Darwin Awards

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by Dinosaur, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    No, I don't think so. My point is that we don't know if saints or sinners will be "better" for the species in the long run. "Better" itself is an arbitrary description.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    you mean risk-taking is a necessary component but that has to be considered contextually to be valid. not all risk-taking is good or worthy. but that has nothing to do with the gist of what i posted.

    overall, your point is simply any procreation as valid in itself, regardless of the resulting qualitative state of society.

    i really don't like your scolding and condescending attitude toward me when i've been the victim of "unfair" condescension all my life. dig? and it was done by scum and it did not do anything good etc. i' m not swallowing that bullshit and i'm not excusing or flowering up by my prose to give credit or respect for scum. no fuking way. i didn't do anything to them to deserve it either so why should i have to lay down and take it to be polite to scum? it's always that way because they are the ones perpetrating shit against others and then when someone is nasty back, it's only the victim is chastised for being uppity or cruel. that's because victims are not so manipulative to be doing shit all undercover!!! fuk that!!!

    i don't give a rat's ass about shitty evolution nor do i believe in it as some impeccable, perfect system like some religion among you scientists because i know better. i was undermined and put down by my family all my life because i was better than them in character, that's what scum dislike foremost which is anyone who is better than them, especially character-wise and will attack you with no justifiable cause. if i'm uppity now, then i fuking deserve that attitude as i've earned the fuking right because my humility just was considered a weakness so that didn't work with them either. either way, scum don't care.

    i was the only one who produced a genius in my family and i'm the one they put down as shit and tried to undermine, almost fanatically! not a single one of my aunts, uncles etc either. i produced a multi-talented as well as an intellectual genius so i guess what they originally saw in me was not their imagination because i sure didn't know what the motive was except i knew it was dead fuking wrong, wrong, wrong!! they, both my mother and even wealthy father and stepfather had more kids than me and NONE of them produced a genius like i did. and then they have the nerve to take credit for him being related to them, once they realized this. literally, my son has an extremely high iq and he can do or be anything he wants. i'm not just saying that because i'm his mother because that is just what he is. then they tried to take him from me, poison his mind against me etc when i did and do love my son whereas they are abusers who had no right to be having any power or control over anyone!!!

    don't tell me scum is good for the fuking world. tell that bullshit lie to someone else as all they do is just cause more damage in the world than contribute to it. the even perverse and deceptive part is that damage held by the vicitm as well as losing a productive member of society while the prepetrators are not even known or noticed. that's how sneaky evil is!! that's why i have sympathy for most homeless people because i know evidently someone or ones who should have did not do right by them usually but they are pointed at as the problem when they are the symptom!! you have to have the brains to think and realize beyond the surface to realize the cause and effects. that's what evil does, it depends on the shallow and stupid logic of society so their shitty ways and the real problem people are not held accountable. homelessness? runaways? welfare? shiiit, some people fuking deserve it and let me tell you that metaphorically, the fukers who caused it are not the ones usually in the welfare office or on the street or homeless or served any jail time.
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  5. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    Your idea of "valid" is meaningless. You have no way of knowing beforehand what will turn out to be "good" or "bad" for the species.
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  7. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    You say "good for the survival of the species." Evolution doesn't care.
  8. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    The context is that if the species survives, that's good. If it becomes extinct, that's bad. Of course evolution doesn't "care" which but river does.
  9. birch Valued Senior Member

    sorry, you're an idiot or one who believes in the line 'the ends justify the means'. so i was right about you. let's flesh this out. so you are saying that it's okay for some to risk-take and rape someone? because that is a form of risk-taking, for example. maybe because it perpetuates their bloodline or their genes? what genes are they passing on? you mean the dual fuked up genes of someone who obviously doesn't have the developed qualities to attract someone mutually or doesn't want to invest in actually bettering themselves as a person by their attributes so resorts to the lowest actions as well as the anti-social gene? lmfao

    so in essence perpetuate a so-called win which isn't really qualitatively speaking along with some fuked up shit attributes/tactics which will be a main staple among society. isn't that why we have a judicial and prison system? i guess these are good for society. lmao.

    well hell, let's bring polio and the measles back. because society just isn't good without those benefits either. everything is acceptable. lmao

    no fuk my opinion does not actually fundamentally 'change' nature itself anymore than i can change the weather. this is not the point of the discussion, that's already understood.

