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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Carcano, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. rr6 Banned Banned

    Dictionaries ergo Words are Tools of the Mind/Inteligence

    Jan, you may need to use a dictionary. Dicitonaries give several definitions for words. Overtime the number of definitions may increase.

    material = ex cotton( denim ), dirt( earth/terra ), wood( lumber ), air etc

    physical = ex cotton( denim ), dirt( earth/terra ), wood( lumber ), air etc.....

    energy = ex cotton( denim ), dirt( earth/terra ), wood( lumber ), air etc......

    Material/physical/energy = fermions bosons or some combination thereof.

    material/physical/energy = dynamic/animated/occupied space.

    Cotton, dirt, wood, air are also in dictionary if you don't know what they are.

    They are material ergo physical ergo energy ergo dynamic ergo animated ergo occupy space ergo spirit(1)

    Spirit( 2) is metaphysical and so on. Read my text/lips. A dead tree or even a live is a form of energy called wood. When your burn the tree/wood the energy is released as EMRadiation called heat.

    Energy = physical i.e. the physical wood can hurt you in two or more ways. It can trip and fall onto it( physical/energy ) and it will hurt you, it( physical/ernergy ) can fall on you and hurt you, the physical/energy wood can be burned and the heat( EMRadiation ) can hurt you or the smoke( physical/energy ) can hurt you.

    Some materials( physical/energy/spirit ) if they fall on you can hurt you or vice versa. If you fall from high enough altitude, and land on tightly warp ball of cotton, you could be hurt.

    Physical/energy/material/spirit(1) = fermion( spirit{1}, bosons( spirit{1} or some combination of both( spirit{1}. All of Universe is made from those two main componets, barring ideas of gravity at this time.

    Reality = physical/energy/material/spirit(1) aka occupied space.

    Once you can grasp the words material/physical/energy, maybe we can move onto the 2nd sentence.

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  3. Jan Ardena OM!!! Valued Senior Member

    Maybe I'm not making myself clear.

    I said "I cannot comprehend THE MEANING behind what you're saying '.

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  5. rr6 Banned Banned

    What "Meaning Behind" Are You Talking About?

    I said material = physical = energy = spirit(1) and human or tree or wood or cotton.

    Actually since I equate spirit(1) with physical the minimal spirit is least energy/mass fermion or boson.

    So humans--- and other aninals, plants etc ---are a collection of many spirits, and souls, that combine collectively as a larger biological integrity i.e. humans have many individual cells, and bacteria if not also viruses that collective create the whole human integrity, although the human may exist for some time without some of these other biological.

    So, once you understand what I mean by the first sentence or set of associated words, then when can move onto the 2nd set.

    Once you understand--- to whatever degree ---perhaps you can make your judgement on what you think some "THE MEANING behind what your saying" means.

    Personally I don't think can hope to find meaning behind if you cannot understand whats in front.

    I also don't recall stating, inferring or implying that, there is a meaning behind my words. There is the meaning of the words in associations with other words to express some ideas and concepts about what those words mean and/or how many of them are pretty much the same in a generalized sense.

    Our finite physical/energy Universe, = spirit(1) = physical/energy ergo fermions, bosons or any combinations thereof. I intend no specific meaning in this latter statement--- or any to date ---beyond what Is stated and I've tried repeated to clarify for you by using others words of a similar nature.
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  7. Jan Ardena OM!!! Valued Senior Member


    What do you mean by ''spirit''?

    So the human is basically sum of its material parts, and the ''spirit'' and he ''soul'' are also part of that. Would I be correct in thinking that?

    I didn't understand your usage of some words.


  8. rr6 Banned Banned


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