does multi-culturalism work?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by rich68, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. rich68 Registered Senior Member

    the uk has become a place of diversity...and culture...its nice to walk down the street...and taste,see,and learn abit about your neighbours.Being in my late thirties...i was never really taught much about multi-culturalism...i suppose in the last twenty years britain has changed...we had to grow into a society of new ideas,new religons,and exceptance.

    But why is it that i living in this country of which i was born and in a society of separate identity?its a case of sticking to your own kind.
    example of a public park of which every sunday morning...groups of young white kids and there folks play football...and then late afternoon...its the black group of footballers.Why cant we mix?ive just come back from India and the richness of everything that makes us who we are blends in so well...and still here we all keep to ourselfs.

    be grateful to share your thoughts and ideas.
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Humans are apes. You have to not forget that. Our closest relatives are the chimpanzees and the gorillas. They are both extremely clannish creatures, and so are we.

    Up until the Neolithic Era and the dawn of civilization, we lived in groups of no more than a few hundred. We might feel neighborly toward the next tribe or two up or down the river, trade with them, hold a joint festival once or twice a year, but that was about it. Anyone stranger than that was an outsider.

    We've only had a few thousand years to adapt to this world we've created in which we're supposed to feel brotherly toward people on the other side of the planet whom we'll never meet and with whom we have almost nothing in common except we're the same species. That's not nearly long enough for our instincts to evolve.

    If you look at it that way, it's kind of remarkable that we've come as far as we have. Towns of around 25,000 people really work like the old tribal villages. Nobody locks their doors, people feel free to discipline each other's children, if somebody falls on hard times everybody pitches in to help without waiting for the stupid and clumsy government to do it.

    Even your situation shows real progress from the Stone Age. OK, the white people stick together and the black people stick together. They are so obviously of different "clans" that their instincts are difficult to suppress. But those white people are from families who probably come from a hundred different places, and the same is true of the black people. Ten thousand years ago they would not have so readily made peace with each other.

    In my own youth, those family differences were still a problem. The kids from Italian families weren't allowed to play with the kids from Jewish or Irish families, even if they all had the same color skin. And believe me our parents could see the differences in skin color, even if we couldn't.

    I've posted this observation in a number of threads, because I think it is one of the most uplifting and optimistic comments I can make about the human race: Around twelve thousand years ago our ancestors learned to love, and to allow to join their camps, a group of "people" who weren't even of the same species: dogs! They both realized that a partnership would be of great benefit to both groups because they had so many complementary needs and abilities, and their shared basic instinct for pack hierarchy allowed them to sort it out.

    Learning to trust and depend on someone you couldn't even talk to... I think that was the watershed moment that awakened humans to the fact that it is possible to get along with people who merely look somewhat different, speak a different language, or have different names for their gods. It wasn't too long after the self-domestication of dogs that humans began building much larger villages, expanding their range of trade, and ultimately creating cities with their prosperity due to division of labor, economies of scale, and surplus production.

    Give your dog an extra hug tonight. If it were not for him, you might still be sleeping in a cave, much less worrying about the fact that we haven't quite completely integrated all the races yet.

    Be patient. The time we've spent on this so far is nothing.
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  5. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Erm....India isn't multi-cultural. They don't have, say, large German and Filipino immigrant groups.
    Why do you think it blends in so well, eh?

    People stick to their own because it allows the preservation of their traditions.
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  7. rich68 Registered Senior Member

    go there...and you will see :bugeye:
  8. Blue_UK Drifting Mind Valued Senior Member

    As a resident in the UK, I can safely say that London is no longer British!

    I don't mind imported labour, like Indian doctors or chefs, but wasters and low life immigrants should be exported.

    Whilst taking a programming course, I sat next to this black guy who spoke little English. He was just typing a letter to his employer to open strike negotiations and on talking to him I discovered he was an asylum seeker and receiving hand-outs from the government. The letter, by the way, was completely absurd with statements like "the fucking contract". He had no understanding of grammar or spelling, and yet we willing let these people into our country and stuff their pockets with cash.

    He left wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses and a bluetooth headset.

    I want to be the first to say it: The Silent Invasion has begun.
  9. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    "If you have two religions in your land, the two will cut each other's throats; but if you have thirty religions, they will dwell in peace."-- Voltaire
  10. slotty Colostomy-its not my bag Registered Senior Member

    We are always getting this idea that we live in a " multi-cultural" society rammed down our throats. In the UK this is simply not true. At the last census, i think it was less than 5% of the population are other ethnics other than the typical WASP. But this population of ethnics are very much centered on London and the south-east. I live in London and have seen how it has become or is becoming very polarised. Some districts are no go areas for whites now, or blacks, or asians. Certain areas such as Bethnal Green is now virtually a ghetto.If you ain't from Bangladesh, you just don't go there. It appears to me to be like this all over London now. The problem is not all the indiginous peoples fault as all the right on PC idiots expouse, but from the various ethnic communitys that have sprung up all over London. Most of these places are full of people who do not wish to intergrate into our society, but would like all the benefits a rich nation can provide. If we open our doors to these people, they could at least learn the language. I don't remember having a vote on wether my country was going to be opened up to any freeloader who cared to come here. Did i miss a meeting? I have friends of many cultures and creeds, and it pisses them off with all the freeloading ,ghetto building types who are costing all of us a fortune and never put anything back. Just my 2 cents worth

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  11. rainbow__princess_4 The Ashtray Girl Registered Senior Member

    yeah the whole multi-culturalism thing has been going since the 1970s, in my year 6 class i was one of only four non-asian kids in the class of 30.

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    every time a shop at the mall moves out, a dollar shop or an asian supermarket moves in.

    ..i hate chinese food, and i don't really like italian. so that means it's mcdonald's or nothing.

    but it's true, turn on the tv and you will see ONLY your standard brunette white person in ads, and it's rare to see anything else in tv shows too. and black people are an invention of american tv producers.
  12. rainbow__princess_4 The Ashtray Girl Registered Senior Member

    or no religions, or religious people who just aren't that fussed, and you also have peace

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