Discussion in 'World Events' started by 666, Jan 1, 2001.

  1. 666 Registered Senior Member

    Now I am getting ready to go out and do what most pepole on New Years Eve... DRINK! Allthough recently I saw a anti-somoking ad that simply showed a bar scene and a simple caption that read, "Don't smoke in my bar!" .

    If you are in bar how concerned about your health can you be about your health. What cause you to become tipsy if that fact that alcoholl is a posion. What that is just as deadly as smoking.

    Some will argue that we shouldn't in bars for the employee's sake. Well hey every job has it's risk and chose to except them when you sign on. If you chose to work at a waffer fab site you exept the fact there are a crap load of harmfull chemicals flying around.
    I call for repeal of the no smoking ordinance in California bars!!
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  3. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    I think the best solution is simply to not go out if you are afraid of people's diverse habits and the environments that accommodate them. For some reason I have a chilling memory of reading--about 10 or so years ago, of a lawsuit filed against a smoking club for not providing non-smoking facilities.

    There are actually martini bars I avoid simply because the women who attend, as part of their costume (we had a thick swing scene for a couple of years, including news reports about how to pick your favorite panties to show off when flipping around the dancefloor--go figure ....) wear too much perfume. I hate it. It hurts me. It makes me lightheaded at best, unconscious at worst. If I get certain perfumes on my skin, I bleed (even residual spray from reckless women dusting themselves down with $200/oz. moose urine ... hey, it's French moose urine, though). What to do about this health threat? Simply don't go to clubs that cater to people wearing perfume. But I'm not going to demand a perfume-free environment.

    (Strange note ... I dislike men's colognes, but they don't put me down the way women's perfumes usually do; I simply think the latest fad scents, of late, are either harmful as others have been to me, or repugnant; to be honest, perfume is rarely, if ever, a pleasant experience for me, so I offer that note to the realists who know how polluted the air they breathe is yet still object to smoky bars because of "the smell".)

    Hip-hip ... here's to a densely dank and smoky New Year ....

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