Corona Virus 2019-nCoV

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Quantum Quack, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Of course it does. An astronomer on the moon, attempting to observe the stars, will see the Moon rotate around its axis once every 27.3 days. He will therefore see (almost) the same starfield in front of him about once every 27 days. From that he can correctly deduce that the Moon rotates around its axis once every ~27 days.

    He can then go to the moon's north pole and look straight up. He will see a point that everything rotates around. He can then conclude (correctly) that the Moon rotates around the axis defined by that point and the center of the moon.
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  3. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    of course a moon tidally locked will give that impression ...sure...
    Maybe you would like to start another thread on it ...and show how you can differentiate between the two in physics and not just perspective.
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  5. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Word of caution - COVID-19
    As governments become more focused on economic issues the motivation to obscure or distort the data available on COVID-19 transmission becomes more significant.
    The data revealed recently points to the reality that a second wave is potentially building around the globe due to primarily the relaxation of social distancing.
    ( re: recent outbreak events events in Australia, China, New Zealand, Europe etc..)
    If you rely on government regulations to save your arse you may be very disappointed when you find that you and your immediate family ends up in hospital and ICU and become just another statistic that the governments will seek to obscure and hide for economic reasons.

    The now famous phrase "I can't breath" may take on new meaning...

    It is up to you, the individual and not the government, to look after his/her own distancing needs in this confusing state of lock down relaxation and ongoing increased COVID case load.
    We currently have about 475,000 "officially recognized" COVID fatalities globally and it has been less than 6 months since the "official start" of this pandemic. Data scientists will tell you that this figure is understated by a factor of approximately 10.
    It is complacency and a shift in government focus toward financial issues that will most likely see this figure soaring over the next few years and how you manage your social distancing will be the key to surviving and having a future or whether you and your close contacts end up being a necessary sacrifice on the alta of a perceived economic necessity.
    ...Just thoughts..
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    It is not "an impression." It is 100% accurate.
    No need; there's no differentiation between any "two" cases.
  8. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    ah...well...uhm... if there is no differentiation then either will do ...
  9. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Once again with the sensationalism, QQ.

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    Everything to you is a conspiracy.
    You mean other than expressing an inability to breathe properly? What meaning do you think it might take?
    Source, please?
    More sensationalism, QQ.
    Thoughts of someone who can't help but sensationalise everything, it seems. Watched too many "end of the world" or global conspiracy films, I fear.
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    they gunna git some now
    no vaccine when 2nd wave kicks in from lack of proper lock down
    seems to follow some models for large scale death in second wave

    doesn't look like they will go into lock down again

    feeling soo thankful im not in the usa or brazil or a 3rd world country

    uk looks like they throwing the baby out with the bath water

    once it mutates(IF it mutates) inside their population the 3rd wave will finish them off
  11. billvon Valued Senior Member

    No, there's no differentiation because there's no difference.

    It's like saying "is the speed of light constant, or is it always ~3x10^8 meters per second?" Yes. There is no "or" that makes sense there.
  12. billvon Valued Senior Member

    No worries. Larry Kudlow (White House economic adviser) said "“There is no second wave coming. It’s just hot spots." Well, problem solved!
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  13. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I agree with you but you're not using forum correct grammar. Let me help?

    To the one, the speed of light is constant. To the other, it is always ~3x10^8 meters per second.1 To wit, there is no "or" that makes sense there. Y'know.

    Notes: 1 Billvon post in Sciforums
  14. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I think the USA and Brazil will have to go into a solid 30 day lock down eventually..and the economy they are so desperately attempting to salvage will go down the toilet due to the lateness of going into lock down.
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  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i highly doubt usa republican politicians will do another lock down(im about 94% sure of that)
    party wise and whos holding the reins i don't think the republican politicians have the political voter support of their members
    and ... any white house staff that suggest such a thing is likely to be sacked. that seems quite obvious.

    the democrats might

    the republicans have politicized the pandemic
    that act alone has probably cost tens of thousands of lives
    but they dont care about those people because they are neither rich or party officials with voting influence
    the business influence is much stronger and they are quite happy if a few million die as long as they get their businesses up & making profit again.

    simple facts

    but keeping in mind that will continue to circulate the virus actively in large enough communities to allow re-infection back into those democratic runs states.

    the cowards punch to the economy
    all those businesses who used capital to re start will have it thrown on the bonfire along with their books
    ... but thats the american capitalist model
    if your a small business then you get no protections
    if your a big busines you dictate policy & can write your own cheques from the tax payers never ending expense account at the cost of the working class health & education.

