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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by sevenblu, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. sevenblu feeling blu Registered Senior Member

    I've decide to post excerpts from my dream diary for feedback. Thought maybe somebody somewhere might be interested.


    My family and I were in another country. I think it was France. We had to take a plane to get there and after we arrived my father insisted on walking everywhere. My sister and I wanted to rest, so we sat down on a bench. We suggested taking a bus, but Dad wouldn’t have it – we were going to walk!

    Across from where we were sitting was a lake (or a river; or an ocean) with a strip of land running through it. On the strip were animals. It was very much like being at a zoo because you could watch the “ducks” from a distance, but you couldn’t touch them for the railing prevented.

    There was a sign that read, “Do not feed the animals HOT.” My mom (who very much wanted to feed the duck) took a French fry from some French lady and tossed it over the railed fence. A duck ate it. It choked on it – because the lady had given my mom a HOT fry. She’d almost killed the innocent animal – it was dying. My mom was very upset.

    My siter jumped the fence, landed on the strip of land and pulled the French fry out of the animals mouth. Then, after she’d saved the duck’s life (which I think was a dog now), she ate the French fry – which was pretty gross, to say the least.

    My mom was still upset because she’d almost killed the dog and the lady that gave my mom the fry was laughing wholeheartedly. I told the woman she ought to be ashamed. Next thing I know, we were in a casino and my mom was excited about the Riviera slot machines. But the slot she chose to play was only a machine for making change. I remember saying, “You’ll always win on that one.”
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  3. Inta'twalamayah Registered Senior Member

    hehe Nice dream.
    Was France all you expected it to be? Dreaming animals in dreams is a good omen....always, no matter if they try to attack you or not, they usually try to guide, tell you a message, or protect you. You see a lot of ducks in your dreams? hehe
    It might be you animal totem?
    When you see people in your dream...its good to be careful, always no matter who they are.. your parents - anyone.
    Really try to see them watch them... ask them questions, thats worth asking, mind.
    And if you can on your own "will" try to see your body parts...its the best way thru my experience and others, to make the dream lucid almost instantly. And FLY... and I mean that literally FLY on will, not in a plane or a boat or anything. If your having a nightmare or something FLYING will always change the dream if your lucid. Shamans dreamers always take flying as a sign of gaining and strengthening Power, its a good omen they believe.

    In my dreams I see a lot of dogs all types of dogs .... and sea animals. I see many animals but most of the times its dogs and sea creatures. The dogs in my dreams at first were always usually aggressive... attacking me , chasing me. Most peoples animal totems try to frighten them at first... I suppose its a way to make sure if your ready... if your strong enuff that they'll accept you. And I've seen a dead dog once...hit by a car and I cried in my dream for him.

    Last night a black dog furry dog about 3 ft tall with patches of white on paws and face like a rotweiler was on a leash... and this man was walking him and the dog was coming at me...I dont know what the dog was trying to get me away from... i think it was the dream itself. But the dream seemed like a message so I couldnt go cuz I had an urge to continue.

