Do religious people matter too?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by ThazzarBaal, Nov 2, 2023.

  1. Pinball1970 Registered Senior Member

    Still failing to see the main thrust regarding the thread.

    BLM is zero to do with religion, probably best starting a completely new thread on that.

    If you are religious, especially Christian in the USA you are fine.

    Lots of pastors, lots of churches and if you cannot get out of the house you have your TV evangelists.

    I cannot speak from experience I can only go off phone ins, debates and things like this

    Atheists are one of the most distrusted (if not THE) group/s in America

    How many atheists in the senate or Congress? One, Jarad Huff one of only two ever?

    So, the people running your country at National and local level are over- represented for the 15% of non-believers in your country.

    Do you think religion seeps into policy? Law?
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  3. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Well, to focus on the result while ignoring what creates it isn't really a good approach to anything.

    Depends on who's in power. When certain Christians are in power, the rest of us only matter because we are seen as the enemy.

    "It's suggested," you say, but compared to history, it is unclear what you mean.

    At a time when religious people seek to spend fourteen billion dollars helping other religious people massacre yet other religious people, well, we can say, objectively, that religious people matter very much in this country.

    There is a lot that seems amiss about that sentence, so I'm going to focus on a middle portion, about a "minority belief system not of 'Christian' origin or whatever it is you claim to be 'the' power": Are you a blank slate on American history? I don't understand quite how you think fronting an ignorance of history helps; lines like, "whatever it is you claim to be 'the' power", insist on a measure of extraneous uncertainty.
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