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    PBS (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) has taken to running the best of COSMOS, Carl Sagan's groundbreaking general science series from back in the post modern era. Maybe it's simply nostalgia, but it plucked my heartstrings all over again, and set my ganglia a-twitching. I sat right down and wrote a check to PBS.
    I've seen a lot of criticism of Sagan's work; that he was a hound for the spotlight, that his layman's approach glossed over the more specific details of the fields he investigated. Instead, I think he filled an important role, and any number of us and our colleagues can trace their earliest interest in our respective fields to his emotional and optimistic review of our role in the universe. Some may call him hokey, but with very few exceptions, he was one of the best teachers I've ever had. I chose not to pursue a career in the sciences, but not a day goes by when I am not thinking of the universal zoom lens from single atom to the edge of the universe, or whether we have interstellar neighbors, or what exactly was going through the minds of Kepler, Brahe, Leeuenhouk, Lowell, or a thousand others as they made their respective discoveries.
    Everybody should stop and take a moment to trace his/her careers back to that first seed planted, and give thanks.
    Peet Janes
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