    I was with a group of people, being chased by some shadow, from what it seemed almost all over the place. Yet we werent scared at all... calm and focused to keep what we had away. We had something it wanted in this brown type of breif case...that seemed like a shape of someones head.
    There were many distractions in the dream, from practical emotions of liking someone, to playing games and interactions with people in a manner of no gain just basic chit chat....I think thats what the dog was trying to get me away from, trying to get me back on track...before the shadow catches up with me.
    But at the end the shadow did catch up... it came from the sky in rows and rows and ranks of thousands of people like pearls on a string...we were in a mountain range in the night. Somehow the people bunched together in a shape of a giant type of robot humanoid and dark blue armor started forming around the shape.
    At this time there was only me and this woman facing this giant. She told me to run or something like that and she... was surrounded by ethereal light that was forming out of nowhere turning hard into a plane type of robot that was white, bluish, with red stripes on it. She started trying to by me some time to get away. But she was having much trouble and I couldnt just leave her and I ran toward the edge of the mountain and jumped down... like I was drawn to jump down there. And I found something a vehicle of my own that was part in and part out of the mountain, that called me. And ended up flying toward it and it was it was round insubstantial like liquid I sank into it and it turned hard. I ended up going to her to try to help but it was to late she died in flames below the mountains and I followed her down there. But she was gone, and I was in this redish cave due to the reflection of what looked like lava in the distance, and the rest of my companions came , and they were all ragged and beaten like they to where also fighting while I was being called. I asked them if it was over and that was it ... i didnt get any answers... it was just over.... I saw some kind of chinesse or japanesse writing and the dream changed.
    I was back in the house where the dog was coming at me when I was with my companions cept they weren't there and I had a feeling of dread like after you come back from a funeral...I went to the table that turned into a bowling lane type thing remembering when me and her were playing on it and the dog that came at me while I was playing it with her. Cept the table wouldnt turn to the game anymore...
    I started searching the room at the desk just searching, not sure what I was looking for...I guess something to remember them by. But while I was searching these people came in asking me what I was doing and who I was... so I just left. Went outside and decided to go to a store and get some cigarettes, following this sidewalk of white on a clear blue day with houses to my left and a street with houses across to my right. Gradually it started turning dark and I saw this woman and man kissing by this store, as I passed them they started to follow me, without even looking, I knew they were. I found the store that I was looking for dont know why I was "looking" for it cuz I passed many stores. And there were 2 more people out the store sitting on benches as I walked inside... It was dark like there were no lights on and this man said the store was closed and as I was about to leave he said wait do me this favor and I'll get you what you want... I thought ok what could it be , it cant be bad. So I agreed and he gave me these walked looked like what you get when you order chinesse food the little white boxes you get. He gave me 3 on a plate and told me to go to the restaraunt up the street...
    So I did and when I go out the woman and man that were kissing were outside sitting on the benches with the other two people , like they were waiting for me... watching, observing what I do, I think they were "scouts" cuz "flyers" usually interact in dreams while scouts watch and teach in a way.
    But anyway I looked in the containers and there was money in it... alot of money and there was also food... money hidden in the food. I knew something was wierd about that but I still went to the restaraunt that was a chinesse one. I step in and complete silence is in my mind , I wasnt thinking of anything at all like I was a robot on a mission. I saw many people sitting on mattresses eating around their tables and entertainers dancing and making music... this so called "restaraunt" I believe was a "building of temptations" cuz there were many beautiful women all over the place just staring at me smiling , seducing, and all the smells of the great food, and laughter and joy, plus all the money I had with me and the bribe I'll get what I want when I'm done... this instinctly right away felt like some sort of "trap"... so unconsciously thats why I probably felt like a robot , and why my mind just turned silent, so I wouldnt be influecned and fall for the trap. In dreams of this nature, the dream itself can sidetrack you from what you need to do.. to find out what you need to find, be it conscious or unconscious.
    But I walked in like I knew where I was going and headed toward the paper doors in the back , walking along them, toward the room I was headed to... during this I was able to see in a way the person I was going to and hear what he was saying...cept it wasnt the man I was delivering the money to , he was talking to the man I was going to... he was saying something like hes a strong one, good mind, we need him, need him also to get out of the way...be careful. And in the end I never gave the delivery... the dream stopped, I woke up after that.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2003
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  5. Inta'twalamayah Registered Senior Member

    Had a very disturbing dream thats... some parts I have been thru, some places I have been in... Some people, I have seen before, in other dreams, helping me out.

    The dream started off... as being in some grimy, dark, type of factory. Like a Slave house. There were many of us trapped in this world...this factory like world. All people were slaves and we were held by demons or aliens or monsters, and some people working for them.
    I was working on a track line, where things are on a track and a row of people are on either side putting things together... it was like we were cooking...I dont know what. This whole place was dark, smokey, and very grimy. We were locked in the room to not get away.
    The first part of the dream was torture. I was seeing people being punished... killed , cut a part, whipped, and beaten, eaten. I couldnt do anything about it, if I tried to help , I know I'd be in there shoes. And that would be worth nothing then.
    The first part of the dream was constantly being herded from work area to work area, being bullied... shackled with unseen chains.

