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  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    In america they are usually pre-written like madtv or saturday night live, except for reality tv but in asia, they just let the funny happen naturally and of course, they edit what is inappropriate etc but it's more relaxed and natural. they kind of just follow people around and let the funny happen. it's actually very entertaining because they are less pretentious and more natural. there is a coziness and personableness/relatable quality and a less commercialized/fake reality tv like kardashians in the west. have you ever seen them without makeup etc onscreen or just in pajamas, plain clothing or doing anything normal like going to a grocery store etc or actually down to earth? nah, not really.

    the charm about eastern reality tv/comedy is they are actual people, humble, natural and let life happen. the genius is they know funny can happen anywhere and in the most mundane/everyday of circumstances or routines.

    some people are too precious to be in the military. he said jingadawis which means gross. it's hilarious because it's so honest. lmfao!

    this is kind of like camping and let the debacle and problems begin which will be funny at least to the audience.

    kind of like conan skit overseas:

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  3. birch Valued Senior Member


    this is similar to asian reality comedy shows.
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  5. birch Valued Senior Member


    he is just a baby. his poor mama's heart. i would hate to see this even if i knew it was just a show. these reactions are not fake or contrived. this made me wince. i did not like this at all.

    it is evil to laugh but this is funny. that instructor reminds me of my son though. he's very astute. my son is a bit 'tad' tougher and coordinated than him, even though he is younger than him. but still he is more on the softy and artistic side. evolved people tend to be. the world doesn't need more brawn, but more brain and heart. still, he has his shit together and knows he needs to figure things out as well as technique before he attempts anything, mental or physical. who wants to do all this crap unless they have to?

    this pretty boy needs to keep his day job and that was a bad move. he needs those precious hands insured, not doing stunts like this, as he's a pianist/violinist.

    this is just a show and not entirely serious. you don't start out with that many boards. they are not being taught the proper form either. all they are using is total muscle power. it's a combination of technique and physics. you use focused energy they call chi. you can tell he is not doing that and doesn't have proper form. also, those boards are thin and stacked for a reason. if that was totally solid, few would be able to break it without breaking their hand or they would just make a dent only. he could learn to do it just like anyone else.

    it's very similar to how when someone is enraged and punches a wall. the focused energy and adrenaline rush keeps you from feeling much. that's the best way. it's very subtle how power and energy work. if it's done right, it's as if the power flow/energy makes contact first to your target and your physical hand makes little impact, so the power of the 'force' is real. if you attempt it without that focus, you will hurt your hands, because the power of the force is not shielding you nor is it flowing toward your intended target to make an impact, just your hands which will hurt like hell. lol

    to make up for the amusement at another's expense, this is what is called 'officer' material. he is brain, not brawn.

    these shows are very human. it's refreshing in that people are just being themselves with their particular strengths and weaknesses or it's just lack of experience too. after some training, you can do all the physical stuff. it's just a matter of building endurance.
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member


    this part has to be bs. no one can be this ignorant about the military. he brought kundi sunglasses for glare and a yoga mat. i have that book on buddhism that's on the top. it's a good one.

    i remember this in basic training. i didn't have as bad a reaction as others though. maybe because i held my breath as long as i could. lol

    anyways, this is not real training. real basic training is way harder than this. this cbr training is accurate though. but in real training, they are yelling and screaming at you constantly and you are running, moving or doing something non-stop. it's freaking crazy and the mindgames. you are expected to move at lightning speed at everything and push yourself beyond your limits. you are also constantly doing pushups throughout the day for any minor mistake. hell, even when you didn't make a mistake, you will be dropped just for the training. that's what the term 'drop' means in military lingo. one time i was in formation and i didn't do the eyes right fast enough according to my drill sergeant and i was dropped for that. you will be ridiculed for every little detail imaginable and if not, they will make one up.

    frankly, besides the physical conditioning, it's mental and emotional abuse. they swear at and haze you relentlously. this is light stuff. you have to scream at the top of your lungs and since the whole platoon is doing it; if you are in the classroom or building, the windows were literally shaking. it's like a mixture of an intense and constant adrenaline rush and brainwashing technique. you are also constantly fighting the urge to fall asleep as you are overworked with little rest and you will be punished if they catch you dozing off or even involuntarily closing your eyes or not paying attention. for sure, a sadist + psychopath + sociopath designed military training. this logic has to do with the possible threat of war and the need to be as ferocious as the enemy. one part of the training is taking a bayonet and stabbing a mannequin with deadly force (repeatedly) but bloodlust is encouraged as well as complete abject cognitive dissonance of a sense of humanity.

