Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by lixluke, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    Re: Nice thread

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    ME TOO! lol
    Except not a Porsche, because I don't drive yet, but something like a trip around the world, from ancient ruins to stifling hot rainforests...*sigh*

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  3. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    Re: No. Go for it right now.


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  5. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    Go for it!
    Thanks for opening up about the girls you like.
    I hope you follow all the advice here.
    Mainly Fraggle Rocker’s.

    At least everybody is being supportive instead of rude.

    Originally posted by pumpkinsaren'torange:
    Cool Skill....yoooooouuuuu crazay!
    You crazy!
    You still haven’t told me about your dream that you mentioned in the other site a few days ago.
    I'm still waiting for it, pumpkinsaren'torange.
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  7. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Describe some of your day dreams.
    I usually dream of things like...
    - having kids
    - some other parent stuff...
    - making rain food in Africa and feeding the poor
    - making a forest appear and cover the whole Sahara Desert
    - coming to a battlefield where millions of Israelitis and Palestines fought and died and raise all of them from the dead
    - sending the Holy Spirit into millions of people
    - walking around and wherever I go people go on their knees and start worshiping God and becoming Christians
    - making weapons of mass destruction release thousands of flowers when exploded

    This answer pretty much all of them...

    Is there anything you dwell on?
    God. Christ. Love.
  8. proteome Registered Senior Member

    1) day dreams.
    I day dream about the dreams I had the night before

    2) Fantasies at night.
    I fantasize about building houses

    3) Social
    I fantasize about doing stand up comedy

    4) Sexual
    I wonder what it would be like to have a three way with Anna Nicole and another guy

    5) Financial/Future
    I wonder if I were more financially well off, if I would find myself
    in the same ruts that I blame on money problems now.

    6) Adventure
    I daydream about a a huge amount of gold being discovered, which ruins the economy, and everyone scrambs to reinvent bartering.

    7) Reminiscence/Past
    I relive events in my mind, but I change the crappy outcomes. I think it helps get rid of bad tapes.

    8) Psychotic/Vengeance/Obsession
    I'd like to see hunters hunted with their own guns, and I feel incensed when I hear about animal cruelty.

    9) Is there anything you dwell on?
    I'm a perfectionist. I dwell on dwelling.
  9. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    - selectively "culling" the human species to a more manageable population(conflicting with truthseeker much?)

    -Changing the public view on animal rights activists by starting an extremist group with different squads that travel the globe blowing up commercial fishing and shark finning boats , shooting poachers, stabbing miss rattle snake rodeo in the throat every year(miss rattle snake rodeo is the "sexy" girl at the anual rattle snake massacre who smiles while tearing the skin off snakes), strangling lumberjacks ..etc etc.

    -being a celebrity and appearing on late night with conan o'brien, not sure what type of celebrity, maybe I could become a celebrity through my crazy organisation mentioned above.

    -winning the lottery and creating the hippest and most profitable nightclub in human history.

    -winning the lottery and creating a mansion with huge waterslides sticking out of the walls that lead into awesome man made lagoons that surround my mansion.

    -getting lost at sea and stumbling upon a deserted island, discovering that on that island there are two european teenage lesians who got stranded there years before. The lesbians are angry at my presence at first but over the following weeks they warm to me and I eventually engage in having a crazy wild threesome with them on the beach.

    -somehow aquiring a dvd set of nature documentaries from all over the universe. Each life filled planet in the universe would have its own dvd set involving a dvd for each family of creature(ie cetaceans, primates etc) on said planet. man that'd be sweet

    -having specific types of dogs when I'm older for some reason

    -doing nasty sexual stuff with caitlin from degrassi junior high.

    -having my own boat and exploring the marine habitats near me while on ecstasy(my dad has a sweet boat but he won't let me use it to explore while on ecstasy

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    -being back in school ..... aaaaaah ... school

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    (not because I like eductaion but because I like girls and I like not having to go out and look for them)

    -having everything I've ever enjoyed on tv in a huge easy to navigate dvd library.... damn!

    -ummmmm ..... i'll get back to you

    -man, I have alot of "dreaming time" on my hands...
  10. man_of_jade Psychic person Registered Senior Member

    Me? I tend to reminisce(however the heck ya spell it)...
    Theres only one thing I really dwell on... Happiness, Joy, and Love

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  11. Lord_Tigersloth Registered Senior Member

    well, after looking through it, i think i have similar dreams to everyone else!

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  12. shadows technocrat:Teach me Registered Senior Member

    love, sex, financial future are the things I daydream about. They are also what I dwel on or lack of those 3.
  13. shadows technocrat:Teach me Registered Senior Member

    What do sciforumers fantasize about?

    1) Describe some of your day dreams.
    in a penthouse with a friend
    2) Describe you’re your fantasies at night.
    playful friend
    3) Social
    having a place to belong and being well liked in the real world
    4) Sexual
    lots of play buddies that share my interests and ways of release
    5) Financial/Future
    having a place that I can be myself and survive in
    6) Adventure
    being the hero
    7) Reminiscence/Past
    Everything that normally happens
    8) Psychotic/Vengeance/Obsession
    living a good life
    9) Is there anything you dwell on?
    things that went wrong in my past
  14. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Different breeds of dogs

    That's a good idea. The various breeds were originally developed for specific purposes. Their instincts, musculature, stamina, eyesight, etc. allow each breed to provide a different type of companionship. Just to mention two:

    Maltese were used a circus dogs in England. (They were a bit larger, not the five-pounders so popular today.) Excellent eyesight (for a dog, that would equate to about 20/100 in a human), strong, playful, curious, no sense of territory. Will go anywhere with you and not wander off, will invent their own games and play until you drop from exhaustion.