    i know what was good for the species, asshole and my instincts are as valid as another. did you miss that point? my instincts and core was telling me to reject the fuking scumbags and pass on my genes with a better human being mutually and it was right spot-on. so fuk your disgusting logic.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  10. birch Valued Senior Member

    i remember how petty they were too. even just emotions, happiness or inspiration, drive, ambition, or anything constructive etc was the target of jealousy. i mean even an inkling of it and was to be snuffed out. that's "negative" evolution for you. the lower road motivated by base jealousy, not an actual concern for the betterment of society but simple myopic selfishness and jealousy, instead of the higher one/motives. instead of just bettering themselves or lifting others, they were focused on deteriorating others as competition. it's far too honest to just let others be better to actually have real competition to better standards overall or for a better society. the real goal is just to be on top, whether you cause damage to do it. that's pathetic. it's cowardly yet effective to just undermine it. yeah, that's so good for society. what fuking utter bullshit. that's why you have the subpar quality society that it is. that's not my opinion, that's just a fuking fact. either one technically works because nature does not care about quality as that is secondary. lmfao.

    what i learned about wrongdoers is that it's not just some subjective analysis but that they actually do not deserve to be rewarded for their behavior or self-serving motives. for example, the stepfather could get other women but he didn't want to start where he was as at or who he could attract, he wanted what he did not deserve at all times simply for no other reason than ego, not actual compatibility. this is a form of cheater mentality or 'skipping' development or whatever it actually entails to reach a certain place in life or attract legitimately something or be equal to it at least. if you are not willing or incapable, then at least you should be honest with yourself about what you do deserve which is not bad to start from the bottom or anything shameful.

    some people's egos don't accept that reality that others have worked their way up and believe they are more entitled due to an inflated ego. this attitude also indicated and coincided with his conservative top-down view which is that he actually looked down on people below him meaning his idea of society was that there always needed to be people to either be above or below but never equal or above him to be superior.

    not just superior based on qualities alone regardless of others. he needed to actually literally subjugate others or someone to feel better about himself or people look up to him as some type of guru or know-it-all to bestow direction and control over others for no other reason than to see himself as superior, with no actual validity whatsoever! fuking lowlife. people like this use cunning, deception and violence because they don't actually want to develop or earn legitimately. they are purely motivated by ego. whatever they see they want, they assume they deserve which is not accurate.

    he was raised by a conservative family who believed in white priviledge and supremacy so it was a combination of genes and nurture there because he was worse than them so evidently it's genetic.

    this is also evidenced by his attitude toward his theology degree which he was not dedicated to and dropped out but demanded a higher raise even though others had earned their complete degree, but his ego assumed he deserved it without earning it. he was too anxious to attain the benefits of the title rather than the actual respect of the degree itself and his excuse was that 'he already knows everything about god' pompously stated verbatim. his exact words. can you believe that shit? he said he already knew everything about god. lmao. people like this are scum and dishonest and they are not good for society just because they exist.

    his son is an idiot from his first marriage and his daughter from the second marriage is average intelligence except for one talent though good at it but she is also one of those who is a conservative type who is cold/mean but warm superficially/outwardly that is more about the image of religious and social status/ respect rather than actual ethics similar to him so genes do matter and it shows.

    jesus christ, he was not anywhere not my type and revolting to me. but the truth is there are types that wouldn't so that was not the problem. i think that those who do not even try to read or consider others in their assessment of relations is someone who is a pervert and does not care about you at all, you are just an object. that's actually another form of stupidity by perverting form and compatible flow or disrespectful of it. perversion, upset, distress, backwards and twisted is what they like. why the FUK would any sane person think this would result in some good situation or end, in any fuking way?
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  11. birch Valued Senior Member

    his daughter is also ADD like him, tends to be really religous and dogmatic/superior and tends toward easy heavy-set like that fat bloated and nasty/perverted depraved pus of an excuse of humanity called a man. so genes do matter. he was also extremely cruel and i have never known anyone as cruel, dark, depraved and cold as him for being so fuking light-skinned white/pink on the outside. i used to wonder if he really was a devil or satan. once someone i knew who met him who was a sensitive, intuitive type told me that he gave him the creeps just being around him meeting him once.

    the other litmus test i learned about people/society who are not bothered or do not pick this up about bad people tend to usually be bad people themselves and that's why they get along, not just because they actually do not consciously know their deeds. none of their friends were actually nice or warm or ethical people. they were either socially proper/distant or similar in some way.

    people can get a sense of who someone actually is especially meeting them in person and being around them for awhile. it's even intuitive and that something feels right or wrong type of thing. this is how i know that there are a lot of bad people in the world because there were a lot of people who got along with him or thought he was normal. the really good ones either stayed away or instinctively did not like him or my mother which were few and far between, because evidently the average person is a moron or an asshole themselves, even if they may not do the extent of evil that they did, they are not that good either.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  12. birch Valued Senior Member


    there is a lot to glean from this. it is obviously a stupid policy, even on it's face, for one. who deserves the darwin award? her family? her? doctors?