    The part when everything started to change... was when I did something, that led me to being punished myself.
    I was on the track area with all these people working. And this demon started pushing me... whipping me for nothing and I snapped. I grabbed him and shoved him on the track and he was crushed. Everyone one in the room with me tried to dispose of the dead body by putting it in certain places to make it un recognize-able. Working in a hurry before another came in.

    A lot of gore.. but this whole part of the dream was. This entire dream was real enuff that I could describe the patterns of cracks on the wall to everything else till the end.

    I got out the room somehow... and was in a place that looked just like my house. I was in my bedroom....and I saw mass monsters outside in the backside, in the pitch blackness of night, seeing dark shadows and faces, and bodies due to the moonlight... big huge fat monsters, ninja looking monsters, all sorts and types... like an army, huge, scary, and seeminly undefeatable. I went to the backporch window and still they were there. I went back to my bedroom .... and this part of the dream I seen before in a different dream..I look out the window and a red ninja, leading hordes of demons over the wall, was coming in.
    From the first time I had this dream I knew what I had to do... RUN. Cept I was confused about this place and the factory place... wondering what will happen to the people. And that I couldnt do anything.

    I knew precisely where to go to get away from wat I knew might happen.... out the Front door. I left running in shame for leaving everyone else... mad, and full of anguish, running for my life and something more.
    I ran screaming on the top of my lungs hoping everyone around would hear me, cept no one was out. Everything was quiet, in the darkness.
    I was running down the street and I someone that was in my dream before. A seeminly fat looking Samurai named Sagamaru, looking fat cuz of his round armor, of gold and red with his gold spiked helmet. Very powerfull and dangerous being when need be, otherwise hes the nicest understanding person you can know. Very quiet.
    As usualy whenever I see him he was riding a, small golden bike... small like a trick bike. But it was the lightest and fastest thing ever... like something magical.
    I saw him and told him to turn around, and quick. I suppose he was coming to my house since he was right ahead of it. But he stopped and he gave me a ride on his bike, and told him of why I was running, but he didnt say anything like he already knew it. And I'm thinking what was he going to do against all of the monsters... like he wasnt afraid of 1 vs the many but hes like, confident in his skill and helping if I'm in need. We got out the neighborhood and went down the street along the wall, that my backyard was on, to see if there was any sign of the monsters. We didnt see any but we rode out as fast as possible as if we did see them and they were right behind us.

