copyright image theft (re. spuriousmonkey)

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by perplexity, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    Wow. Applause for adding, "or not".
    I really think that is appropriate.
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  3. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    I thought you were making a qualified statement, implying that there may be some aspect of this situation you are not fully cognizant of.
    Never mind then.
    No applause for you.
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  5. phlogistician Banned Banned

    If lives are at risk because of an exchange on a web site, you two need to chill the fuck out. Ron should have approached this one differently, and stopped digging. I've no idea why he bit into this one so hard, and frankly don't care, but I would suggest giving this place a rest until he can get some perspective on it. It's only a forum, in the great scheme of things, compared to life itself, it is nothing.
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  7. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    There are easier ways to not come to sciforums.
    You're a big girl and you can take responsibility for yourself.
    I skipped out for several months on end, and I'm sure i will again, no need for a ban.

    And can you please, for God's sake, drop the detective-novel-inspired chain of events exposé?
  8. Theoryofrelativity Banned Banned


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    I am a big girl and I don't do 'requests', you should know that by now, so why you issuing one.

    I asked for a permanent ban to ensure that James R knows I do not fear a ban, temporary or otherwise, not because I have trouble staying away.This is mainly a troll site now and yes I probably will take a break if nothing more challenging to debate arises soon.

    How lucky you are
  9. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Not at all.

    It all started on a beautiful morning in the early 70s. I was born. My father was an alien and my mother Dutch. I inherited some of my father's characteristics. My penis was covered in scales and was grey. And here started the conspiracy. I fully confess although I was too little to know at the time. Luckily I heard the story later from my mother.

    My father edited the memory of the midwife. He did such a good job that years later she was still talking about the young baby with the enormous weener. A flesh coloured weener though covered in skin and not scales.

    I was wisely kept out of kindergarten because my alien side had developed a taste for fresh toddler liver. This urge passed and I could safely go to elementary school. There I met Water. She couldn't fool me. She was half alien too. She tried to kill me then and there because that is how aliens greet each other. A teacher broke up the fight losing an eye. You may have read the story in the newspaper but forgot about it because later that day the newspaper came out my father send a subliminal message with the TV signal.

    After that we became quite close. We hardly tried to kill each other and we started plotting. For our plan to succeed she followed a certain path we set out for her and I followed mine. I forgot most of the details because she wiped most of my memory regarding her side of the plan. I did the same with her. The only thing that held us together was one keyword: sciforums.

    none of us knew what it meant. There was no such thing as internet.

    I joined the army and ended up in the special forces where I went to the US for a year to learn special torture techniques and persuasion methods. I did not know why exactly, but it is no secret anymore that these skills came in very handy to destroy our nemesis. He had no name yet. We only knew he was from the planet FrgggglluirGGG234-A.

    After the army I learned a myriad of trades. Too many to recall. The most interesting was my career as a biologist. Here i learned how to make biological weapons, among which were mindworms, which I deployed cunningly in the soviet union which collapsed soon after. It was just a game. My real mission had still to come. Soon after I was employed by the US government to develop a new enemy. Soon I came up with muslim terrorists. I can still remember when they said it will not fly. I retorted with: yes, it will fly. And then it will crash. They looked flabbergasted, but we all know what happened on 9/11.

    Water piloted the second plane. Obviously we cannot be destroyed by a simple collision, explosion or extreme fire. We escaped down the staircase. We blew up WTC7 with our fart bombs adding to the confusion and conspiracy theories. We knew nobody would suspect two half-breeds.

    And then we found our nemesis. He called himself perplexity after the god of galactic thunder. We planned and planned. We send PMs and we let the sun on his homeworld go supernova. Nothing disturbed this alien. We knew then that the only way to destroy him was via sciforums. It would surely kill us to take on our nemesis in this supernatural forum, but we had seen the sign in our childhood: SCIFORUMS! This would be the place where all our skills came together. We quickly set up a propaganda factory spewing out PMs to influence other sciforumers moods. When that didn't work we started including subliminal messages in our sciforums posts and PMs. And by HURRi the intergalactic god, it worked!