    No, ultimately those at the top in the government and those at the top making such decisions or not repealing stupid laws or policies, or worse implementing them.

    Since when is it a fact that only those who are the most competent and intelligent and sensible or wise or moral rise to the top?
  13. birch Valued Senior Member

    another insight i've often heard which is true is how unfair nature is that some who would be wonderful mothers or parents don't get to be parents but those who are terrible ones do. but even technically i know why this is the case because, again, nature is not that sophisticated as in have those type of standards to differentiate. it only cares about simple procreation.

    nature and evolution can be so perverted and unwise that even those who have no maternal instincts or real attributes can produce offspring. most of these offspring either end up abused or killed by the parents or pass on these genes as well as issues to further generations and these aren't even women who were raped, but women who willingly had these children. just like that bitch who had me and yet blamed me for being born and she was no rape victim or anything. in fact, she was having an affair with my father. again, the putrid stench of hypocrisy of scum. she was against abortion because of her religious beliefs but not against torturing or abusing someone. does this make any sense at all? hmm. just a cold hearted ugly fuking bitch, inside and out and who had waay better life than she ever deserved. there are people who suffer who deserved better than the likes of her or him!!! that monster of her husband too (similar in nature) didn't even come from a poor family!!!

    but in my case, the ironic twist in the horrible silver lining, is the major reason she was so abusive towards me was that i was the OPPOSITE of her in nature and just severely disliked for this reason, so evidently i didn't inherit as much of her genes or attributes. even though she didn't consciously abuse my half-sister, she was not that maternal either with her because she was not capable of that kind of actual/sincere tenderness, sensitivity or love. so to make up for that shortcoming, she was often putting down other women or abusing any kind of woman she could get away with and thought she was above other women, godly, holy and other mindnumbingly dishonest beliefs about herself which was the furthest from the truth.

    what i do know even about sociopaths is they tend to not be as abusive to those who are more similar in nature to them. she identified with my half-sister who was more similar and was not abjectly abusive to her. the reason why she was a sociopath is a decent person has at least some basic morals/decency/consideration to not monstrously abuse people, especially to that level, just because they are not like you but conservatives tend to be the most prejudicial like this on a deeply primal level. this all goes along with her conservative, dogmatic and prejudicial nature. she was very defensive about her own "kind" though.

    indeed, i was very different from her and clashed in every conceivable way that i once thought i had to be adopted because there was literally nothing in common, including looking nothing like her. actually, i look almost exactly like my real father's mother and she ended up resentful of him for not being able to get his money and status. my real father, though he was an asshole, was a better, intelligent and more capable man who had more legitimate talent and abilities. he was a very determined and ambition man too who worked his way from the ground up to become a very wealthy entrepreneur. besides abuse from her, this was a further reason to irk him and incited abuse from her husband because he wasn't as successful. i mean, nowhere near, so i was a target for some weird indirect reason for additional irrational hatred or jealousy, even though i could not benefit from my real father anyways.

    these are just indications that nature as well as the theory of evolution is imperfect. evolution is a dirty business.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  14. birch Valued Senior Member

    oh, she used to make me stand outside on the balconey in the dead of winter, in the snow, in my damn nightgown, with me crying and lock the door if she was upset about something, even as trivial as waking her up from her daily nap at 9 years old, in germany and in military housing. the only reason she opened the door a few minutes later was a couple walked by and was asking me why i was outside.

    i literally had to walk around on tippy toes and spent most of the time outside like a vagabond on the playground after school during her naptime because if i walked in (since it was old wood floors) and the sound of a creak would wake her up, she would get violent. of course, she was disgustingly ingratiating to the public though and her church public so she could get social respect. this is how i had to live, always in fear of their violence and with the stepfather additional mindgames.

