Discussion: Develop "troll" proposal

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Tiassa, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    Why tiassa was right again: there is much debate on the meaning of troll, what cool skill calls a troll I would call a flamer, and possible vise versa.
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  3. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    For whom the troll tolls, for the troll tolls for thee!
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  5. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    *shoots cosmic traveller*
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  7. CounslerCoffee Registered Senior Member

    Becoming a troll comes from excessive flaming:

    Flaming: Flaming is being intentionally abusive with respect to another User (or his relatives or close friends). While it is sometimes appropriate and can be forgiven, it often is not. Some Forums on the Board are more tolerant of flaming than others. [Some clarification on what constitutes a flame: It must be recognized that a post replying to another post does not automatically justify that post's presence. A post can be on topic, a flame, and worthy of deletion at the same time. It is possible to make posts without inflammatory language while discussing classically "controversial" topics. Just because you replied to the topic does not mean your post had content. Basic Example: Thread called "Homosexuals should be allowed to marry". Response: "Faggots who want to marry should be killed". This is a basic example of an unjustified flame that adds little/nothing to the conversation while it is technically in response to the topic. Understand we wish to keep a basic level of civilty, even while discussing controversial topics.] Exactly what constitutes a flame is up to the Moderators to assess. Unless otherwise noted, the use of offensive picture material or smilies is banned.
  8. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    I think the term "ad hom" has been bastardized on this forum and has become a useless term for many. If you spent 500 words explaining how Vanilla is the all-time best flavor of ice cream, and anyone who disagrees is wrong, and then in another thread mention that today at lunch you had Chocolate ice cream because it's your favorite, and it's the best, PREPARE TO HEAR ABOUT IT!! And rightfully so. And the responses that will follow you putting your foot in your mouth, or contradicting yourself are not "ad homs", or trolls, or flames. They're exactly the kind of light-hearted ribbing you would take from your friends if you did the same thing around them. Big deal.

    If you can't handle it, don't volunteer anything. Remember, when you post your thoughts on a public forum, you're opening up your brain to the public, and if you've said something completely ridiculous, you're going to hear about it. If you can't deal with that, DON'T F-ING POST! :bugeye:

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