Death Valley Sailing Stones Prediction Linked To Egyptian Statuette Mystery Rotation

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by common_sense_seeker, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. common_sense_seeker Bicho Voador & Bicho Sugador Valued Senior Member

    Is there a tendency for the sailing stones to track left? Most of the photos show kinks to the left or curves to the left. Do the smaller stones circle the larger ones with a tendency for one direction? I have a hunch that it takes a mystery force to overcome the inertia and then the wind has an effect. The rocks are soapstone which is the same kind of material as the Egyptian statuette which rotates by itself in the Manchester museum. It rotates anti-clockwise, which is to the left. The mystery force acts on some special material in these rocks which makes them move to the left imv.

    Otherwise the simple effect of temperatures and wind would see this bizarre phenomenon in other places around the world. It's the soapstone rocks which makes the Racetrack Playa unique.

    I'm making the prediction that the sailing stones only move during the day, just like the statuette. Btw I know there are deviations to the right as well and changes in direction, but still, I think there is a potential connection. Either way, neither phenomenon is fully explained and they remain very bizarre. The scientific tests to see whether vibrations from the public footfall are solely responsible for the statuette moving were never published as far as I know. Why does the statuette only rotate in one direction and not move laterally? Why don't the other statuettes in the display case or else where in the museum move?

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  3. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    In 2006, Ralph Lorenz, a NASA scientist investigating weather conditions on other planets, took an interest in Death Valley. Lorenz was particularly keen on comparing the meteorological conditions of Death Valley to those near Ontario Lacus, a vast hydrocarbon lake on Titan, a moon of Saturn.

    But while investigating Death Valley, he became intrigued by the enigmatic sailing stones of Racetrack Playa.

    Lorenz developed a kitchen-table model — using an ordinary Tupperware container — to show how the rocks might glide across the surface of the lake bed.

    "I took a small rock and put it in a piece of Tupperware, and filled it with water so there was an inch of water with a bit of the rock sticking out," Lorenz told

    After putting the container in the freezer, Lorenz ended up with a small slab of ice with a rock embedded in it. By placing the ice-bound rock in a large tray of water with sand at the bottom, all he had to do was gently blow on the rock to get it to move across the water.

    And as the ice-embedded rock moved, it scraped a trail in the sand at the tray's bottom. Lorenz devised his clever experiment by researching how the buoyancy of ice can cause large rocks, when encased in ice, to move by floating along tidal beaches in the Arctic Sea.
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  5. common_sense_seeker Bicho Voador & Bicho Sugador Valued Senior Member

    Thanks for the link Buddha12, but I'm still not convinced. Where's the video footage of his experiment? The source you give has been known to provide BAD SCIENCE. I had a case just recently. They said insects had green blood because of the plants that they eat. An expert had to post to tell everyone that it wasn't the cause, but due to some copper-rich proteins which transported oxygen instead of hemoglobin iron-rich proteins in the red blood of mammals.

    Why has no-one ever videoed the effect? Why doesn't it occur anywhere else in the world. There's thousands of flat lake beds with rocks that freeze in the winter. Why the apparent sudden changes in direction? It still doesn't add up imo.

    P.S. I don't now think that the stones move just during the day but I do think there is a mystery force connection between the statuette, sailing stones and Earth flyby anomalies.
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  7. Boris2 Valued Senior Member

  8. common_sense_seeker Bicho Voador & Bicho Sugador Valued Senior Member

    Again, thanks for the link. It still leaves the mystery open to strange forces acting on the soapstone imv. Why no pictures from the other tracks around the world? Is it the same kind of rock there too? More investigation is needed.
    I found something else: How Do Death Valley’s “Sailing Stones” Move Themselves Across the Desert

    Still no video of the supposed solution..
  9. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Seriously? It was vibrations from people walking past. Notice that it didn't keep going around and around, it orientated itself to the most stable position and stopped there.

    Come on CSS, do you really have to insert such ludicrous interpretations every

    So your logic is that until you see a video showing a mundane, well understood explanation you're going to believe the opposite, some new phenomenon which lacks video evidence.

    When you demand evidence for observed phenomena and yet accept unobserved things without evidence you're being the very definition of irrational.

    I have a pet dragon in my garage and unless you send me a cheque for all your money it'll fly to your house and burn it to the ground. The dragon is the cause of the sailing stones so obviously I'm telling the truth, right? When can I expect the cheque? ..... or do you not believe such a claim as it is ludicrous?
  10. common_sense_seeker Bicho Voador & Bicho Sugador Valued Senior Member

    I'm predicting a unique lateral deviation to the left as well as a large positive acceleration for the Juno flyby anomaly on Oct 9th 2013. Let's wait and see if I'm right. If so, then the sailing stones and statuette connection can be taken more seriously.
  11. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    Is that your left or my left?
  12. Balerion Banned Banned

    Why do the loons always have names with "common sense" or "truth" in them? You can always tell the irrational ones by their rational-sounding names.

    Meanwhile, the smartest and most grounded poster in the forum will probably have a name like Spaghettiface.
  13. common_sense_seeker Bicho Voador & Bicho Sugador Valued Senior Member

    Good point. Left of the flightpath. Only four weeks to wait. It'll be big news if there's an anomaly. It's coming in close at around 500km, 50 times the height of an airliner at 30,000ft.

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