    Our way was now free to destroy our nemesis. and so we did by conspiracy.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Our mission was completed and we left planet earth going to another planet to liberate it from evil.

    Do not worry. You will have forgotten this message in 5...4...3...2...1..0...seconds.

    blank mind...blank mind....
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    after reading this post of yours i hope he does

    what has it got to do with you?

    of course! how stupid and naive everyone is. water told spurious to use the avatar, she told TDI to use it, she even told me to use it.

    yes lets talk about betraying the confidence of another member. if anyone sends you a PM they can be gaurenteed that the entire board will know about it. if anyone doubts that statement reread the qoute again.
    did you even for once think of sending her a pm stating "any PM you send me water will be posted on the board"?

    yes Tor, you're in the same catagory as ron

    i find it very telling that only you, ron, and kantaleter refer to waters "PM campaign"

    no you just wave it in front of everybodys noses and say "looky what i got, a PM from water smearing other posters"

    first thing you said i agree with, IF it's true.
    well, there you go.
    if ron doesn't know by now that water wants nothing more of this situation then the the only thing to say about ron is "damn you ARE a dumb twit aren't you"

    i'm crossing my fingers.
    if anyone sends you a PM after this diatribe it's their own dumbass fault.
  11. Kat9Lives Registered Senior Member

    is this the part where TOR's other half jumps in a posts in defence of her....hmmmm i wonder..
  12. Theoryofrelativity Banned Banned


    Leo you blind fuck, I haven't copied waters pm here. YOU were the one that referred to the contents of one of her pm's. Hence the reason I mentioned pm's in the first place, in response TO YOU.


    AND Please members, do not send me PM's if your intention is to repeat confidential information given to you by another member in the hope you will influence my view and reaction and behaviour towards that person. Manipulation doesn't go down well with me.

    The others who have shared confidential information with me, it will as has always been the case remain confidential. I SHALL NOT pass it secretly to other members of the board as did some here.

    AND I shan't refer to it (as did LEO) on a 'no names basis' when it is blatantly obvious who's pm it was.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2006
  13. leopold Valued Senior Member

    Tor you dumb bitch i never posted, or said anything about a PM from water. it was YOU that said i was talking about water, remember?
    and you STILL don't know where the PM i refered to came from.

    like i said you have no idea who sent me that PM
  14. Theoryofrelativity Banned Banned

    too late for your denials. You have been caught out.

    YOU posted the CONTENTS of a private PM. Contents which were malicious in nature regarding another member of the board. You used that comment to further influence the boards negative view of ron. BULLYING

    If anyone has been bullied and harrassed recently its been ron. I'm harrassed periodically too, but who gives a fuck. AND GUESS WHAT, it is always the same people doing the bullying. YOU are always there, as is SPURIOUS, lead bully and his side kick (pal of mine but non the less......) devilinside.
    Etc etc, blah blah.

    I have not denied ron has been at fault with his referenceing to water, but it was improving. Moderators have a watchful eye on him. Ignore feature is there for water. If people use this facility there is no need for upset and back stabbing is there?

    I'm not posting anymore in thsi thread, enough has been said on this matter.
    James will do as he see's fit. So it maybe goodnight or it may goodbye. I do not care either way.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2006
  15. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned


    It seems you do.
  16. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i didn't post the contents, i merely repeated what it said. i deny nothing except YOUR claim it was from water.

    wrong. see above
    BULLYING? you really don't want to know how i feel about ah, um, well nevermind.

    apparently james agrees with you, after all he did get away with threatening another poster with murder and insinuating that he was going to sue sciforums, yeah poor ron.

    nice job of editing your post 3 hours AFTER i responded to it.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2006
  17. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    This reminds me of a time late at night when I just couldn't stop playing a video game. It was 3 am and I needed go to sleep (for school just hours away). I had the hardest time stopping (because I would keep telling myself "just one more round"). So, I convinced the server admin to ban me so I would be automatically disconnected from the server and I could finally go to sleep.

    James R (or Dave or anyone) will not delete you from existance. Your posts are here forever. They are forever cached on Google. Maybe you can find yourself on

  18. Kanteletar Registered Member

    Perhaps it would help to explain why one would rather post to a public forum.

