EU membership in the UN, only one seat for Europe

Discussion in 'Politics' started by truth, May 10, 2004.

  1. truth Registered Senior Member

    Since Europe is so hot about unification and are under one government, shouldn't they have only one seat in the UN. At the formation of the UN, the Soviets sought to have a seat for every one of the "republics" under their control and were denied. The US is only allowed one seat. Essentially, the EU is a republic, logically they should relinquish all but one seat. France, Germany, Spain, etc. should give up their seats.
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  3. Undecided Banned Banned

    I agree...
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  5. otheadp Banned Banned

    hey, the UN should be completely redesigned... not just in this way

    but if this is done, then what would be done about the permanent 5 members on the security council?
    France and Britain would leave and EU would remain
    does that mean France's and Britain's nukes would now belong to the whole EU?
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  7. truth Registered Senior Member

    Good question oth, but I would love to see Britain remain independent of the UN.
  8. Whirlwind Banned Banned

    Stretching the T-R-U-T-H again, huh Truth?

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    Europe will never be "one" country. The fact that they have consolidated their aircraft industries, their inport/export regs to be more competitive with countries where their governments subsidize their agricorps and dairy's (US) (thereby shutting out, competition-wise, especially the small poor nations in Africa and South America), and their currency, does not make them the old CCCP.

    Their AIRBUS Aircraft Industries (A300 et al.) have taken billions of dollars in sales from Boeing/US (China, India, US, Brasil, Japan, et al ) has been poetic justice for the Europeans to the US' chagrin. I say this because just as US government subsidies to their own Agri-industries have shot down many a competitor, so has EU government subsidies to their aircraft industries, shot down the US aircraft builders, primarily Boeing.


    PS: If the EU was a girl I would your b!tchen penis envy?

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  9. mouse can't sing, can't dance Registered Senior Member

    Essentially, it is not a republic. The EU constitution is not adapted yet, there is not an EU army to protect it, each member state can have their own foreign policy (as the prelude to the Iraq war made very clear), there is no single currency (the Euro is adopted by a subset of EU countries, certainly not all of them), there is still no genuine freedom of movement between EU member states and etc. etc. A comparison with the US or the former USSR does not hold up.
  10. Cazov I eat plastic Registered Senior Member

    I like how you named specific countries which don't support the Crusade Against Terrorism...I bet PETA supports the CAT....annnyway

    Moving on to the important issue...instead of forcing the EU to give up all their seats...why don't areas with established political agendas/regional ideology/etc get a the US should get...4? (West Coast, Mid-West, East Coast, South) and the EU continues to keep their seats since the countries of Europe will never (in the near or somewhat greater than near future) really be truly unified...there's too much in diversity between nation borders...too much heritage....

    Of course, that goes against your political agenda of forcing out those who don't agree with Caesar Bush...

    Or maybe I'm reading you completely wrong but I wanted to put my acronym in here, along with calling Bush a Caesar (with a very pronounced note of derision)...and now I'm going to sleep since I have a lab to go to and less than 6 hours until then.

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