DC protest-01/06/2021

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by sculptor, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    can't prove it

    Perhaps, the reason that you can't prove it is that it ain't true?

    all due deference to science
    conspiracy hypothesis would be a better term?

    and then
    given a failure to prove the hypothesis
    what are we left with?
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    "i was a lefty at the time"
    T : 1:59 "polar opposites"
    so the host is making a statement that TC is a fascist (he is literally saying that & TC agrees with him)
    really ? lol

    and notice how similar they look
    neither is more attractive than the other & share key facial type indicators for a selective xenophobicly aligned audience(how many audiences are not xenphobicly aligned is a larger question).

    she would be the perfect looking alt-tucker in an X chromosome

    that whole "i made you out of nothing ""i own you as a piece of meat"", " kinda thing is very repulsive yet very profound of a society where it is contacts not skill that gets you into the top class of jobs.

    "owning people" slavery validation concept ?

    the hidden usa class system ...
    how does that relate to antisemitism & skin colour racism ?
    probably quite significantly as it does in all other cultures with extreme classicist societys
    India for example the lightness of skin is defined as a class system preference.

    soo many ism's probably ... by the looks of it
    driven by terribly poor religious based schooling & massively indoctrinated classicism.
    which appears to be the countrys near undoing.

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  5. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    as/re slavery
    Let us consider "wage slaves"
    paycheck to paycheck, many cannot afford to not punch that clock and become wage slaves
    wherein lies freedom for these enslaved people?
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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    freedom is a false narrative created by Bourgeoisie & upper class Elitists

    the irony is that they claim to be able to exist without the support & cooperation of a society around them acting with primary socialist legal concepts.

    anarchy is equally as false & mostly used as an excuse to inflict the persons own version of fascism on others.

    horse shoe theory
    anarchists & fascists
    communists & capitalists

    there is NO capitalist or Communist system that operates without critical use of the opposing system to maintain it & drives parts of its core functions & realities.

    communism has no free speech
    for example equally fascism has no free speech & capitalism free speech is controlled to be only legalized by the marketing company as a customer friendly narrative.

    but there is so much brain washing by religion
    most people cant tell the difference or explain it(assuming they allow themselves by their own beliefs to be allowed to have their own opinion & publicly say it)

    the cry of "capitalism is the only mechanism for free speech" is old tired false & damaging
    & can only be sustained by the fascism it projects to enact its core functionality which is mob rule.

    because anarchy
    or because cold war
    or because communist
    does not validate mob rule fascism & does not suddenly make it any better or different
    the violent mob rule can swap shirts & hats & books with any political extremist group it likes & will maintain the same morality.

    Democracy is neither fascism, communism or capitalism or socialism(for those a little more educated)
    however if there is no core socialist social rule(laws morals & practices) then democracy has no vehicle to drive.

    the American colonial experiment has come full circle
    there is a global pandemic which is on the verge of wiping out modern civilization as we know it.
    the US economy is in the toilet & waiving its arms screaming for a surf life saver.
    ... and the surf life saver is a volunteer organization who cant afford to pay their own rent or medical.
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  8. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Nor can we prove the QAnon conspiracy isn't true.

    We can't prove any of the theories of science either.
  9. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Hmm. Is evolution a conspiracy hypothesis? How about the various theories of gravity? All conspiracies to you?
  10. sculptor Valued Senior Member

  11. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Lying via innuendo, as you attempt there, is not how honesty works.
    You are out of practice (innuendo is your thing - not honesty, which you parted company with quite a while back), but in these circumstances that's no excuse - it's too simple a situation.
    No, you didn't.
    Certainly not informative, anyway - outside of the couple of narrowly focused US foreign policy propaganda issues in which he had personal ground knowledge his posts contained nothing in the way of information, and less than nothing in the way of "counterpoint" (deflections, bullshit, falsehoods, and overt refusals to provide counterpoint, are subtractions - putting schmelzer well into negative territory).
    About domestic US politics, physical science, and technical matters in general he was invariably simply wrong - and always in alignment with one particular media feed. His errors and falsehoods had one source.

    The situation: Disinformation is not informative, and he (like you) never factchecked the Republican media feed - to the point of overtly refusing to do so, in his case. No one knows why, for sure - with either of you, or any of the rest of your crowd. Why did you guys abandon physical reality, sequence and timeline, the plain nature of visible and verifiable event?

    The question you bring forward is whether you - any of you guys - even know what you've been doing. The extraordinary power of repetition to bury even simple, everyday facts has been one of the most startling lessons of your crowd's tenure here.

    Here's one, for reminder: In the American media, bothsides is bullshit. That means your attempted linking of Tucker and Maddow, above, is bullshit. Do you even know that any more?
    Called it:
    Anyone genuinely curious (sculptor was of course lying, but carefully) about that talentless twerp and his very lucrative fact-free ride on mainstream media can find lots of examples on MSNBC, or Fox, or almost any of the gullibility-paid corporate media he - and Sculptor, and Schmelzer, and the entire meme-pushing crowd that brought us that latest Republican administration and its inevitable disasters - has enjoyed the protection of for lo these many years.

    But then they would have to do their own punditry - it's easier to just follow the occasional summaries on the reality based (i.e. "leftwing extremist") blogs: https://driftglass.blogspot.com/2021/02/your-periodic-reminder-that-tucker.html
    Sad story.
    So what do you think happened to him? I think taking money to lie and slander and hurt people rots the soul, and no one is immune - but your take would be interesting, since you don't appear to be getting paid.
  12. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Reasoning from the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, as in all such non-mathematical endeavors.