    Nobody here would be aware of this is but when Ron decided to discontinue communicating privately with a certain person, it was precisely because of what Theoryofrelativity complains about. He'd seen one too many copyings of third party private communications which appeared to him to be a breach of confidence. He had already warned gently about it but that had proved to be "futile", as the unmentionable person herself has since described it.
    He therefore felt too uncomfortable to continue except on a public forum where all concerned might at least stand an equal chance to be manipulated, to see what was or was not betrayed, which was also the reason why he has since offered to publish previous communications.

    The "stalking" was nothing more than an open continuation of a relationship that was previously consented to in private except for a reluctance to let the World be aware of both sides of it.

    Well, I had not posted since 7th July and did not intend to discuss it any further anyway, thank you very much.

    Ron thought that you'd be more inclined to listen to me but I guess that we should have known better. Please forgive the mistake.

    From here it looks like trust is the crucial factor, what the unmentionable person's "problem" is about, so for her benefit it should have helped to say how and why. If she genuinely fails to see why trouble follows her about, it would only otherwise continue.

    It is not at all so easy, quite bewildering to try to understand the rules here. It looked to me like Ron was the one standing for good order on the forum while others were determined to annoy like disruptive infants, not to mention false "evidence" and whatever else, and then Ron gets banned because a further antogonism pushed him too far, or did it? If she did not complain herself it makes no sense but never mind. Maybe it is really about something else entirely.

    With best wishes,

  19. Kanteletar Registered Member

    And by the way, further to pot kettle black tit for tat,

    what about for instance the Christmas message that somebody else had sent, copied to a cassette tape and was then sent on to Ron without the copyright owner being in any way aware of the unpermitted reproduction and distribution of it?

    We never did get around to listening to that because Ron thought it improper to do so, as it appeared to him that he was expected to laugh at something that had originally been meant quite sincerely and lovingly.

    We have also found the time now to check our e-mail archive, and discovered what appears to be a remarkably specific permission to scan some photos. To jog her memory, "water" sent us that e-mail, 22nd May, with regard to uploads to

    That would be copied here now, but not of course without a permission granted to reveal personal information.

    She must be in a bad way for her memory to be in such a poor state of repair.
    We hope she gets well soon.

  20. Roman Banned Banned

    This drama's been going on for 16 pages and I haven't gotten any of it?


  21. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    I know. This drama has been going on for a LONG time (long before this thread). It is so old, I feel embarrased that I still have no clue what it is all about.
  22. Kanteletar Registered Member

    "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

    My husband was upset. He would been much happier just to know if she was safe and well, but a needlessly dramatic exit played on his mind instead, and then he got the blame for that, which also played on his mind, and then he got the blame for that.

    Please just let it be, leave it all alone.

  23. Bells Staff Member

    Good grief!

    There are three people here who need to get lives. All three of you need to be banned! Permanently. And get some damned therapy or something. Your obsession is quite unhealthy and frankly annoying as hell.

    , jesus lady, get a life. Someone sends you a PM, a PRIVATE message, because they obviously wanted it to remain private. If they had wanted you to send it to James or any one else, they'd have sent those individuals the PRIVATE message as well. I am sure that they did not want you to discuss their contents on the forum, nor did they want you to send copies to other members and/or moderators... Hence why they sent it to you in a PRIVATE message. And now you are obsessing about Leo's PM's as well?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    You are just as bad as Ron. Actually I think you are sometimes worse. Leave Water alone. This thread had nothing to do with water, but the three of you just can't let her go. Get a life away from the computer screen. For someone who claims to have a high IQ, you sure act like an idiot.


    Anne, you're just as bad. Get a life. Your husband has been banned so you step into the fray the very minute he is no longer allowed to post to defend him and his lacking honour? Do you not have better things to do with your time? You claim to be happy he has been banned, but you step right in and start harping on just as much as he did? If you find that your life revolves around a forum (to the point where you are stalking members until they have to leave), then you need to get out more.. preferably take a walk to the closest mental institution and admit yourself as a patient for some therapy.

    What part of 'leave the poor woman alone' escapes you?
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