can we nuke china now?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by mars13, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. SubZerofusion Registered Member


    Your figures are very outdated. China has 8,000 nukes right now at the lowest estimate, and they have thousands and thousands of ICBMs. Don't believe those figures you saw online. They are very outdated. China can genocide any race they like. They can flatten the whole Europe in a matter of days. Each year China produces at least 1000 nukes secretly and buys at least $350 billions of USA national debts. Last year they bought $350 billions. They have been doing this for so many years. So if you add up the numbers they have been buying, by now it should be even more than $3 trillions. If China stop buying our national debts, our economy will be in big trouble. Millions and millions will lose their jobs, and millions and millions of people will not be able to buy houses, cars, etc.... Most likely China will own us in the future. Our children will become slaves to them, because our politicans are borrowing money at an alarming rate against our children's future, and spending all those money on fighting wars, poverty, etc... not investing these money on our children's future. Our national debt is $8 trillions. Only the national debt interest alone eat away 6% of our GDP each year, while our
    economy only grew 3.5% last year. It takes no brainer we are in mass deficit. Also China produces millions and millions of scientists each year, while we only graduate only thousands. How are we and our future generation are going to compete against China when they produce millions and millions of scientists each year? Soon or later good old USA will die just like Rome. Maybe our country survives another 100 years. That is it. Hopefully, I won't live long enough to see the great nation of ours collapse.
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  3. WhisperBlade Registered Senior Member

    Get a grip. China is pollution more than any other world right now. But what was America, England, France, Russia, or any country doing when they undergo industrial revolution? All countries will polute at one point. But do you know who's REALLY polluting? It is American companies with factories in China that are polluting. If anything, these companies should be nuked.

    Just judging by your first racist post Mars13, you know absolutely nothing about:
    Solcial Issues
    World Politics

    and that's just to name a few.

    What's wrong with eating dogs? The dogs Chinese eat are domestically bred for eating. So do Koreans. Different cultures has different heritage. Americans eat the biggest artery clogger in the world EVERY day. (MacDonalds). I'm not saying anything bad about America. But before you starting pointing your stubbly fingers and start blaming, think about yourself. If anything, warmongers like you should be rounded up and killed.
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  5. towards Relax...head towards the light Registered Senior Member

    They are from 2005.

    So all intelligence that has been stated must be wrong. Somehow China has found not only countless funds to create such an arsenal, but has the most spectacular ability to camouflage that arsenal in the history of mankind. Why trust verifiable sources when we can believe the random thoughts that come out of your head.

    Were is China getting all of this money? Its entire GDP for last year was around 1.7 trillion, sixth largest in the world. Yet somehow it funds the largest economy in the world with a vast supply of money? I mean, it would even be an insane investment by China if it had that money, since the American money would most certainlybe on the verge of collapse if this was indeed true. Again, stop making up numbers out of your head.

    Actually, the United States supplies millions of jobs to China by buying their cheap goods. If China and Japan stopped funding the dollar, it might actually go down to a level that is realistic and make American products cheaper.

    This shows your complete lack of understanding of logic. What is the relationship between these two percentages? 6% is actually to low, and 7%, the actual figure, is not at all high. Historically, this is a healthy percentage. The U.S. has no problem paying for the debts if the economy keeps growing. The interest did not increase by 6%, it is at 6%. It would only make sense to compare the two if there was a corresponding increase of interest per GDP as compared to economic growth. You make no sense.

    Wow, thats alot of scientists. Especially considering only two million Chinese graduate from college per year. They must all be scientists. The United States will graduate 2.5 million. China has almost 5 times the U.S. population. You do the math. The vast majority of the Chinese population is dirt poor. The fact that China graduates a higher percentage of science majors, means nothing, other than the type of country they live in. There are not as many hard science graduates in the United States since there are only so many jobs in these fields. A nation only needs so many science degrees.

    Since we must believe the made up numbers you provide with no verification, I guess we must believe this as well.