    hence why hospitals were closed
    because they had no PPE to cover their insurance requirement to carry out medical procedures
    because it all came from china
    not to mention that china provide all the base raw materials for the majority of American medication.
    (pill production of base raw pill clay compounds & mixing production factorys which make basic pills and compound pills)
    its all Chinese owned
    a bit of a political catastrophe you would think but that was neatly covered up

    no republican demands for the republican leadership to build American pharmaceutical chemical production plants
    no law suites against private insurers or hospitals for failing to provide PPE which prevented customers from getting their operations and causing untold cost & suffering.

    you would think it wold be a political landslide to the democrats

    but no

    USA failed economic leadership and failed international trading ability have maintained the entire country to be held ransom to the political games of the elite

    maybe they can create a toilet paper stock market

    Brazil is just a real life nightmare.
    it looks like maybe 600% higher death rate than reported at least
    i think the Brazil leadership think they will be the last men standing and have all the money power & land when all the poor masses die off.
    that is what it looks like they are doing by what is in the media

    UK look like they are more interested in pretending it has gone away to service their elitist business owners
    it clearly is too soon for them to open back up because they have soo much of the virus in their population still circulating in outlier areas
    if they installed regional quarantine boundaries with the military like road blocks that might be a good partial solution to prevent large scale re infection into large population bases
    as an alternative to opening up to soon as they seem to be.

    do us health insurance companys own hospitals ?
    considering the massive amount of money they have made off the back of the pandemic they should be ordered to build some hospitals
    & pill manufacturing plants
    but thats not user pays capitalism even if it does make economic sense
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2020
  16. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    who is the one who is over reacting... certainly not I.
    There is not a lot of sensationalism in my posts other than what is in side your head. If you wish to conflate my posts by all means go for it...
    I am actually playing the situation down.. fyi
    But in the state of mind you are in, you appear to be exaggerating your reactions.
    Apocalyptic..! Nah!
    Life changing! Yup!
    Taking personal responsibility for your own safety and care and not passing the buck to any government is what my post was about...
    Have been monitoring QBE news and apparently they have decided not to insure the debts of some major Australian companies. This and other major insurers position could lead to a major default "apocalypse" ( conflated for Sarkus's benefit) and see many major companies go into voluntary administration.

    As with climate change, the insurance industry is the "canary in the mine" IMO and the industry is giving all sorts of indications at the moment and none look good....
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2020
  17. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Cases are soaring in many cities across the US, and it’s not only affecting the elderly. (in terms of complications) Yet, Trump is touting that it’s in the rear view window and mocking the virus, in speeches? I’m just venting. Just at a loss for words with this guy.

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  18. billvon Valued Senior Member

    And as if you didn't have enough to dislike already:

    President Trump Will End Funding for Covid-19 Testing Sites
    The Trump administration will stop funding the 13 testing sites it has around the country and will instead rely on public-private partnerships to test people.
  19. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I haven't been able to contact my ex wife or family in Campina Grande Brazil for nearly 2 months now.
    Possibly they fear government censor.
    Accurate data is almost impossible to research.
    Gone to ground is how I would describe the situation there...
  20. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    The situation in the USA is so sad that I have stopped posting on it...
    Even my USA based gaming buddies have gone silent on it..

    Regardless of what governments say or do it is imperative that you protect yourself as best as possible. IMO.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2020
  21. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Some places are facing the long-predicted and standard epidemiologically expected second wave - their success will depend on their ability to test and trace and quarantine given their resources.

    The US is still dealing with the first wave (we never actually locked down, as a mutually inter-communicating collection of regions. The first travel restrictions between US regions are just now being attempted.).

    The US second wave of this virus will have to wait until the first wave has burned through, or the first lockdown of US regions has been in effect for at least a month. It's possible that the US will be so badly hit by the first wave that a second wave can find no real foothold in an unexposed population.

    If there is a second wave in the US, success in handling it will depend on politics far more than anything else - in particular, removing the Republican Party's control over testing and tracing and quarantining.

    The US has the knowledge and skill and expertise and physical resources (the US has been the major developer of such things, from back when it had competent government), so the only future obstacle is the current one: political competence.
  22. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Anyone watching CNN right now? Pence’s response to “why are you holding these rallies where very little masks are being worn?”

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  23. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    For those of us not watching... any hint as to what he said?

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