    a kind woman who lived on the third/top floor gave me some hand-me downs because she noticed that my clothes were not fitting right. i was also routinely punished by her husband for their own mistakes. again, a form of perversion. it was never their fault, it was always mine. for instance, i was beaten for missing a doctor's appointment but he did not tell me where he was going to pick me up at school as i couldn't find him and this was the only one time i ever had a checkup in the whole time because they were so negligent, when in the military medical care is free!!! these were little tricks to set me up to get me into trouble and he did not actually want to take me to the doctor in case i might say something anyways. there is so much more, years of horrible memories of taunting, neglect, trickery, abuse and degradation.

    even more bizarre is he would come home from work and derisively say that he was even looking forward to punishing me in a very sinister and evil way. when he did, he would get a wildly perverted and cruel expression on his face. he really got off on it.

    what goddamn, legitimate excuse did these people have for all this and not even providing me with necessities beyond barely passable? they weren't homeless or without money or down and out? what legitimate excuse or justification for this type of abuse?

    so evolution does the right thing by producing such lifeforms? lmfao. one would have to be insane and drop any semblance of decent standards to believe that bullshit.

    i know emphatically and without a shadow of a doubt and 100% that scum not only do not deserve to be breathing but never deserved to exist in the first place. well, no wonder they do what they do because this universe allows evil and suffering is some inconsequential entertainment.

    the only positive i got out of this experience is a deeper view into the psychology of scum and evil which is why i know they don't deserve any sympathy. it has almost nothing to do with abuse or that they were victims. it is actually the opposite and they are malignantly narcissistic and self-centered.

    ive known many people who have had horrible lives who would ever do such things to people.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    hindsight is 20/20. what i realize now is that what i should have done is take them out completely instead of trying to work with them. they were already going to put me into years of mental suffering which is a type of virtual prison in itself so whats the difference in prison time?

    my values don't see killing (depending on the reasons) as evil as those who purposely ruin lives and enjoy the suffering of others. it would be quick, clean and done as i'm not into sadism. others may think this is evil but i don't think so and i would have no remorse or guilt because i would know deep down i'm right, no matter other's opinion as they didn't have to suffer at their hands or deal with them. hypothetically, if i could go back, i would goddamn fuking kill them, turn myself in and do the time. period!

    heheh. when you are dealing with scum, you have to be as dangerous as them or they don't respect you. they don't care about kindness, honesty, goodwill, fairness etc. hell, that's just a further opening to manipulate you further as they have a disdain for real ethics. they should just be put the fuk out of existence.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  16. birch Valued Senior Member

    it's telling that no matter what technological advances are attained, organic lifeforms don't really evolve as in change intrinsically. there is this false conflation that somehow technology either masks or improves human development but people actually are not more evolved.

    instead of eating with their bare hands, they eat with a fork. instead of sleeping in a cave or on the ground, they sleep in beds etc. even with people who have careers, housing, friends, food, cars etc, the basic drives to fuk something or someone over or commit some insane shit or cause problems prevail, small and large, in their instincts.

    besides, so many people turning to drugs or alcohol to numb themselves, even in first world countries. this is because the physical is only a small fraction of the meaning of quality of life.

    then there are people in third world countries who believe that life would be so much better in a first world country in comparison. that's because when one has a specific problem, the focus is on relief of that.

    but once that is satiated or fixed, then there is a tendency to look for further stimulation, even if toxic or destructive as amusement. there is the wisdom that once basic needs are met, it might alleviate much of the problems in society in that people would be more humane (when the truth is it's just better laws or deterrants, not the intrinsic nature) or kinder toward others but then predation and evil is sought just as a form of amusement as well as ego-based pursuits take over, resulting in the use of the same nasty tactics or abuse for competition. not everyone but still many. the predation just never stops and that's why people still jump out of windows and off bridges in first world countries too.

    case in point, even with that husband and wife or others living in a first world country with a job, roof over head, money, medical care and relative safety as well as disposable income did not make them better people, less jealous or malignant, less hostile, more appreciative or humane or improve them intrinsically as human beings.

    meaning a rapist is going to be a rapist no matter if they live in a hut or a mansion. an abuser is going to be an abuser whether they have some or a lot of money. a thief isn't satisfied with stopping if there is more they could target etc. a bitch is going to be a bitch whether she has one pair of shoes or a thousand. an asshole is just an asshole, no matter what. more doesn't always make someone better or appreciative of what they have, it can just desensitize them resulting in the same agitation to want more or something else. more or decadence makes no dent in anyone's character or who they really are. if someone was a psychopathic narcissist as a poor person, they will be the same if they have wealth. the physical has nothing to do with it. because the real motivation is ego-based, not anything actual. oh, the neighbor just got a ferrari? okay, now i'm dissatisfied with my perfectly running audi etc. let me hate on him/her etc.