    Lhasa Apsos were used to guard Himalayan monasteries from burglars. They are almost all alphas and regard you as a dear roommate who buys all the food. Excellent hearing. Not very active but always on duty. Will second-guess your choice of friends... and they will ALWAYS be right.
  15. Straw Registered Member

    Re: Another experiment?

  16. Ice Princess Registered Member

  17. purple_hairstreak My true colours clash Registered Senior Member

    well, i fantasize about the day i'll start college! i cant wait to finish school!

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  18. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Still rockin'

    Oh man. I'm looking at you from the other end of that one! We were supposed to:

    1. Work a 20 hour week.
    2. Drive "cars" that floated twenty feet off the ground and emitted only water vapor for exhaust.
    3. Take sub-orbital SST's for weekend vacations on the other side of the world.
    4. Give friendly help to the Soviet Union, which had finally come to its senses and adopted democracy but not necessarily capitalism.
    5. Admire the houses and highways and food factories the Peace Corps built that eradicated poverty in the Third World.
    6. Regard all religions (except the ones like the Dao that don't have much of a supernatural vector) as quaint relics from our unenlightened past, like Halloween.
    7. Have a U.N. army that existed mainly just in case the Romulans really were out there.
    8. Have huge parks all over the tropics where we could watch tens of thousands of elephants, tigers, etc. live as nature intended with no hunting and no competition for farm land.
    9. Take all the drugs we wanted but be sensible and never get addicted, and the government would be sensible and never hassle us as long as we didn't get stupid.
    10. Walk down any street in America at any hour of the night or day and not even occur to us to feel unsafe.
    11. Be so totally integrated that everybody was just different shades of brown.
    12. Still be listening to rock and roll.

    Well, at least we were right about # 11. Frankly, at the time a lot of us probably thought that was the most important one.
  19. Energy Registered Senior Member

    1) Flying between the clouds, and above buildings.

    2) Almost all my dreams consist of super-normal powers... not sure if that means anything, but that's the only consistent thread.

    3) Being an enjoyable person who can move within groups without harassment.

    4) Not all that many, honestly. Too young.

    5) I'll go off into the woods, become a hermit, master carpentry and possibly swordsmanship while I'm out there (would have to get the tools from town every once in a while). Come back, find that the investment I had made before I left had grown substantially... so I'd have enough security to go back out into the woods again.

    6) Living in a fantastic/ D&D type world as a ranger, born of the land, with my weapons in both hands and all creatures, from goblin to dragon, fearing me and my panther ally.

    7) I torture myself with my mistakes on the rare occasion that I think about my past. I don't like thinking about my past.

    8) On occasion, I imagine what it would feel like to puncture someone's neck with sharpened fingernails and reach down their spine... just kidding. I don't have all that many.

    9) My spirituality, and my skills- how to improve them.
  20. Ice Princess Registered Member

    Re: Still rockin'

    Fraggle, I can't imagine life without my metal. Not grunge, but TRUE metal.

    I think I'm gonna be one of the "hip-est" grandmas out there one day!

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  21. Ice Princess Registered Member

    Ahhh... so nice to find a fellow metalhead over the age of 30!

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    I'm with you as I don't care for the new stuff (Korn, Nine Inch Nails, etc) either. My garbage disposal has more talent and sounds better to me.

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    As for Sabbath, they're a great group. I tend to prefer groups that are not so well known here in the states such as House of Spirits (Turn of the Tide - NOT Physcosphere - yuck!), Saxon, Pretty Maids, Edguy (who's lead singer sounds JUST LIKE Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, I swear!), MSG (Michael Schenker's stuff), Vinnie Moore, Gary Moore, John Norum (another guitar god) and alot of other the 80's "one hit wonders". AND... I also prefer Van Halen/Roth to Van Hagar.

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  22. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    I guess tomb raider would be the closest you would get. But it’s less like a female Indiana Jones, and more like an Indiana Jones with big breasts and big guns.

    Elaborate, purple.

    Hell ya. You’re fantasies would make for great designs. I noticed that some fantasies would make for great designs while others would make for great stories. All this creative energy is fun.

    That sounds interesting. Can you please elaborate like story wise? I was hoping to see some fantasies in this thread that are described with more narration
    All of your fantasies are interesting, but they are brief summaries.

    I’d be interested in lots of details about your fantasies.
    Has anybody ever read Nancy Friday books such as “Women On Top?”
    She’s a sexologist that studies people and their sexual fantasies. There are actually a few similar sexologists that study people’s sexual fantasies and publish them.
    I wonder if there are any books that study other types of fantasies that people have.
    Anyway, I think it would be interesting to see a fantasy told in detail from start to finish.
  23. Rowen Registered Senior Member

    I daydream alot.

    *sometimes its about love and having beautiful moments with people that are very dramatic/intimate/and special.
    *About sex, but then who doesn't
    *I dream about being seduced by The Vampire Lestat.
    *About being a vampire and killing people.
    *I daydream about being different people and having to deal with some major emotional/psychological problem.
    *Sometimes I dream about being tortured.
    *Living in the past specifically in the 1700's
    *Being a stripper
    *Being a world leader
    *Being a Goddess
    *I daydream alot about acting. About being on a stage and acting Shakespeare.
    *I daydream about William Shakespeare

    I daydream alot. Actually theres little I wont daydream about, which should be obvious. My list could go on forever.

    ******I throw myself into moments and pretend to freeze time so that I can see the moment and everything contained within it!!!!!!!

    -We can know immortality in our dreams-


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