Do We Need the Wisdom of the East ?

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by Myles, Dec 26, 2007.

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    When it comes to perception, one must witness/observe the full spectrum of possibilities. For example, most things in the Universe, from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large, are round or rounded. Similarly, a mind that is flat, such as a two-dimensional shape -- even more so, square -- will perceive only within the continuities of which it is engineered/extant. If the Universe is, or at least seems to be, spherical or oval shaped, then our mind most probably is, or can be, also, and by ensconcing in a shape matching that of the Universe, and reaching out to the most maximal perimeters of this Universe, then what is of the Universe will also be readily accessible to our minds as well. This is within the continuities of the both of quantum and of a hologramatic Universe. If quantum happens within the Universe, it is an operative principle of the Universe, and being a wholistic replica of the Universe, our minds will experience quantum psychology also, and quite readily experience the full spectrum of what is possible and readily make available and utilize such capabilities with the utmost magnanimity and beneficience to all beings.

    From that state of mind one should explore what the subsets of the Universe can contribute to one's mindframe, both personal and cultural, with such a magnificently larger, and more enjoyable, mindset, we can -- within less than a second -- learn enormous amounts of information and be of greater service to all beings.

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