    Time seemed to went by real fast cuz it was light outside all of a sudden. And I recognize something in this dream , that happend already in a different one. The same situation and same beginning...
    We were riding along the street in the day light searching for a certain place without even knowing we were searching for it , like last time.
    Shagamaru recognized the area before I did the place in disguised with a bar and a water looking type creek beyond it. The bar there to keep people from falling down the creek. It was right there under everyones nose, right next to the street next to the sidewalk.
    When I look beyond the bar I dont see woods or a creek like its suppose to be.... I see many hills and many plains and rivers hidden, miles and miles of green bumps and forests. It was a beautiful sight yet weird like we were up in the sky yet we werent. It was like we were on a bridge and everyone doesnt know it is.
    Shagamaru was first to go this time. He went under the white bar, put his hand on it and layed on his back.... like being in a water park on a big slide and the ride is just like it too cept it was natural rocks and mountains around.
    Out of nowhere he let go while I was behind him I was thinking twice wondering if this was the right section to go down. But I couldnt leave him so I followed right after.
    I took the ride down more careful than the first time, cuz the first time I fell down the unexpected drop unawares and almost killed myself. This time the ride was more slow.
    But we fell down a big clear lake with patches of rocky area in certain place, and white rocks around it with a mountain around 2 sides, with dark caves.
    But I fell in and I see two cages at the bottom clearly and my vision wasnt blurred by the water.
    Somehow I couldnt swim up, having much trouble swimming up. Like I was being pulled. And I'm over there looking at Shagamaru swimming like hes a fish or something. But I am able to reach the surface after each time I go under, tho with much trouble.
    We were searching for some type of portal...I dont know why we were, we just were. Like we needed to find it to complete something, or to get away from this world.
    Last time I'm not too sure if we did find it or not... I remember seeing a green round glowing whirl pool within the water. I might of gone in it but if I did I didnt remember wat happend.
    This time I was hoping to remember but we couldnt find it.
    So now we are trying to get out of the water... after much search and much struggle for me. As we were leaving I had the hardest time ever trying to leave the bottom of the pool that I thought I was going to drown... yet it was like I couldnt drown. I was in a panic. And I was helped out and lying on the white rocks next to the pool, Sagamaru told me to be careful becuz at the bottom of the pool there are spirits.
    When he told me that the image of the two cages at the bottom flashed infront of my eyes. He never told me if they were dangerous or not. And something disturbed me about this... Sagamaru wasnt affected, and last time I was in here.. I wasnt either. Last time he had no need to tell me to be careful, until this time. Which nagged at me. Wondering how come this occured this time when it didnt last time. I might of knew the answer but I might of not liked it.
    But anyway... when we were leaving the pool area he gave me a charm. A white tube looking thing with red words that looked like Eastern Chinese writing, thats a necklace. He said it will help protect me and I put it on.
    After a while we were back on the streets. And we went to this little fish house near by for food. But it wasnt a store and there was a truck outside delivering food for the people. But we were inside creeping around looking for food. And the man in the truck saw us but we acted like we stayed there and he didnt say anything but by looking at him I knew he wanted to.
    We ended up in the kitchen with white paper wrapping food on the table and we both took some food. And as we were about to leave the owners came out yelling at us, a woman, and old man and a child.
    They chased us down the street and were yelling to come back.
    I felt bad for what I've done. And stopped and turned around to return the food..not in person but I wrapped it up and set it on the ground for them to see. And I left to catch up with Sagamaru... somehow, when I think of it now, I had my own little bike I was riding on. And somehow there was someone else with us now... a little boy that talked alot.
    We ended up in a part of town, which so far was the most people I saw all day.
    I dont know why or how we end up getting in something but we found a business building that was murdering people to feed there monsters and spawn zombies. After getting the sense of recognizing the monsters looking like people, all around the town they were under peoples noses and they never knew it. We spent this part of the dream hunting them down and always we were led back to the business building we first sensed them.
    There was a part of this dream at night, when there were these people .. normal people, 2 people , I suppose a wife and husband were talking to 2 zombies that they didnt know were.
    The monsters were trying to convice these people to come in and choose there business to plan some type of trip. Luring the victims for the trap.
    We tried to warn them and let them know what theyre getting into. And then these 2 women came in, yelling to get out, telling the victims you'll die in here...I was thinking how they know about this place.
    Theres more people in the same dream as me than I thought.
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  7. Inta'twalamayah Registered Senior Member

    last night I was in this world that was beautiful looking that was covered with water. When under water, I saw lots of green, green grass and green hills and when above water you see many green bumps cuz of the top of the hills sticking out of the water.
    Me and this black guy were on the front porch of this straw house. It was a goldish yellow type of house, cuz of the straw and it was put together in a way that was like how the Japanese floors are...not sure of the name of the matts the Japanesse call them I think its something like Katami matts. But the house looked very pleasing and comforting to the eye. It looked like it was floating on the water. The whole water around us was mixed with blue and green so clear and light that you can see the bottom. And the sky was yellow with yellow clouds.
    I was doing battle with this one guy under water, with swords made of energy that was yellow gold. That just appeared in my hands when I wanted it to. The guy was teaching me I believe. He told me I need to work on making my sword.... it was puny and weak compared to his , I can say that much. Mine seemed more hard and real while his looked more insubstantial like it was fire, yet harder than mine.
    But the whole battle was something like watching Dragon Ball Z.. lol. We were flying around underwater... well thats easy to imagine since its underwater but we werent swimming or anything. And it was like how, my vision was that it was like we werent underwater at all. But the whole fighting was very intense and fast. And at the end of the sword play, this little boy I think came and me and him started doing un armed combat equally intense yet it was like dancing...coordinated.
    While I was fighting this boy the guy with the sword was fighting someone with a sword also and I was like wooow. It looked just like some kind of Dragon Ball Z cartoon without the fire balls... it was just how fast they were moving and flying around everywhere.
    At the same time all this fighting was going on I was on the front porch of the straw house like we were playing a video game.

