Does time exist?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by Asexperia, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Adirian Registered Member

    If a closed dimension (such as the Kaluza-Klein dimension, if not itself) is what we happen to think of as "time", we can arrive at a description of the universe with a time dimension, in which there is nothing on that dimension except "now"; going backwards in time is identical to going forwards in time, except in terms of how forces interact.
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  3. Asexperia Valued Senior Member


    The main problem about the understanding of time is not its nature, but the differentiation between what is science and what is common sense in time. A science is the set of true, verifiable and general knowledge that describes an aspect of reality. Common sense is the sum of all the senses. By common sense we know that water wets and fire burns. Most people are in the state of common sense. Common sense tells us that the Sun revolves around the Earth, when in reality it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun.

    1) It is common sense:
    - Time flows or runs.
    - Time is a dimension of space.
    - One minute of pain lasts longer than one minute of pleasure.
    - Time is what clocks measure.

    2) It is science:
    - Time is the change-interval duality.
    - Time increases continuously due to changes.
    - Physically, time exists in a continuous present.
    - Mathematically, the time dimension is composed of sequential moments or nows.
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  5. BdS Rattling cages since inception :) Registered Senior Member

    I dont know about a stop/start system. I'd assume it's a smooth continuous flow that we break it down into increments, how many now frames can you fit in a second?

    That is fascinating and what gets me is how all the physics laws carry over now frame to now frame to cause the changes in a continuous now moment. How is the momentum/KE of an object/mass stored in a single now frame so it can tell the object where it must move to for the next now frame?

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  7. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    That is the point

    Because TIME does not exist there are no frames

    A single NOW exist and within NOW stuff moves (from atoms to Galaxies)

    Arbitrary NOWs are indexed with another NOW being annexed with the period between given a arbitrary label AGE ie you live from birth over the period the Earth goes round the Sun and your AGE is considered to be 1 year old

    It isn't because I explained if you say something is stored and then passed on you would be looking at a stop / start system

    There are no frames

    Not sure if this thought image will help

    The total Universe the size of a fish bowl. Inside bowl water = to space and the fields contained, fish can be planets moving through space

    As you observe the bowl in totality, it does not move, it is in a state of single NOW. But stuff within NOW does move around

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  8. Asexperia Valued Senior Member


    Clocks divide the day into hours, minutes and seconds. But, would it be possible to calculate time without a clock? Yes, based on the change-interval duality. The repetition of a process with constant duration is taken. All processes have a start, an end and an evolution. An example of this process is a musical song. Considering the lyrics and notes of a song you can determine the specific moment in the evolution of the song. The duration of the song is the unit of time. Although the use of a song is not useful, at least we know that we can estimate time without using a clock.

  9. Asexperia Valued Senior Member

    - Time increases continuously due to changes.

    - Time increases (Mathematics) due to the continuity of changes (Physics).
    Clocks measure the continuity of changes.
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  10. Asexperia Valued Senior Member


    Becoming is the inherent property of matter and bodies to experience sequential changes. Becoming can be regular or irregular. The regular becoming or time is periodic and can be divided into equal intervals. For example: clocks. The irregular becoming cannot be divided into equal intervals. For example: rain and the life of organisms.

    We refer the duration of the irregular becoming to time for its measurement. Hence the importance of clocks and calendars. Time is the mathematical becoming; so to deny the existence of time is to deny reality. Time is a good tool to measure duration.
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  11. Asexperia Valued Senior Member


    The irregular becoming is identified as Events and the regular becoming is Time. The principle of Forms of becoming applies in:

    1- The origin of the universe.
    Before the Big Bang there were only events and time originated with the BB. Abbreviated form: E - BB - T.

    2- Space-time is the universe in all its extension and composition. In the universe we find celestial bodies, events and time. Some events are: light, gravity, black holes, etc. The periodic movements of the celestial bodies is time.

    3- Speed is the relation between displacement (event) and time, that is, E / T.

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