    you have to make sure you don't get brainwashed, no matter what the military says ( to be sane and keep it in perspective). lol

    on a more serious level, i think one of the reasons why so many veterans end up with mental/emotional problems is not just due to experiences in war but also because the military is so soulless and harsh. this compounded with the fact that many (especially enlisted) in the military come from not the best or dysfunctional homes, so it just exacerbates instead of healing. it's not conducive to a healthy and humane point of view of life and transitioning back to society is difficult for those who have either been brainwashed or suffer from ptsd from war trauma.

    and i'll be honest. there are quite a few sociopaths in the miltary and i noticed quite a few during basic training too, even in the upper echelons as well as some drill sergeants. some of them do get off on the power/control and abuse of others. i mean, some of them are just doing their job and must be tough on recruits for training but some of them also are just abusive themselves. you can read it, just like anyone else. it's just the truth.

    the title is a mistake. this is not special forces. this is regular rok army training. their standards are high and tough.
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  8. birch Valued Senior Member


    that's all they get to eat? i eat more than this. i would be losing weight on that food.

    i would hate for him to lose his innocence but he probably eventually will just from life experience. also, his smiling is confusing them. everyone is supposed to be miserable, that's the unwritten rule or they view smiling as a sign of disrespect or not taking the training seriously. that soldier is kind of a bully but he was right in that he was not supposed to remove any of his clothing.

    that's the thing about military decorum and rules, some of it makes no sense at all. some of it is just anal and a rule just to be a rule for mass order, i suppose. what they refer to as 'attention to detail'. not the place for an individual thinker or a creative person, that is for sure. being extra, yourself, natural or even using common sense has no place while in military training because it's all about control and their rules.

    but the truth is they are being lax with them. in real training, there is no time to talk and eat. you only have time to eat and get out. you only get 15 to 20 minutes for meal time and you don't walk leaving the building, you have to run as soon as you set foot outside to get into formation. the drill sergeants always said that whenever they see you, you better be running to wherever you are supposed to be. this is partly to develop endurance for the pt test.
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  9. birch Valued Senior Member


    she had a crush on her insructor. you aren't supposed to smile in training at the instructor. lol

    of course, all this is really toned down for celebrities. real training is intense.
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  10. birch Valued Senior Member

    i remember once i got so fed up and ticked off that i blurted out 'i don't care what you think' to one of my drill sergeants. bad move (lol). he was shocked and was like 'what did you say?!' everyone froze and their mouth dropped. my battle or ranger buddy who is supposed to be with you at all times (because you get paired up) made a hasty exit. in the back of my mind, i remember distinctly a part of me saying stop, don't say it! etc but it just came out. i just reigned down more hell on me.

    a lot of the girls when were intimidated smiled too much and would get in trouble and the drill sergeants took that as an affront or mocking them. they were just nervous. i never did that. i had to hold back my mouth for the most part. lol

    there were tons of mindgames and insane or illogical things going on. once, before a road march, we were to drink two full canteens of water within two minutes. i weighed like a buck-o-five at the time and there was no way i was going to be able to absorb that much water in that short period of time. they knew it too or i think they did but it's hard to say as they are not intellectuals so they may believe the unreasonable because they sure expected the unreasonable. so there was water everywhere pouring down shirts and on the ground mostly as most could not do that. this is another mindgame but also because of the liablility factor of dehydration and possible death. yeah, aka death. Conversely, there was another soldier in another platoon who actually drank too much water and died because of depleted electrolytes (brain hemorrhage) as they had not eaten before the intense training.

    once we had to go to the range and low-crawl at night. i could not see anything but when i looked up i saw a bullet pass overhead about a foot above my head. it was hot and dusty since it was july and i was eating dirt. these were real bullets coming from the range. then we had to march up a damn mountain. once we got into formation at the top, one of my asshole drill sergeants declared we had to go back down and repeat the process. i thought to myself this is the day i pass out right now and they take me to triage or i go awol. i was about to have a panic attack as i had never been that exhausted ever. then he said 'just kidding!'. har har.