    I want to go hurry up to another part of the dream I had last night.
    I was at this apartment complex and some old friends I remember came to the door asking if I was ready. We were going to some kind of party like a place to just eat and relax and meet people. I chose to wear a blue flanel jacket cuz it was pretty cold out and it turned to a really bright red.
    But we went to the place, and it was dark outside, real real dark, yet you can see everyone and everything real clearly. There was a bunch of tables and a whole bunch of people just talking and eating yet it seemed real quiet at the same time.
    There was three of us including me and we got a table and this bald headed white guy came to our table and started talking mad shit, about my friends, thinking hes all that and saying he knows all these people etc etc. And if he was talking shit about my friends he might as well have been talking about me. I let him talk on and on till he was done, and I looked at him real hard and started talking shit about him, like who the hell you think you are. I was talking what I'd to, to him like torture treat him. And he looked really really surprised and shocked, and I poked him below his eye with my finger... erm I dont know why but I did. I was really surprised myself... I mean I woulda thought a fight woulda broke out after that, and I thought I woulda fought him even before that. I was surprised on how I controlled myself...shoot, I fought a guy in my dream becuz he looked at me hard a while ago.
    This time nothing of the like happend the guy just looked dumbfounded like he wasnt expecting this at all and at the same time he was but was expecting something more.
    He didnt even leave the table he just stayed there the whole time and kept his mouth shut. And the black guy I was with in the water world sitting on the front porch with came to our table and gave me daps...a ghetto handshake. Like he said good job. But he started rapping ..LOL! And damn I was impressed by it. I have dreams of hearing music and sometimes raps that I know would sell money if it was brought here in real life.
    I remember my clothes changing when I got up to get some food. And that was the last of the dream I remember tho there was more before this.

    Theres something about water... I have many dreams where theres water in it.
  8. truth Registered Senior Member

    If I have a dream involving lots of water it usually means I ha....

    Anyway, I use to have a recurring dream in different settings but the same theme. The most prominent was being in a futuristic setting in high ceilinged steel lighted hallway fighting off the evil bad guys, tons of them. I was doing moves that put Bruce Lee to shame. I was beating them with ease about 100. Then the leader showed up, and I could not damage him no matter what.

    Another, I would be at home and someone would be breaking in. I had a gun, but the wrong ammunition and would be searching frantically for the correct ammunition. That was one of the most frustrating recurring dreams. It stopped when I started sleeping with a loaded pistol under the bed.

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  9. Inta'twalamayah Registered Senior Member