    Either that, or posting another bullshit innuendo and tacking a question mark on it - as the Tucker Carlsons of this world have made seem almost normal, simply by shameless repetition.
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  13. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Ah, so only things that disagree with your political agenda are conspiracy theories. Well, that certainly requires less thought! Win-win for you.
  14. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    All this speculation is irrelevant. Schmelzer made his continued membership of this forum untenable by his own actions in trying to hold the moderators to ransom.

    See above.
  15. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    <--libertarian socialist

    I do not have a "political" agenda.
    I am an anti-war veteran who would be a tad more comfortable if Biden had not (illegally?) sent an armored column into Syria on his first day in office.
    I have caucused for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich

    You, on the other hand, along with ice do seem to have a yellow dog democrat political agenda.
    Should you continue to project your tendency to political agendas onto me, there is, most likely, not a damned thing that I can do about it.
    That being "said", I'll repeat:
    I do not have a "political" agenda.

    on to a real concern of mine:
    Will sending one armored column be the limit of Biden's war mongering tendencies?
    do you expect, and would you champion more?
  16. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Followed immediately by:
    Odd way to demonstrate that do not have a political agenda.

    You have been posting here for a long time. Your hard-right bent has been clear from the beginning, although you take pains to disguise it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; this is a discussion forum where all are welcome regardless of their political views. However, would it not be better to be honest about your political views, rather than deny them? It would be refreshing to see your actual political opinions rather than just a hint here, a smear there, an unbacked assertion over there.
  17. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Once again
    You are projecting
    Don't let the fact that I supported the candidacy of (that from your perspective?- right wing nutjob) Dennis Kucinich change your mind.

    You were so busy projecting that you avoided answering my questions.
    Will sending one armored column be the limit of Biden's war mongering tendencies?
    do you expect, and would you champion more?

    Do you want the blood of more victims of american military actions on your conscience?
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2021
  18. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Don't think I am, actually.
    Perhaps you could start a new thread for your Biden-bashing. You could bash Biden 24/7 while maintaining you do not have any political agenda - that would make you happy while allowing this thread to remain on-topic about the DC protest. I recall a note in the forum rules about not derailing threads.
  19. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    I wouldn't care of Biden had a sex change operation and changed his name to Susie Glutz.
    I just have a visceral dislike of war mongers! That's it---that is the sum total of my "political agenda".
    One year, in Illinois, a socialist workers party candidate managed to get his name on the ballot---and - I voted for him.
    (from your perspective---you just don't get much more right wing than that?)

    Do you think that what we did in Libya was a good thing?
  20. billvon Valued Senior Member

    To get back on topic:
    We now know that Russian troll farms have been posting content to disrupt US elections, often under false pseudonyms. No way to tell if Schmeltzer was his real name or why he was posting, but it's certainly possible he was one of them.

    But more on topic, the FBI is now investigating role Russia (and French right wing activists) played in supported the Capitol riot. From the Atlanta Journal:
    A separate FBI investigation is looking into whether foreign agents and governments provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to American extremist groups whose members joined the attack on the Capitol, according to NBC News.

    On the radar of the bureau is a French national suspected of sending $500,000 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments, which are traceable, to “key figures” in right-wing organizations before the riot, the network reported.

    The probe comes amid “mounting evidence that Russia and other foreign adversaries have sought to secretly support political extremists on the far right and far left” in the U.S., NBC reported.
  21. Luchito Registered Senior Member


    Because a well coordinated propaganda to establish a chaos as the new abnormal in society in general.

    Lots of nonsense has ruled the case of protests in Washington DC, specially the abuse of power by the DC Mayor and company.

    For example, you just can't change the name of a street from night to morning without consulting to neighbors and presenting the project with anticipation to be under vote. The turning down of the original sign of a street to install a new one is illegal, even if such is made by order of the Mayor, because it was an action that had not passed the official steps. There was not any emergency to take such step without following proper procedure (consulting to the community and presenting the project with anticipation). The Major became part of the protesters and, funny, those protesters never asked for and had not any city permit to be there and block streets in the Capital city.

    It is amazing that protesters are right when going against the abuses from some police officers, but that they ignore in purpose that the victims of those "police crimes" weren't exemplary people but were also criminals or dudes breaking the law. Making heroes of law breakers is ridiculous.

    The bad out coming is that those protests are showing worldwide that minorities are just a bunch of social resent people. All of them pointing the "white man" as the bad dude in history. This is to say, those protests are about racism, minorities considering themselves as "superior" than white man because he is "white".

    You can tell by the lots of movies, where the new releases are full of "women" as smarter and more though than white men. Even worse, full of lesbians as the main characters. Movies filled up with women as main characters with the same common denominator, their chosen friends are usually black dudes who are homosexual acting with effeminate accent. Those homosexuals are presented as "good persons" while the straight white man is shown as the bad dude, always reacting with anger, violent, etc.

    It is known that movies have influence in people minds, and releasing this kind of garbage movies is to brainwash societies inciting them to accept such kind of sexual behaviors other than a man with a woman, and promoting them.

    I can bet protesters of Washington DC and Seattle and many other cities watch Netflix movies filled with the themes as I have described right above, movies showing the "white man" as "inferior" and a "loser". They can't realize that with their new mentality, they, the protesters, have become the new racist society.
  22. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Yes, those minorities that used to hang white people for staring at a minority women.
    Such insult was just too great to be tolerated by minority people with their superior attitudes.
  23. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    Remembering the past is not the current reflect of the present.

    Mixing two different eras as one is nonsense.

    Your point has been automatically invalidated.

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