    another time, we were out at the shooting range and i didn't fire my weapon and one of my drill sergeants came by and asked me what was the problem and i thought, 'what the fuk am i supposed to be shooting at?!' of course, you don't say that. i just meekly stated i don't know what i'm supposed to be shooting at. he yelled back to just shoot as the enemy is down there somewhere. lmao! you aren't supposed to question or think, just do whatever they say, even if it doesn't make sense to you. the part that irked me the most is they speak to you as if you are supposed to already know what they do because they've been going through this drill repeatedly.

    because these are fallible mortals, it was not all done by the book nor professional at all times. some drill sergeants having personal problems would take it out on recruits as well as some who were biased more in favor of some that they liked versus those that they didn't. that and also, there were some who made inappropriate sexist jokes and comments. these are all against the rules but who can tell when they are supposed to treat you like crap anyways? that's their thinking.

    the positive of the experience was knowing after the fact that i could overcome and survive these grueling challenges. it does teach you to push yourself and to discover that you are more capable than you think. but once is enough; that shit is crazy!

    i didn't even like the job i picked at enlistment. the military was soo not right for me. i remember near the end of my active duty term, i really started to have an indifferent attitude. i was on grave yard shift in the lab and i would just glare at nurses or cn's who would drop off specimens with a chirpy 'good morning!' apparently, word got back to ER of my attitude problem and so the doctor on staff once sent me a shit load of work to put me through the grind. i knocked it all out within fifteen minutes and he never did it again. it's not that i couldn't do the job, i just hated it.

    i did change my mos eventually when i joined the reserves to network technicion. still, that was not the right fit either as i'm more artistic and individualistic. that was my true calling. ugh.
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  11. birch Valued Senior Member

    some drill sergeants having personal problems would take it out on recruits as well as some who were biased more in favor of some that they liked versus those that they didn't. that and also, there were some who made inappropriate sexist jokes and comments. some were bigots, racists and some were misogynist. the worst ones were the ones who were going through a divorce. the abberrant behaviors and motivations that stem from their personal beliefs and/or issues is against the rules but like i said, who would be able to tell the difference when they are supposed to haze you anyways?

    it doesn't make it right but that's the way it is. officers tend to have more integrity, ethics and sensitivity though, generally speaking. when i had a problem, they were much more understanding.

    there was one girl who had a fracture and the drill sergeants (not all agree with eachother on every issue or every soldier in their care. in front of their platoon, they put on a united front always) wouldn't let her go see a doctor. an officer had to intervene.

    don't get me wrong, some drill sergeants were good people, even great but there were some bad apples as well as psychopaths.
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  12. birch Valued Senior Member

    military training is not at all like these videos. sure, some instructors are calmer than others as they all have different personalities but generally, they are all supposed to be stern or plain mean.

    i remember near the end of the first month, when one of my drill sergeants came in to the classroom rip-roaring pissed off as he usually does, thinking literally, 'do you have someone step on your d@ick, before you greet us each morning? otherwise, you deserve an oscar if this is an act every frigging day.' i didn't understand how they could keep that up but some of them were pissed off as they get little sleep and away from their families or have their own issues etc.

    i remember when i was younger, i used to think of my drill sergeants as god-like at times because they never appeared tired, were always on point and were always perfectly starched. of course, this is all bullshit. they have faults like anyone else, and in some cases, worse vices and character flaws than you. they were just good at their particular profession. that is all. pfft.
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  13. birch Valued Senior Member


    that's cute. he calls him hellya. others call him henlia because they can't pronounce the 'r' and the 'a' at the end is a familiarity custom. it's endearing in a way. he must be the official taste tester.

    kp duty.

    that's a feast.

    their cuisine is really fresh and healthy. these videos are pretty accurate as when you are on kp duty, your drill sergeants can't bother you and you are working with civilians as well. lol

    beware of falling coconuts. they can kill you, not just give you a concussion.
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  14. birch Valued Senior Member


    the ol' cattle truck.

    charity work
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  15. birch Valued Senior Member


    the paralympics.

    all these actors/singers/artists without any of the glamour. it's actually really entertaining because it is more real and anyone can relate. that's the charm and humanity of it. they show both sides/aspects in their media: the glamorous celebrity aspect as well as their down-to-earth everyday self as well. celebrities become like distant kin.

    so much of reality tv isn't real (primping and contrived) but these are more genuine which is what makes them a gem. it's no different than if you were capturing moments with an old camcorder or as you go about your day moment to moment, whatever may be. their reactions are also genuine. there is a qualitative difference between these and western reality tv. even if they set-up missions, they are more natural. it's very 'live' and no different than capturing your day on camera.