    I was walking thru the woods with open fields and good spaces between the trees, it was a nice scenery and the sun kept going up and down making the day night and day constantly. But I was going to the store with some people that I suppose were friends a younger versions of ourselves. I had an urge to hurry and get there quick and get all the supplies we needed, mostly food, as if we were going camping. Becuz from the get go I knew something was coming and it was almost that time. I kept telling the two to hurry up and stuff but they were joking around and playing like they didnt know wat was about to happen.
    Eventually we made it to a little store like a gas station without the gas station. It seemed like we were taking eternety in that place getting stuff and we didnt even get much of anything at all.
    And still I was restless to get out of here and keep moving.
    When we got out the store we didnt even have anything and we were headed back to the woods and now the other two were getting the feeling I was getting asking telling me why dont we go the the city where theres lotsa people becuz we might be safe in a crowd. I didnt like that tho cuz anything can be anyone in a crowd of people and they knew that and were assured. But as we were going back to the woods in the total opposite direction we came from it seemed like it was early morning and the sun was just beggining to rise and the whole woods seemd like a misty silver cuz of the fog. And this was the time that I knew I was waiting for and tried to hurry up out of here. To where we dont know just get away. But before the scene changed behind us below a hill I saw a guy in black on a horse just standing there and it was hard to tell if he was moving cuz it was like he was floating , hovering. I would of thought I was scared when I saw him but I wasnt, he seemed familiar yet wasnt. I had a sense of danger maybe.
    Soon as I saw that the pace started speeding up and we were on horses now riding thru the woods and ended up at a beach with sand area that wasnt even 10 ft wide till the ocean was on it. As we were going along the beach the sand started shrinking in width and turning kinda black and the horses dissapeared. And the water seemed blacker also it was wierd how it was night time and at the same time day time. Up above you can see the sun and the light but it was like seeing it thru a shadow a smog thats transparent. Gradually we were walking thru water getting deeper and deeper as we were following the ridge line, and thru all this the water was completely calm all over, no waves no ripples no sound no nothing. If it was totally night you might of mistaken the ocean for land.
    As we were getting deeper in the water, now I had a speck of fear rising cuz I couldnt see where I was going and couldnt see what was below me. And these two all silver eyes big wide and slanted appeared in the water, like a mirror with the sun reflecting back. I heard someone in my head or something say something like just becuz I have eyes doesnt mean I can see you. And I realize after that I was underwater walking in blackness now and everything changed. I felt like I was flipping over spinning around topsy turvy type of thing. And I was able to see clearly like clear white was around, yet I was still under water floating around and there was this red long tall jellow type of thing in the center of this type of round dome of water I was in, and it was swaying and jiggling like a blob. I saw flashes of yellows and purples and the scenery changed.
    I was in some kind of swamp now, and the little girl that was with us dissapeared and the boy was left. We both seemed more older this time. The we were on this floating type of house without a ceiling or walls cept a door on one side. The floor was made of wood and it kept swaying around and the end you were on sank the closer you got to the water cuz it was just floating on it. But all around was swamp area, I can see trees thats from the swamp water looked swampy and in the distances you can see other floating houses. It was day time but barely any sun was shining.
    But there were 2 girls in the house 1 on a chair and 1 standing and there was a table in the center. They didnt say anything at all they just stared at us without any kind of questioning look. They looked pretty good too tall 1 blond and other had brown hair the one with brown hair looked younger than the other. They seemed like they were in their teens, and they had brown leather clothes on. But the boy I was with started heading to the edge of the house and the house slanted and he jumped in the water for some reason, like he wanted to go swimming and I saw a big alligator really big. And I was yelling at him to watch out and come back and he heard me and saw the alligator and started coming back and as soon as he made it to the house the alligator jumped out the water and got him. With one bite the boy was completely in the jaws and it was weird how the teeth of the alligator was. It didnt sink into the boy but it wrapped around him and it was like he was like the lower and top part of the jaws was being stitched together. I was freaking out seeing this like what the. And started going to him and the girl got up and the alligator spit the boy out. He was lying there not moving and he was in all white and seemed more taller somehow. Thruought the rest the boy was never seen again even tho he was right there but like he just dissapeared without notice.
