Does mind control exist?

Discussion in 'Conspiracies' started by darksidZz, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I guess I am attempting to find common ground with which to entertain a discussion with you.

    Perhaps the best way to start to find that common ground given that the OP fails to define "Mass Mind control" in any way that is useful, that I ask you, what you feel Albert Einstein meant when he coined that famous phrase: "Spooky action at a distance"

    What do you believe Einstein meant when he said that?
    "Spooky action at a distance"

    If you can not grasp the importance/significance of what he said then I fail to see how my discussing the definition I am using would be beneficial.
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  3. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

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  5. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Why in the pseudo-science area? It's a reasonable enough question for a science forum.

    He meant the way it seems that, in QM, the wave collapse of one particle of an entangled pair seems to result in / cause / is matched by the collapse of the other... I.e. a non-local collapse.

    So I ask again, what does this have to do with your examples of "mind control", mass- or otherwise?
    I have no issue with your examples describing a type of mind-control, although a definition would also be beneficial of what you mean rather than requiring us to guess from those examples.

    But I still have issue with your apparent link between those examples and quantum entanglement, and it is that I am trying to bottom out.
    If you didn't mean it in relation to QM then please explain the link.
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  7. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I made the decision to post it in the pseudo science fora out of respect for the fear that some members have about threads in that forum misleading readers as to what is considered as mainstream and other wise. It appears to me, that the readers have great difficulty in recognizing the difference between opinion and fact a lot of the time. So asking for opinion in the Physics and Math fora is not a really good idea IMO.

    in a way that appears to be "spooky" ( unexplainable by science at the time (1935) - aka paranormal)

    I am suggesting mind control of a paranormal nature and used Albert Einsteins quote about "spooky action at a distance" as a glib reference to a possible mechanism for such "paranormal" mind control

    see above...
  8. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    But none of your examples are particularly "spooky".
    They all require known forms of communication: mostly speaking, reading, behavioural programming etc. I.e. Direct interaction between controlled and controller. Certainly nothing paranormal is involved.

    Einstein's "spooky" is because it defied all scientific understanding at the time, that two wavefunctions could collapse to the same result without any apparent interaction.

    So I still struggle to see why you would suggest a QM mechanism as the cause of fairly obvious examples of a "mind control" through direct manipulation, whether that suggestion was glib or otherwise.
    Furthermore, QM is not what I would consider paranormal.
  9. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    an opinion you are entitled to regardless of how erroneous I find it to be.
  10. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    If you find it to be erroneous then do feel free to show where we must resort to the paranormal for explanation, where you deem the normal to be insufficient?

    I await your response with eagerness.
  11. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    As you consider the ISIL phenomena to be "normal" then by all means consider normal mind control methods. I do not consider the ISIL phenomena as "normal" for many reasons.

    Nor do I consider the massive increase in suicide rates amongst returned soldiers from the Middle East as "normal".
  12. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Such phenomena are certainly not "normal" as in "average" or "to be expected", but when I use the term "normal" in this thread it is used to contrast with "paranormal" since you introduced the term to this discussion. Describing something as "normal" in this regard means that it can be explained with mundane / non-paranormal mechanisms.

    So what do you think is paranormal about ISIL and their means of radicalisation?

    What is paranormal about troops suffering PTSD and other mental conditions following their time in the Middle East that result in them committing suicide? You have previously claimed the levels to be "extraordinary and essentially inexplicable" - yet they are explainable - through mental issues such as PTSD, depression etc.

    And again - what does any of this have to do with quantum entanglement?
  13. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    QQ, you are also uninformed regarding the reasons the victims don't resist. Regarding the U.S. victims and most of the Western victims, they are told that they aren't going to really be beheaded and that it is just "show" for the camera.

    They are put before a camera on several occasions before the ultimate beheading and they aren't harmed so when the real beheading takes place they don't struggle.

    However, when one has no control and no hope it's not uncommon for people to accept the inevitable (like a to speak).

    Sarkus, QQ sees paranormal activity everywhere and therefore likes to use (misuse) QM terminology where it doesn't apply. This is why he posts in the pseudoscience forum. That's why his user name is Quantum Quack. It's self-descriptive.
  14. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    I'm well aware of QQ and his foibles, but that doesn't mean he should be allowed to post drivel even in the pseudoscience forum.

    If he wants to think that "mind control" of the variety that he has exampled is caused by quantum entanglement then that's his perogative, but even in the pseudoscience forum he should at least try to explain why, rather than just claim it and then ignore the criticism.

