Bubble Theory Again... Revenge Of The Bubble

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by Pincho Paxton, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Pincho, please be sure to tell us when you get your Ph.D. in psychology. I assume you are conducting an experiment to evaluate the reaction of participants on forums when they are faced with infantile, garbled brain farts. I am intrigued to know what results you have seen and how you will interpret them. If they are published in other than your thesis, please let us know the citation.
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  3. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    @Pincho --

    Imagining doesn't mean shit. I can imagine what you say, I can also imagine that the universe and all that exists was created by a Giant Space Duck who feeds on the electromagnetic fields of planets, this doesn't make it so.
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  5. Pincho Paxton Banned Banned

    But then you have added parts, and the idea is to remove all of the parts, and then evolve them. Remove every duck that science has added.. thousands of them, and then start from scratch. No G duck, no singularity duck, no inflation duck, I am removing the ducks. You just want the easy route, I want the hard route. Do you think I added the web in the bubble from imagination? No that is created by spherical stacking. Spherical stacking means that only 12 sphere can touch 1 sphere. If the central sphere is under pressure, there are 12 escape routes. But it is unlikely that the pressure would be exactly equal on all sides, and that creates 6 escape routes in 2D, and that's a hexagon, and 6 hexagon lines to a bubble membrane is web shaped, and also electron orbit shaped, and snowflake shaped, and hand, and feet, and body shaped. You evaluate the shape from the kissing problem, and you don't just add it by imagination.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2011
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  7. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    There is only ONE duck!
  8. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Sounds like back peddling.

    Firstly = is not 'a check', it is an equivalence relation. Secondly what are you comparing? Distances. The definition of distance is something non-trivial. You define distances using metrics or norms (they are different things!), of which you can pick many for some spaces.

    For instance, suppose you're considering points in 2 dimensions. How far is the point (x,y) from the origin (0,0)? If you use the Euclidean norm it is \(||(x,y)|| = \sqrt{x^{2}+y^{2}}\). If you use the Manhattan norm it is \(||(x,y)|| = |x|+|y|\). If you use the infinity norm it is \(||(x,y)|| = max(|x|,|y|)\). If you use the Lp norm then it is \(||(x,y)|| = (|x|^{p}+|y|^{p})^{\frac{1}{p}}\) (so the L2 norm is the Euclidean one and the L1 norm is the Manhattan one). And this is just a simple case, never mind issues like curved spaces like in general relativity (which is just applied Riemannian geometry).

    Since you no doubt don't understand the general formulas I've just given consider (x,y) = (3,-4). For the L1 norm \(||(3,-4)|| = |3|+|-4| = 3+4 = 7\). For the Euclidean norm \(||(3,-4)|| = \sqrt{3^{2}+(-4)^{2}} = 5\). If it's the infinity norm its \(||(3,-4)|| = max(|3|,|-4|) = 4\).

    So before you can even use the = to 'check' distances you have to define distances. And thus also assumes you're already working in some kind of space, with different directions. Vector spaces are non-trivial mathematical concepts either.

    Furthermore if you're going to have a theory of everything you never to explain where this space comes from. You can't say "This thing is at that point" because 'points' are places in space so you're presupposing space. Loop quantum gravity doesn't presuppose the existence of space-time at all and tries to construct it. In string theory space-time is an ensemble construct due to lots of closed strings. It is possible to construct valid, consistent string dynamics in spaces which do not have the notion of points. Distances are meaningless in such constructs but string theory can still be done in them.

    So while you think you're making no assumptions in terms of mathematics you've actually made a ton of them. The reason why you don't realise it is because you have such a poor mathematical background and you don't realise just how far even basic high school mathematics is from true first principles of logic.

    In the 1910s Russell and Whitehead tried to write a single set of books which developed mathematics from true first principles, called Principia Mathematica. It took over 360 pages for them to develop enough logical structure to show 1+1=2. 360 pages. That is how far even 1+(-1)=0 is from true base axioms.

    Prove it. You accused mpc of just spitting out random posts, let's see you do better.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2011
  9. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    I do love it when someone with genuine expertise systematically takes apart a self deluded moron.

    I equally love having exposed my own deep ignorance of things mathematical. It encourages me to work a little harder at removing that ignorance.

    Executive summary of the above: great post Alpha.
  10. Pincho Paxton Banned Banned

    I love the ignore list!

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  11. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    So Pincho is just sticking his head in the sand and avoiding facing up to mistakes. Proof he's not interested in truth or science or reason or evidence, he just wants to stroke his deluded ego.
  12. Gerhard Kemmerer Banned Banned

    The supposed aether has dual characteristics, and I don't quite see the materials like atoms as holes in it, but a reduction of it, like points where it is simmered or calmed down.

    The universe has those patterns, light producing objects and material, and dark areas that gobble up light and have little material.
  13. Pincho_Paxton Banned Banned

    Some theories are starting to include Black Hole type physics below the Quantum Physics similar to me. This version is part of string theory, and uses corrugated hole structures...

    I cannot post links...

    Google Search...

    Signs of a Stranger, Deeper Side to Nature’s Building Blocks

    I know why they want it to be corrugated, to pass the energy along, but I use rotation to pass the message along, similar to eyes in a way. Our eyes take in the photons, we rotate the eyes to capture those photons, then the message moves to the back. I use rotating particles to capture energy, and pass it along in a hexagonal construction.

    I have seen other uses of black hole particles since I posted. My theory is inevitable, there is only one Universe, and so you will end up using the true mechanics of this Universe, and you will end up with my theory in the end.

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