    I said sorry to the girls, and I didnt know anything about this place or about anyone here and I sat down and still they didnt say anything to me but I myself felt more comfortable. The girl with brown hair said something like we are the wolf tribe or wolf clan and I smiled and said people call me wolf, for some reason. Time seemed to have gone by really fast and the feeling of something coming went to pass. I remember playing a board game with the girl with brown hair, playing some kind of chess on a board with peices that was triangles and put the two together they fit on the square onthe board, each triangle and counterpart was red and white. And the two together made a square.
    As time went by which seemed like only a minute I felt I needed to move on again and get out of here. And I heard alarms going off all of a sudden and we got up real quick and I knew what was happening and had to get away, the girl opened this trap in the floor and you can see the water under there but the two silver eyes was waiting as soon as we opened it and decided not to jump down and instead we went to the door and as she went to the door I saw a shadow of the guy who was chasing me and tried to call her to come back but she already had the door opened and was stepping out and she got her head chopped off and I was like oh shit and jumped in the square opening of the trap door.
    I was swimming trying to find some place to hide cuz there was nothing to hide behind it was all vast empty waters with no trees or rocks and it was dark but still you were able to see. I started swimming to the bottom and I saw a square vent like an air conditioner that was bigger than normal with bubbles rising off the top and the bottom was surrounded by sand that was in many colors, mostly yellow and red and green dots. I swam to the the box shape vent and tried to sink myself in the sand as much as possible to hide wile hugging the side of the vent to camoflauge as part of the bottom. I stayed there motionless without a thought of anything, even drowning. But I never die anymore so I knew that that I couldnt. I layed there with heart pounding like running from the cops knowing if you get caught ur fucked bad.
    I was there for a long time perfectly matching as if my clothes had also changed to match. And I started to fall into a trance like state like I was meditating, like I was drifting off to sleep, it was a wierd senstation specially since it was in a dream, I shoulda let it continue and see what woulda happend but as soon as I realized it I broke out of it, and remembered wat was happening.
    I came to full awareness in a heart beat everything started coming back and my alertness was more sharpened, probably since I was in a meditative state for a while. felt more calm and relaxed but concentrated and focused and very cautious. But I knew it was safe I could just tell. I started swimming back up and in the distance I saw the silouette of one of the huge alligators and a sense of panic came but it was squashed as quick as it came. I made it back up to the house thru the trap door and went thru the door where the girl was attacked and I was in a room and there were red lights on the ceiling from the alarms but no alarms were sounding everything seemed real quiet again like when I was in the ocean. Things seemed tense like the quiet before the storm. I was looking at this computer on the wall and I think I was looking at conditions of other worlds like where the person has been that was searching for me. I saw one for my world but I didnt go there I saw the one with the big red jello and didnt go there and many others, and I chose this one place that I didnt know what the place was but I still decided to go there.
    I was in the sky now, I can see big white clouds and blackness at the ssame time but there was light. I was on type of spaceship that had no inside, it was all outside. There were many rails and poles and the whole structure was white. There was no wind no nothing and I didnt see anyone. I was standing on a thin railing with railings around and above me for support something you hold on. And out of no where I saw a ship a little spaceship like a fighter jet. It was an awesome ship, it was shapeshifting constantly till it found one that it found suitable. And I realize it was coming for me the person chasing me was flying it. Out of no where these two white creatures , I suppose aliens came out of no where. They were very tall and slim, they were all white with big heads and there hair was an extension of their head it went up and around to their back reaching down to there back like a tail. They had legs but they where like snakes and I realize why there are poles and rails instead of platforms cuz they wrap around them to move around. They were protecting me from the ship coming for me and they had some kind of weapon that you can see the projectiles they shoot, like green balls of fire that was a pretty good size and with an explosion that was also good. Their weapons looked like it was a part of their arms. They moved really quick and with much grace really smooth dodging and manuvering. The ship wasnt attacking aggressively back tho and he retreated.
    After that I had time to soak in the scenery and in the distane I can see a building not like our tall square buildings but roundish with lights all over in many colors and it was part of the structure I was on and I realize this structure was like a whole world it was huge cuz the building was really far but you can see it clearly and it was surrounded by dark clouds and I can see lighting flashing around it.