    the qualitative difference between eastern celebrities is that culture relates to them first as actual people they would invite over as friends or family. there is a realness and coziness to it. they have no illusions that these are people just like them when it comes down to the everyday and put their pants on one leg at a time. relatability is very important which makes them even more likable. western celebrities are just put on an unrealistic pedestal and caricaturized which make them seem distant, unrelatable, and ultimately very shallow.

    like this:

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  16. birch Valued Senior Member

    for example, the kardashians is the most popular reality tv show but do you ever see them record their real actual moments? why are they only filmed only after they have spent a few hours in a makeup chair? it's boring because it's not capturing actual moments, it's too fake and pretentious. but the reason why they don't is because they aren't interesting otherwise. even their tone of voice and the way they speak seems to have no real heart or normalcy. actually, it comes across as very plastic or simply business-like. there is frankly just not enough substance, humor, charisma, intelligence, common sense or genuine/healthy/normal affability etc to relate to.

    real people can also laugh at themselves and be silly or make mistakes at times because that is normal. they also understand this about others, can relate and that's the charm. well, that's real life.
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  17. birch Valued Senior Member


    the instructor in the red cap is hot.

    he said meechuso = crazy. he is the only one with real sense. i have no idea what this training is for except to get you use to pain. the logic is probably to acclimate you to extreme temperatures. his expression says it all. he is too good for this kind of shit. the only reason they are yelling is to distract themselves, not because they like it.

    winters in korea are really cold, definitely in the minus.

    now this shit is real. this is what traumatized him. the pain is described as a thousand swords piercing your body at once. you don't do this in regular basic training. well, not in the american military that is. this is like seal or special forces type of training like breaking ice and swimming across a half frozen lake. even some of the toughest people can't complete it. some of the smartest people admit their limits too, otherwise they are fools that end up dying. see? this is really hard. well, at least for people who are sane and have senses.

    don't they do this in iceland like it's a sunday picnic? oh, that's right, they jump into a hot sauna right after or before. no such luck here.

    this theme demonstrates that those who are more physically desensitized does not mean they are superior or better and definitely not more intelligent. oftentimes, the lesser predominate, especially in numbers, over the superior. henry is a typical example of someone who is more evolved but because he is, this is too harsh for him. frankly, because only lesser beings would find this type of activity acceptable. but this is a double-edged sword in that as long as there are lesser beings that thrive on pain, suffering and depravity, then another force that is equally strong or of endurance has to match it in order to defeat it or have strength to endure/overcome it, if it can't be outwitted/evaded at all times. that's the only reason why militaries are a necessary evil, simply because there are potential threats. it has no inherent value on it's own.

    why it's lesser evolved? because sensitivity is what produces higher intelligence. without it, one has less refined judgement. not all strength is a sign of superior strength, especially the idea of brawn. it's just sometimes also necessary. it's just contextual.
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  18. birch Valued Senior Member


    you also don't run in subzero temperatures with your shirt off in regular training. but their military is different. but i don't see this aspect that difficult because you will be generating heat and raising your core temperature as you run anyways. actually, this would probably be invigorating.
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  19. birch Valued Senior Member


    PING PONG! so natural. you wouldn't presume or think these are celebrities. just some guys having some fun and shooting the breeze. of course, because celebrities are just people who happen to be famous.
  20. birch Valued Senior Member

    All the girls (males too in the company within their own platoon) brought their own particular strengths to each platoon.

    One girl ran track in high school so would always max out the pt test. Another had a softball arm and could throw a grenade the farthest. There was only one girl who was going into intelligence in our platoon but she had zero common sense and could not read a map at all. I got paired with her once when we were out at bivuoac as my battle buddy was injured at the time. She kept holding the map upside down and even with the compass had no sense of direction. Its not like you need to even track the sun to know at least the four poles of direction. Geesh! But besides that, she was alright. Me and another girl (from texas) were the best sharpshooters. She was expert and i missed it by one point. But she had a lot of experience as her dad used to take her hunting. The drill sergeants used to call her the sniper and me the ninja (sort of racist but still better than the other disparaging ones they called us regularly as well). They had pet names for all of us, some quite inappropriate. When there was a parade i would be color guard and picked/granted (means forced) to carry the flag since i was deemed the most coordinated.

    You get three drill sergeants and they are picked as a team for a reason. You have the calm one (more observant and what the brigade labels the 'nice'one, if you can call it that ), the feisty one and the senior drill. Though you will think they are mean or satan incarnate while in training, they are just doing their job. I did like how we were just treated as soldiers and not patronized or pigeonholed as female stereotypes. My drill sergeants were pretty good people so i was fortunate there, i must admit.

