Define God.

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Jaster Mereel, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. scorpius a realist Valued Senior Member

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  3. Jaster Mereel Hostis Humani Generis Registered Senior Member

    That doesn't change my point about limiting the concept of God. If you are asserting that spiritual things are things, and that God is spiritual, then you are also asserting that God is not a spiritual nothing.

    The reverse also works.

    A perfect example of a completely useless contribution to a conversation about the concept of God.

    Now, if you were going to elaborate, then it would be something else entirely.
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  5. Light Travelling It's a girl O lord in a flatbed Ford Registered Senior Member

    Or, the true nature of the universe cannot be grasped by dualistic thought processes.
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  7. Jaster Mereel Hostis Humani Generis Registered Senior Member

    Why is that? Do you happen to know what is the true nature of the universe? Care to share that with everyone else?
  8. Light Travelling It's a girl O lord in a flatbed Ford Registered Senior Member

    That should be obvious by your attempt to explain god as;

    A thing or Nothing are the two dualistic states, by your own admission neither adequately explain the subject at hand. Therefore a dualistic way of trying to describe such things always falls short.

    I do not need to know the true nature of the universe to know that trying to describe in dualistic terms always falls short. i.e.
    Created / un created
    Thing / nothing
    Finite / eternal

    It is equally as improbable that the universe has always been; as it is improbable that it was created. Therefore the answer must lie outside of these dualsitic thought constructions.
  9. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Anthropomorphization of nature.
  10. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    why not?
  11. Blindman Valued Senior Member

    God is a fictional character designed as a tool to manipulate the masses by a power hungry few.
  12. Wisdom_Seeker Speaker of my truth Valued Senior Member

    Ever since Nietzche said "God is dead", something had to replace the word "God", so the opposite emerged, the word "fuck".

    Is like, if you are loving, but then say "there is no love", hate emerge.

    Is the same, so now everyone likes to fuck with fucking fucks.
  13. Blindman Valued Senior Member

    Barrel me and chuck me down a blocked drain.

    Does my cynicism show that much? Or are you another example of the religious subterfuge?

    Cant you see humanity does not need a god, we are all love from birth.
  14. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    sure you are not creating something fictional to manipulate the masses?
  15. Tnerb Banned Banned

    God to me is nothing more than an abstract concept, that is, until I can see what goes into this abstractness, or even, why I should believe in a god or God.................
  16. Cyperium I'm always me Valued Senior Member

    Well, to define God is not possible for us I think, perhaps we forget sometimes that the world is not made by humans...even though we understand some of the world, actually we have no clue as to how anything exists at all, or what principle keeps it existing. It's a mystery.
  17. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

    God: A fairytale designed to make the darkness beyond the fire ring less frightening.

    The End.
  18. Light Travelling It's a girl O lord in a flatbed Ford Registered Senior Member

    Except that, to believers (escpecially through history) God is often a concept far more frightening than any darkness could be. ???

    Also - in your analogy, what does the fire ring stand for?
  19. MGS_SOLO Registered Member

    How about Jesus( who is GOD)? just an abstract thought[/COLOR], or a liar , maybe a lunatic?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2007
  20. Fugu-dono Scholar Of Shen Zhou Registered Senior Member

    God? Some kind of abstract propaganda created to control people IMO. There's no scientific proof that this supposedly omnipotent Saruman look-alike exist. Shananigan...

    Hmmm... It could be that god is us. We are all gods. We conceptualised god ourselves afterall. Supposedly we are in god's image. If so why is it that we are not perfect and omnipotent?. Perhaps the conceptualising of god involves us defining ourselves as perfect as it gets as a specie on this planet. What's to say we are not gods ourselves. We afterall have abilities beyond any other specimen on this planet. We have highly evolved body structure and can adapt to pretty much any location on Earth. We can use tools and create. Our brain capacity is great. Look what science has allowed us to to do these days and human created that. As a matter of fact we are able to create lots of things. Things of past that were created by human are still wonders today. Things created today would surely be wonder to those of the past. The bible afterall was also created by human.

    With that said, it's ironic that people that literally actually believe in 'god' might be holding us back from achieving what they worship. Why? Perhaps if there really is such thing as a god maybe it might be their intention for us to be gods ourselves. :shrug:
  21. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    Would we be limited by an animal's description of ourselves?
    A particular person might be known as "friend", "food-getter", "big", "not here" or "here" based on the time of day, or whatever. Sounds like a pretty limited description of a human to me.
    I am having a hard time defining God in a way that doesn't, because of my limited perspective, create a definition which seems that it cannot be entirely accurate - the way an observation of the movement of an electron results in a description which may not contain a fully expressive picture.
  22. srikar Registered Senior Member

    God is a circle whose circumference is nowhere, and whose centre is everywhere.
  23. Satyr Banned Banned

    A frail and limited mind projecting itself into the unknown.

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