Dr. Being sued as Phizer dodges the EU.

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I’m sure there is more than one Dr but Dr Nepute went on television and laid out his defense. Seems a striking argument.
… but Dr Nepute went on television and laid out his defense. Seems a striking argument.

Would that be Dr. Eric Nepute, of Missouri, who received a cease and desist↱ warning from the Federal Trade Commission in May, 2020, for unsubstantiated Covid treatment and prevention claims?

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The doctor in Missouri. It's hard to see the connection to Pfizer and the EU

In April, 2021, the Department of Justice↱ followed up on the FTC warning letter, filing civil action against the Missouri chiropractor.

And when did Nepute appear on what television? Local news, KMOV↱ ran a piece in March after the FTC accused violation of a consent decree; Nepute sent a statement, but does not seem to have appeared on camera.

Again, it's hard to see what the connection is to the EU's investigation into the Pfizer contract↱ and the European Commission's alleged maladministration in failing to perform due diligence in a document search related to Preident von der Leyen's text messages.

So, is there actually a thread, here, or is this more about promoting Covid crackpottery?


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As far as I know he never said anything about a cure. But wouldn’t it be better to take therapeutics if infected instead of even the newest vaccine while your infected?
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