wolf Banned Banned

    Hmm. difficult to answer really isn't it. I think I might be, but then... I am able to put things completely out of my mind which others might deem important until forcibly reminded in some manner - eg, the family thing. Most of the time I don't think of them at all - whereas others might be chewing the fingernails down to the bone out of guilt. Obviously we're talking something a little more serious here, but I doubt I'd feel it as much... I cannot vouch for "at all".

    If the "Rose Garden" thing is the song, I can't see how it relates to Schizphrenia, PMT. Unless you're speaking of something completely different.
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  7. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    No, I don't think you'd feel a tinge of guilt. None at all, neither would I. It would be moreso like the small mouse gnawing in the background that I've mentioned earlier, a furry little black piece of shit that just won't shut up.
    Self preservation and an insatible curiosity really- not guilt.

    I really do need to start a thread on this shit.
    Tempus, tempus fugit.
  8. robtex Registered Senior Member

    No it does not become meanless because there is still a society and a sense of community. Without out the cooperative effort of doing good for your neigbor consistantly we would struggle as a species. A really tidy example is nuturing of children. When we are born we are completely helpless. Why a mother's ablitity to nutrue is partially innate (instinctually inclined) much of child rearing is good morally speaking. If we abandoned the concept as a society of child rearing many, many children would die in infanthood without outside care. Also, as we are commnunal in nature (or by design) the existance of evil I would consider to be anti-communal. With the existance of evil in great abundance communal existance would not be possible thus decreasing our population and ablity to survive into future generations.

    The existance of a universal set of moral (universal morality) is theorized by some as the manefestation of divinity but if the univere is free of divinity (as in there is no God) morality would be neccessary for the survival and propogation of man as a species as we are communal by design.
  9. P. M. Thorne Registered Senior Member

    FENRIS WOLF: If the "Rose Garden" thing is the song, I can't see how it relates to Schizphrenia, PMT. Unless you're speaking of something completely different.

    Naw! I was referring to the book by the same title. ~Pmt
  10. P. M. Thorne Registered Senior Member

    ROBTEX: Then, perhaps you see the point in living in a way that makes the most sense, right? It is similar, I think, to making a chair. If it is made sensibly, one can sit on it.

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  11. Forceman May the force be with you Registered Senior Member

    Most without a high statute don't get relocated around the world, as if there is an absolute to reach an actual teacher who can tell whether high statutes don't matter to any mustering of left alone matters , the real only matter is real or not rather than absolute or unteachable to the mass without high fives ; things that don't matter to left alone people or right - minded people.

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