Demo or Repu, which are U?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WildBlueYonder, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. Just wondering why the vast majority of hardright, hawkish-warmongering dogs, never served in the military? Could be, they feel only the poor, the middle class, & minorities should die for the US, but not them?

    This was sent to me via email:
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  3. Undecided Banned Banned

    I noticed that as well...since most of the PNAC gang never actually went to war and watched in the sidelines as war happened they think it’s a game with no real consequences. They think it’s like a game of Risk and in the end it’s a zero sum game. The reality as 9.11 showed this is no game.
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  5. CuriousGene Supreme Allied Commander Registered Senior Member

    Which makes Bush's "bring them on" statement all the more poignant.

    And I still don't understand how any person with any bit of heart can vote for that man.
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  7. the fact that they view war as a means to an end, is what scares me most, next, that they will send amerian lives to die uselessly.

    Until the Bush twins are drafted, refuse to serve
  8. I've met a few texans that are all talk, braggarts, tough guys, until the chips are down. Bush 41 had it, he didn't back down in WWII, Bush 43, only looks good & struts his stuff in a flightsuit

    because ideology trumps truth, if people really looked at the two candidates, Bush would lose. man that man needs another vacation, send him back to texas, vote for Kerry
  9. A Canadian Why talk? When you can listen? Registered Senior Member


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