    I.e. there's a difference between pseudoscience and trolling.
  15. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    However, the line between trolling and being deluded is a very fine one

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    And yes, all posts by QQ are largely drivel however were all posts in the drivel category expunged from this site there would be very little left. Just take a look at the "new posts" on most any day.
  16. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Quite right (from your perspective)!
    I see "spooky action at a distance" between all things, with out exception. ( including Humans)
    Whether that is via quantum entanglement or not depends on your understanding of quantum entanglement.
    Whilst my beliefs may seem to be delving in the paranormal to you, they certainly are not to me...
    The issue of universal entanglement is quite readily understandable to me with out necessitating the use of occult or pseudo spiritual means.

    My mistake in this thread was mentioning or alluding to a much larger issue with out the desire to bother supporting it.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2015
  17. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Not caused by quantum entanglement. Facilitated by the underpinning mechanism behind Q. Entanglement would be more precise.
  18. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    quantum entanglement 'is;
    human trolling And does inflict it's control variety's upon whomever they like. from their what seems cyber masterie use of sciences and media use gameing often theatricising of others; professionalisims and therefore industrialism, and politics. what seems included. linked with human life/topic diversions, use and misuse of family, friends, even children and use of accostment by their origin interest (founder.?s) to keep with and keep themselves undetected., apparently they link with medical industry, as needed. they seem to have degraded standards increasingly since 1974ish, with their false document credit to party with use and misuse of surveillance. the coerscion is something most find difficult to accept,as a problem yet ending it full scale (brings the aside from peace, the realism of what it's play stole;matters such as a unity U.S government representation;matters such as simple health & behavioral confidence; matters such as easy life style/perfection, and of betterment books; matters such as nonviolence and professional and personal comfort as more noramative than the delays that stole such; simple behavioral caution on liquor/alcohol and legal marjiuanna with simple behavioral caution at it's for sale as juste.

    for some reason it seems the trolling likes marijuana illegal, to amuse themselves.
    their quantum tactics: of chanelling, & misuse of language, sound, and integrity upon whomever they feel like passing their debt on is just to much liferape for too long.
    some believe their mean is the core of human violence, even illicitation of war since world networking, as only harmful people think war has worthy value; and harm good citizens into violence. Some have mentioned that their attentions where named as 'crime recognized at the end of the Vietnam war ?! how they place themselves, and syphon with false, and real hurt and distraction.

    all they were and are is people with personal problems in their begin, that instead of addressing their matters, they play life and in their needing and variable emotional and sensual gluttony's are human standard rapists.
    SSSSooooomeeeeone end.
  19. Oystein Registered Senior Member

    Yes it does. Just look at all the fans that Justin Bieber has -- that ain't normal. He must have them in some sort of mind lock, soulless prisoners indeed.
  20. Daecon Kiwi fruit Valued Senior Member

    What about Elvis, or The Beatles, or The Spice Girls, or...?
  21. river

  22. IIIIIIIIII Registered Senior Member

    A quote is widely attributed to Adolf Hitler sayin' : "What luck for rulers, that men do not think"

    Without "mind controlling" (read dumbs controlling) we would all live delightful life every single day... Hold tight because the upcoming years will be kinda stormy...
  23. Xmo1 Registered Senior Member

    Mind Brain: The brain controls the body. The body is a super-organism. The brain 'allows' a mind, and is the ultimate controller of it's experience. Crick said the mind is what the brain does. Nice statement, but it also does the body, which is the majority of work that it does. I look at the mind as having a mutualistic symbiosis with the brain. The super-organism behaves according to biological imperatives (survive, procreate) first and foremost. The mind is who we are in the relationship. I would argue that there are two elements of volition; the brain, and the mind. The mind brain relationship is 25 75. The brain does the bulk of the work.

    There are protocols for mind control. Yes, mind(s) can be controlled. Advertising is a very superficial application of mind control that most people recognize. There are other applications. Social systems attempt to control minds. Schools attempt to control minds. Military and religious groups attempt to control minds, and they all have successes that they can plot on a graph of leaders and followers. Another example are groups that seek to control the behavior of individuals. Maybe the agenda only needs one or two people to do something. Things that alter your natural thinking patterns can also change your behavior. Food, drugs, environment, friends, pain, and an endless list of things have the ability to disrupt your natural thought patterns. As such, these things are used in the practice of mind control. Think of child soldiers. Besides being child abuse, it's mind control used to exact behaviors. Mind control is as old as humanity itself.
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