    Apparently you have missed the whole point of debate. Proving your argument with facts. Your posts will sciforums hopefully will be small in number.
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  7. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Then look in your closet and on the back of your electronic equipment and throw everything out that's made in China. I dare you.
  8. average_white_guy Registered Member

    Pay it forward

    It's time to sort China out - I mean they're going to be the ones that end up shagging the planet proper. Look at the drain on the earth's resources all those slitty-eyed little chinks are causing. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

    Pollution - jeez - have you seen the shit about the Olympics in '08? All our athletes should be in aclimatisation training - spending six hours a day inhaling exhaust fumes direct from a tractor or something to get them ready for it.

    Toys - fucking hell - the slitty-eyed little fucking retards are poisoning our kids as well as their own. Fuckers.

    Food - it's okay if the little greasy black-haired bastards kill themselves by eating noodles laced with dioxins but please keep that fucking chimp shit food over there will you?!

    Metal - thanks to these chinese bastards going around the world buying up metal reserves the local crims in my town have started going around stealing road signs because of the price of aluminium going through the roof. Thank you China.
  9. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    The propaganda is purposely racist toward china because it's known they are a competitor. That's the sole reason. The food scare is bullshit and china's food industry is not that bad and it's safer than a lot of other countries that's not mentioned because they are not on the radar. With the huge amount of production they do, it's understandable their would be some mistakes and unscrupulous people.

    Your excuses hide the real reason and it's very simple. Hatred and mostly ego as you have so obviously demonstrated.

    Chimp shit??? Are you trying to make me laugh? Asian cuisine is superior to western cuisine because hands down and higher in antioxidants and I will add the fact it's more sophisticated too.

    I'm sure they are happy to be called a chimp than be a pink cow bastard anyday that reeks of rancid beef. LOl. It's perspective asshole and everybody's got one and anybody can spin a negative portrayal and be nasty and insulting.

    As for greasy and other things you've dreamed up in your imagination, don't make me turn the tables on you and traumatize the shit out of you with the truth. You've been dishing out insults of other races way too fucking long and not getting any in return. That's unfair to you and I'm here to correct that imbalance. Asians sweat the least, have less body odor, body hair and have dry ear wax. Almost 97 percent of africans, whites, middle-easterners and everybody fucking else has wet, sweat more, stink more, and are greasy.

    White people are GREASIER than asians. So your dirty projections are from your own dirty mind. I can't wait until the world gets balanced. Unlike you, I want to see the whole world and other countries succeed because balances of power rather than just one is a trend that will make a better world and a more evolved one.

    What a pathetic, degenerate sniveling whiner showing your nasty, corrupt disposition spewing from a moral soapbox. Anymore crusades when things don't go your way??

    Is that Satyr(wanderer)?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2007
  10. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Um.. you should do a better job at hiding your double standard because it's obvious, didn't ya know??

    So it's okay when you shag the planet but it's not okay when someone else does. You are the type of person who HATES competition and think something is your right and things should always go your way. You also make excuses for your faults of the past as well but not for others when you've learned from your mistakes and china will also have to deal with the environmental issues. This is a patheticly devious but conscious mindgame to justify your attack on someone else to stop them from going further or gaining power PERIOD. That's so immature of your type I have to say it's almost toddlerish and self-centered, the type of selfishness I have noticed more in white racists than any other type. I'm insulting you idiot with the embarassing facts no one has pointed out about YOUR character.

    I know your kind and most racists of the stormfront variety are like cookie-cutter cutouts they are so predictable like a breed.
  11. Norsefire Salam Shalom Salom Registered Senior Member

    Maybe we should nuke USA, they pollute and there are some really sick people living there

    Maybe we should nuke Israel, they steal land and kill innocence

    Maybe we should nuke Syria, where although they support liberation groups these groups are attacking innocence and defying Syrian rule.

    There are good and bad in every country. The innocent do not deserve to die.
  12. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member


    America buys most of the stuff China makes so America is the country that should stop buying from them if they want less pollution. What a person eats is all relitive depending on where you are and what other foods you have available.
  13. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    I like these type of posts because it just confirms what I already knew. It's amazing how self-centered and blind you have to be to believe you have the right to nuke other countries but give lenience to yourself.

    He talks about human rights violations and morality and he wants to nuke people. LMFAO.

    There was a study done where it showed of all people tested whites had the hardest time putting themselves in another person's shoes and asians were the best at seeing things from another's point of view besides themselves, they had a more balanced view of things. Surprising results to others but not to me because I knew that for years. LMFAO. :blbl:
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