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    Hi everyone!

    I was wondering, if any of you know what the Military Base in the south of England, near Plymouth is used for. C.S.O.S stands for Composite Signa Organization Station and the weird thing is the following... two years ago I and my friend went camping at Plymouth and in distance we could see Massive Radars so, one night, we got the car and drove down to that area when we found a Massive Military base C.S.O.S with tons of radars and no entrance at all. As I forgot my camera we were going back at the camp when suddenly a military car rushed out of the bushes that surrounded the base and started following us. At the end we fortunately arrived at the camp and the other car drove off. We searched UFO books for that area and we found (unfortunately my friend knows the title of the book, I can't remember it) that is UFO concentrated!!! Well, thanks for your time, and hope to hear form you Soon.

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    ) Ciao From Dan.
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  3. Hmmm... ya, i think i've heard of that base, never been there before though... I think it was that british base, back in the 80's where a ufo had landed and they had sent out soldiers to investigate and some of them never returned... there was also scorch marks in the field where the ufo landed as well as dead cattle in a nearby field and burnt trees. Even if it isn't the same place, it still proves interesting.

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    Ja Ne, Ghost in the Machine
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