    After its all said and done, im nostalgic about my military experience and i reminisce whenever im reminded. No person has ever helped me as much as other veterans or the va. There is a camaraderie between veterans and it does not matter what race, creed or gender; if you served, you served.

    I am proud that i did at least serve my adopted country and the va has been there for me as well as other veterans. They are a great organization.

    Besides, how many people get the experience to shoot an m16? I loved that part as it was fun.

    But still, reminiscing and going through that shit again are two different things. I would not choose that direction again in this life or the next. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

    I was nineteen when i entered military service, barely out of my teens.
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  21. birch Valued Senior Member

    Actually the most ferocious drill sergeants were female. The male platoon in our company got one. They are ferocious because they have tp prove themselves even more in a predominantly male oriented profession and for the recruits to not take her authoriy for granted. They can put the fear of goddess (or god) in you.

    These are just recollections of what i thought at the time. For instance, of course live ammunition wasnt flying over our heads that close because that would be nuts. It just looked that way from that angle. One false move or someone panics and stands up, they would be killed.

    But then again, i was always amused they issued weapons, magazines and live ammunition to basically, children. I remember thinking i could just point this weapon and fire at this drill sergeant thats mouthing off, if i was willing to do a life sentence at leavenworth. Of course, i didnt but i was kind of amazed at their trust in us.
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  22. birch Valued Senior Member


    this is the funniest show i have ever seen in my whole life. um, the camoflauge you 'adorn' your helmet with does reflect your personality. henry's looks like a floral arrangement. lmfao

    naked running men. should henry be culled because he's falling behind? does that mean he's inferior or weak?

    of course not. people have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. it's true, i could probably drop-kick him myself but why would any sane person do that? i want to hear him play the piano. he is a maestro. lol

    actually, they are all running really slow for a male platoon (because they are celebrities). we used to do five-mile runs faster during ait in hot and humid georgia weather, three days a week, with no stopping as the only breaks you get is running downhill. the hotter the weather, the harder it is. lol

    they even recorded their sleep talk. ya know, how people talk in their sleep sometimes.

    of course, they think the guy in the red cap is hot too. of course, they would give him a hug. i would too. you can also tell he's a really nice guy. lol

    taking apart your weapon, cleaning it and putting it back together. it's a tedious chore.
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  23. birch Valued Senior Member

    besides those icy water scenes, this is wholly unrealistic but the natural reactions of the celebrities/people are. drill sergeants are not this nice (sometimes but rarely) and they don't ask you twice (they don't ask at all) or tell you twice either. you better get it the first time or there will be hell to pay. they were very calm and patient with these celebrities. that's the part that was unrealistic and their lax training except for that icy water debacle. lol.

    the mindgames and training is such that even if something occurs that affects you due to another's error or mistake, you will still be held liable even if it's not your fault. for instance, the first day i arrived to boot camp, my duffle bag was misplaced (mistakenly taken by another off the cattle truck in the confusion as people are scrambling) not by me and i was chewed out for it. logic doesn't apply. it's about being on point, no matter what, even if it's out of your control.

    what was also unrealistic was how lax the formations were. you can't get away with looking around etc. you are being observed/scrutinized in every detail at all times. this is daily from your hair to your uniform to how spit-shined your boots are to barracks inspection to everything you never even considered or consider anal-retentive or what is minor will be magnified as if it's the most important aspect. and if you are not on point with any standard, you will be chewed out as if you committed murder.

    did you see a single one of those instructors get in the face of any of them and start chewing them out? in real boot camp, they invade your personal space, get in your face and yell, curse, or chew you out to their discretion or not. and there is not a thing you can do about it except agree even if you don't. everything about boot camp is antithetical to my values except the physical exercise or challenges. i can't stand someone invading my personal space (very few contexts is this legitimately sound) and if they are going to be yelling or cursing, they better make sure it's going to be a two-way conversation. boot camp (except physical training) is just bullying except for those who actually need some discipline or need to learn attention to detail/conscientious. otherwise, it's fuking annoying abuse.

    for the purpose of the show, events were also slowed down (understatement). in real boot camp, you are rushing at all times like the house is on fire. lol

    but that's what makes the show enjoyable is because they did slow it down so the audience can see what's going on as well as get these celebrities reactions.
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