    the stupidity is they really may not be dissatisfied with it and the motivation could simply be the 'idea' of what that physical object is defined to represent which is again about ego. one may not actually even prefer the car really as it may not fit them or their needs. many people tear down others or try to take things from others simply because they think it might benefit others or make them happy, even if it's completely useless to them or they really don't care about it themselves! this applies to all areas of life. i have even known women that if you show interest in a certain male, the only reason for their pursuit is because you were interested and not because they were, meaning they just don't like to see someone else happy or have that chance etc. the problem with just ego alone is it's dishonest.

    the problem is people need to learn to mind their own fuking business, instead of constantly meddling and tearing down another's pot for no other reason than ego. that is evil because it's not even necessary or makes a difference in their life. if it did, then that would be legitimate but it's done even when it's not. the problem is instrinsic evil and stupid nature itself. this is how you can see that nature has low priority goals as once real needs are met, it cannibalizes unnecessarily and regresses upon society itself because that is the only motive nature can come up with. it doesn't know what to do or how to constructively direct that primitive predatorial instinct after basic needs are met because it's no longer always appropriate but it's still there as a one-trick usual pony.

    the "evil" and unceasing dissatisfaction of organic life is still there as a boiling seed which causes it's own problems as well as for others. but when you take away all the setting, scenery and technological gadgets, whether it's the 3rd century or the 21st century, it's the same issues with organic life.
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  17. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    No, I didn't say any such thing. I said that you can not tell whether raping somebody will be a "good" thing or a "bad" thing for the species.

    What do you know about their genes? Maybe the person who finds a cure for cancer will be the product of rape. Is that a "good" thing or a "bad" thing for the species?
  18. birch Valued Senior Member

    your logic is disgusting and it should be very obvious to you and anyone. so you think just numbers of people surviving is all that really matters. quality of life is not the point to you. so curing cancer to help assholes is okay to you as long as there are people. it wouldn't matter if the whole world was rapey as long as they were procreating, surviving and living is what you are saying. so domestic violence and rape and child abuse etc doesn't matter to you as long as people survive. quality and values of the product means nothing to you, just a product. well, you kinda got that society now.

    idiot, rape has nothing to do with the ability to cure cancer besides that's a totally moot point. that's like saying, what if the rapist's victim is now mentally fucked over, which otherwise may have gone on to cure cancer or what if the person was killed accidentally yesterday? or the victim of the sociopath who abducts, rapes and kills may have gone onto make some great contribution to society. like i said so you condone rape and other assorted ills. so while curing cancer, rape will go on or additional problems that need to be addressed. confirmed my point about the subpar society. constant win/lose. solve one problem this way, cause another in another way.

    but it is true that when it comes to human societies, there really are no real standards because people are so subjective and that's why this idea of superior and inferior is often muddled or totally bogus in it's interpretation.

    for instance, my stepfather who is nothing but half a step from trailer trash whose claim to fame is janitorial work (moved constantly as he couldn't hold down a job for long) after the military and some religious affliliation for respect thought he was so superior that he had a right to own people as long as they were from another race and use them because they were inferior to him. he thought i didn't even deserve an inkling of human decency and abjectly treated me less than an animal or object when in truth i was more human and evolved than he was. hmm? strange? what was bizarre is none of his self-righteous beliefs were based on any real truth or evidence. remember evidence? he was white yet his iq was low which he made up for being extremely manipulative. he was white, yet he was ugly as fuk. he was white, yet his character was depraved as shit. funny, him being white only did not guarantee any good qualities or superiority. hmmm??? his kids are not impressive either. best is average.

    he is so depraved, insane or weird or something is wrong with him that he even has grandchildren of his biological own, yet he is more interested in my son who he has no real biological connection???? huh???

    i don't get it. i literally don't get why some people insist on being a stalker in some way in your life for the rest of their lives when there is nothing in common or you hate the person anyways or they abused you and so there is bad blood. NONE of it makes any sane sense or even logical sense.

