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    Subject: Using QED Photonic EMG For Antigravitic Propulsion...

    Subject: Using QED Photonic EMG For Antigravitic Propulsion...

    Photons are bosons, having no electric charge or rest mass. They are
    the carriers of the electromagnetic field. If only at absolute zero
    the inertial and gravitational forces are unified as believed by some
    researchers, then a simulation of the absolute zero condition may be
    possible. EM standing wave confinement of a symmetrical resonance
    state should approximate the required conditions at temperatures well
    above the absolute zero point. The approximation could result in a
    type of inertia we don't normally encounter. Provided that a standing
    wave confinement condition is achieved for a time sufficient to be
    measured. A standing wave appears to be stationary hence the term
    standing wave. It is this condition that should approximate a frozen
    in time state. Just how this type of inertia reacts or interact with
    the ZPF will provide possible new insights. The above model is a
    suggestion of this idea.

    The subatomic proton and neutron are both believed made from three
    quarks. Could this design be a MACRO proton or antiproton? Since
    gravity fields act on and in proportion to the fundamental structures
    of matter, what if that basic structure became huge? If we could then
    freeze the resonance of that
    particle would it act strangely? Would it have an inertia or
    gravitational effect?

    We have found that when an object is forced to accelerate, it will
    see the ZPF to be asymmetric, or in other words, distorted. Due to
    this distortion the accelerating object will see a zero-point flux of
    energy and momentum coming at it, whereas ordinarily, when the object
    is not being accelerated, the ZPF is perfectly uniform and symmetric.
    A key result of our analysis is that these fluxes prove to be
    proportional to the acceleration of the object, i.e. the more rapid
    the acceleration, the more the ZPF is distorted. Material objects
    consist of charged quarks and electrons, which will tend to scatter
    any oncoming electromagnetic flux. When all the quarks and electrons
    in an object scatter the distorted ZPF passing through, the object
    will experience a kind of drag force. We are proposing that this
    might be what the inertia reaction force really is... the drag force
    due to being accelerated through the vacuum fields. In this view,
    objects would not intrinsically resist being accelerated; objects
    would not possess mass. Mass would really be just a way of
    characterizing the resistance due to the ZPF molasses (or in the
    future more general case, the quantum vacuum molasses) that kicks in
    upon acceleration.……..A non-geometric (i.e. flat spacetime) approach
    to gravity is legitimate in quantum gravity. Similarly another non-
    geometric approach would be to assume that the dielectric properties
    of space itself may change in the presence of matter: this can be
    called the polarizable vacuum (PV) approach to gravity. Propagation
    of light in the presence of matter would deviate from straight lines
    due to variable refraction of space itself, and other GR effects such
    as the slowing down of light (as judged by a distant observer) in a
    gravitational potential would also occur. But of course it is the
    propagation of light from which we infer that spacetime is curved in
    the first place. This raises the interesting possibility that GR may
    be successful and yet not because spacetime is really curved: rather
    because the point-to-point changes in the dielectric (refractive)
    properties of space in the presence of matter create the illusion of
    geometrical curvature. A PV type of model does not directly relate
    gravitation to the ZPF (or to the more general quantum vacuum) but it
    does appear to provide a theoretical framework conducive to
    developing the conjecture of Sakharov that it is changes in the ZPF
    that create gravitational forces"

    Excerpt Below from: Fran De Aquino
    "Fran De Aquino's research involves many aspects of
    Gravitation and Cosmology. After thirty years of research the
    professor De Aquino discovered that the gravitational and inertial
    masses are correlated by a factor, which depends on the incident
    radiation upon the particle. He showed that there is a direct
    correlation between the radiation absorbed by the particle and its
    gravitational mass, independently of the inertial mass….here is the
    possibility of control of the gravitational mass by means of the
    incident radiation. This theoretical result was recently
    experimentally confirmed …..Consequently there is a strong evidence
    that the gravitational forces can be reduced, nullified and inverted
    by means of electromagnetic radiation." ( Italics Added )

    "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called
    research, would it?"- Albert Einstein
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