Can someone tell me what's the longest word in English dictionary?

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establishmentarian - someone who is trying to or wants to unite the government with the catholic church

disestablishmentarian - someone who is trying to or wants to prevent that

antidisestablishmentarian - someone who opposes the views of disestablishmentarians but does not necessarily agree with establihmentarians

antidisestablishmentarianism - the views of an antidisestablishmentarian

pseudoantidisestablihmentarian - someone who pretends to be an antidisestablihmentarian

pseudoantidisestablihmentarianism - the views of someone pretending to be an antidisestablishmentarian

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pseudoantisemipseudoantidisestablishmentarianistic principles- the principles based on the views of some one pretending to be against the opinion of someone partly against the views of those who pretend to oppose the the position maintained by those against diestablishmenterianism.
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