Do we need them?

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Squid Vicious, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Squid Vicious Banned Banned

    The general trend among those who think in similar ways to myself, is to assume a feeling of superiority over those who, to quote Xev, are "drones. Mindless, unthinking, unfeeling drones. The shallow graves they drop into after leading their pointless lives are a fitting inheritance for them, not the stars.".

    It has occured to me though, that perhaps we need the drones in order to be what we are. the development of man has in my opinion consisted of a few sparks shedding light, and the drones following those sparks when they are provided... in much the same way as moths circling a lightbulb.

    Let's forget the third world and religion for a moment, and concentrate on the first world only. Do we need the drones to ensure a status quo, or an ordered civilisation in which we are able to think, or are they a hindrance to our development? Are we the queens in the hive?
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  3. Riomacleod Registered Senior Member

    Well, I can say for certain that I'm not a queen.
    (wait for laughter)
    Seriously, though, I really touched on this in the "Why should we follow" posting which went on entirely too long. Everyone is dependant on each other. We are a communal animal and just as in any ordered, complex society we have different roles for people with different talents. For example, it's unlikely that you built your house/apartment, grew your food, or invented the steam engine 100 years too late. What you have done, though, is to hypothesize about the universe, and when you come up with conclusions, make them available to the general populace (I'm assuming we're talking about a profession here), and teach your particular experimental process and conclusions to people.

    Think about how little we'd get done if we had to do all of our own things. how much time would it take to drive your trash to the dump? What would you use? Who cleans the toilets at work? who cooks your food so you don't have to worry about that? Everything that is done in some way supports the growth of the human species, whether directly by probing the unknown, or indirectly by supporting the people who do.
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