    while there are people who are legitimately superior who don't even think like that or are more humble than him. the reason I'M fuked up in the head is because i've dealt with people who make ZERO logical sense, pervert everything to the point life in it's definition or sane structure has no meaning or point and i have no idea why.

    he even made a comment that i was showing him up by moving on with my life, making my own life etc and having my child with another person. like it's some type of competition. i was not supposed to go on with my life? he already had a wife and kids, so he deserved more than others? huh? like why didn't and doesn't he just find someone who wants him, instead of being a rapey stalker creep and asshole, who thinks he has a right to control people to some bizarre extent? most people are even humble enough to accept that not everyone wants you, for chrissakes! when i told someone this, he said i should have killed him and he would have killed him if he did that to him too. he would have been annoyed/angered beyond sanity with a thorn in the side of a person like that.

    so the idea that humans are logical or nature knows what it's doing or it's perfect is absolute bullshit. it's all one messy, big, steamy pile of human shit. that's society.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  19. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    Logic can not be disgusting. The conclusions are either valid or not. Whether you like them or not is irrelevant.

    Of course I didn't say any such thing, so I don't know why you're ranting about it.
  20. birch Valued Senior Member

    Moderator note: some video content has been deleted from this post.

    ironic that this is a universe so wonderful, that there are people who take themselves out of it by killing themselves. i think the statistic is like one every 40 seconds somewhere around the world.

    the truth is, this is a terrible universe and a horrible host for life or shapes life or lifeforms to be horrible/hideous/dangerous and therefore society, death from here is not always a negative.

    and with utmost irony, those who won the darwin awards may be the real winners as they are not here with this unceasing struggle and hardship that really has no real purpose.

    honestly, i've only seen two types of people rise to the top. either it's intellectuals that are like neutral tourists that are observing and measuring the world/universe in the physical sense and then SCUM. this is consistently in society which is a mirror of the laws of nature. let me repeat that: either intellectuals or scum out of the rest of society. not the best, not the worthy or the most humane, or the most ethical etc but the worst. forget about the intellectuals for a moment, they are more outside the majority or the main meat of the visceral laws of nature. it's clear again, that the pattern favors sociopathic and baser instincts/natures.

    and i noticed they have two common attributes: extreme selfishness and large egos. not sometimes but scum always rises to the top of society. and because of this scum that nature favors, the ones that are more 'human' but obscure suffer or commit suicide. intellectuals are just to serve that society with it's expertise/innovation/inventions in making life more comfortable for them.
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  21. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Why the fuck would you post videos of these poor sad people killing themselves. I think it is demented...
  22. birch Valued Senior Member

    i didn't make these realities. you don't like it, stick your head in the sand. you don't care about them either, you just don't want to be reminded of such people or realities. so you call me demented for bringing up people who are the forgotten or just considered the usual collateral damage of society.

    ironicly, you as a scientist, should be asking the universe why. but the answer will be something usually very obnoxious such as they weren't smart enough, strong enough etc when in reality, many who are happy or survive aren't necessarily smarter, better or even more deserving.

    don't get mad at me. start getting mad at what truly deserves the focus: your dear universal laws.

    also, if the theory of darwinian evolution was a perfect fact, why would you have those high up in gov't making such obviously demented laws or not changing them?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  23. birch Valued Senior Member

    i'm going to expound on this because it should be and it's the subject scientists evade. have people noticed that scientists have no real explanation as to questions such as why is life unfair or the immorality or pain and suffering etc and when they do answer it trying to be as 'scientific' or ' logical' as possible, it's no different than what mengele or the worst monster would say. absolutely cold. the problem is, it's not even logical or true, but it's similar to fundamental religionists except instead of the fallibility or imperfection or lack in some way of a godhead in question, it's the universe or universal laws which they deem as superior and perfect. this is the reason why they avoid such subjects because it doesn't mesh or marrs the perfect view of the design of universal laws.

    and when it does, it's almost never the universe or it's shitty or inferior laws that is ever in question. sound familiar?

    this is why the abjectly, even erroneous logic but touted as completely perfect to fill in this gap using darwinian evolution as some perfect system which it isn't and society proves it. you have as much incompetent idiots as well as of inferior nature that make it to the top as well as those who are better or more deserving that don't. sometimes, they even die or get killed by those who are even inferior to them. this supposedly perfect system of nature is to satisfy the idea that either god is perfect or the universal laws are, so therefore the universe (what scientists usually worship). that's usually the most common view.

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