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Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by Agent@5, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. thed IT Gopher Registered Senior Member

    No. It is patently obvious you absolutely will not change your point of view no matter how many times things are explained. It is you who are hidebound and inflexible. You are not an independant thinker and it was a waste of my time even trying to enter a discourse with you.

    I also don't feed trolls.
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  3. Prosoothus Registered Senior Member


    Welcome back!!!

    You have to understand my point of view. For centuries science has used absolute values to derive their formulas. These absolute values, that everyone can agree upon, are the reason science is where it is today.

    Suddenly, Einstein comes along and says that everything is relative, and that absolute values don't exist. This was hard for me to accept, and I was relieved when people like c'est moi, overdoze, and 137, explained these "relativistic" phenomena using "absolute" physics.

    The fact is, is that I either have to accept that the universe is all relative, or that it is all absolute. To assume that classical mechanics is absolute and relativity is relative at the same time is a contradiction. And since more than 95% percent of the universe obeys "absolute" formulas, I must choose the absolute model.

    I'd also like to thank you and all the other people on these forums including: Crisp, c'est moi, Q, overdoze, 137, and even James, for spending all the time you and others have, responding to my posts. As you suggested before, I am the least educated in physics of all of you, and therefore, I was fortunate to learn more than anyone else in these debates on sciforums. You can't possibly imagine how it sucks when you have an idea, but you don't have anyone to discuss it with.

    You may think that I am hardheaded and unable to change my opinion, but this is not completely true. There have been times where you and others on this forum destroyed my theories with, sometimes, just one sentence. If someone proves that one of my theories is logically flawed, I will be the first person to abandon it. Most of the arguments we have on these forums are not the results of disputed facts, but are the result of different models that can give the same facts.

    Finally, let me say that you shouldn't decide not to participate in a debate just because one or more people in the debate are hardheaded. There a personal gains obtained in debates that are independent of the stuborness or hardeadedness of its participants.

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  5. thed IT Gopher Registered Senior Member


    Please understand my point of view.

    I work full time in a professional job with heavily monitored internet access. Management are unhappy with people spending too much time in the Net. I'm on contract to my national airline who, you might guess, are cash strapped. I also have a young family of 3 kids who take a lot of my time. Spare time is precious commodity to me and I 'teach'/debate physics for fun.

    If some one is willing to learn and can show open mindedness I am willing to try and point them towards better understanding or resources to help. If they are willfully dragging a point out and not showing any willingness to try and understand, I just don't have time to debate every single point and argument.

    FWIW it is good that you are willing to question everything. Science is all about questioning. But before trying to discredit a theory first try and fully understand it.

    If you have problems with the postulates of Relativity, don't even try and tackle Quantum Mechanics. It is even more counterintuitive and defies almost every other aspect of 'classical' physics imaginable. Things can exist in many places at once, they exist in multiple states and recent work on 'entanglement' shows information may travel faster than light.
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  7. Agent@5 Registered Senior Member

    hey.... im not adding to that coz anything i say would just be ignorant!! lol.... but i do lik eyour sig.. you did a lot better than quoting blade runner than i did!!!
  8. JimmyJames Master Jedi Registered Senior Member

    i think he meant why don't you know about this stuff if you are a senior member..... not that it matters... i think you should just read about it in one of those physics for kids books or something like that... don't jump right into quantum physics or relativity before you know who Newton is.

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