    I was sitting on this chair still outside with my feet dangling in the sky and there was this man below next to me and other beings that were different from the other but I can see the resemblence. I guess the others were warriors. But they were on a computer type thing looking something up for me. And the guy next to me I was talking to, he said hes one of the out of the little bit of humans around. We were talking for a bit and I dont remember wat we all said but I said oh my god and he chuckled and said something about god like a joke. I wish I remembered but when I heard him say it it struck something in me, not that I was mad not that it was mean, I kind of agreed, yet I was dissapointed at the same time. I just sighed.
    But sometime past someone flew up with a suit with a jet pack and it was the person that kept coming for me, the suit and helm made the guy look like the predator off the movie. But he started shooting and I fell off the structure and I saw land but I didnt go splat I dissapeared and reappeared on the ground and I saw the guy battling someone in the same kind of suit. They were flying around and touching down shooting a gun that made explosions all over the place. The whole place down here was beautiful, there was vast green fields and green hills and the sky in contrast made the green more bright. I had my own kind of suit now out of no where and had a gun also it was like a disk launcher with blue disks that exploded on contact. I started flying back up to the structure and I look over and the battle of the two was over and he was coming back for me. We both made it up to the structure and I got help from the white creatures again and this time they captured the guy chasing me and I was back to where I was sitting earlier back in my normal clothes of white.
    I dont know what happend what we talked about and stuff but they said something like there is something in my shoulder and they did surgery to take it out. And I was thinking maybe thats what the guy was after. But they took it out and it was a case in the shape of a kind of triangle that matched my shoulder area to fit right. It was a metal kind of case and inside there was a little hand held computer with many names of people that I didnt know who and was thinking maybe those are my folks names , cuz I dont know who my folks are. But there was many people and other things besides just names, like it was a encyclopedia of certain info. And at the same time it was something about it that was helping me live. I dont know why but I just had a feeling. Even tho I'm glad to rid of it, only to see what it was but I felt reluctant to have it out.
    The person that was chasing me was brought to us in a chair tied up and it wasnt a guy but a woman, and she was beautiful with smooth oval shape face perfectly smooth skin and full lips and eyes with compassion but strenght and hair that was a light blue.
    When I saw her all the past danger that seemed to emanate from her seemed to wash away. I had a feeling this wasnt the person that I first ran into. The guy in all black that chased me thru the woods and beach and chopped of the girls head. And I knew this wasnt the guy in black when I first saw the ship shapeshifting. She wasnt as dangerous as the first guy. This woman was just a different person after me for a different reason maybe , I dont know.
    She wouldnt stop staring at me and she wasnt even saying anything she seemed totally calm for her situation. The way she looked at me was like piercing like she was sizing me up, but it was hypnotizing to me, I wasnt even thinking of anything.
    After a bit I asked her why she wanted me and she said something like becuz I had bags in my body. I was thinking bags? Confused. And I said that , Bags? She said you have bags in your skin... your organs your body. I was still confused and I was thinking of what they took out of me wondering if that is part of what she was talking about. But I was more wondering what these bags were for and what they had that people in dreams always seem to come after me, even tho not all the time, but a good portion.
    Out of no where I started having some kind of seizure, I couldnt breathe I was gasping for air heezing and wheezing, like I was having an asthma attack , which I never had since I was a little boy and only had it once. I was thinking that it might be becuz of what they took out of me. But I felt like I was about to actually die this time after a long time of never dying it felt close. The man I was talking to earlier rushed over and the beings came and helped me up. And I was on this different chair hanging on a railing that moves like a clothes hanger. They had all these things on me and I was strapped and couldnt move. There was something around my head with needles that stuck to my temples and along the rail there were other needles that inject something as I pass by it. The seat started moving and I was screaming in pain with all the injections I was getting in my head. And the girl that was captured looked concerned said something like thats alot of drugs. It was very painful, and I never felt pain in a dream for a long time and it was only once when I died. But the railing was headed to this black hole in the air and I couldnt see what was in there. Thru it all I was screaming hurting wondering what is going on and they still had the case they took out. As I entered the hole I woke up. And I couldnt move for a good 5 mins and the pain was still in my mind and the needle sensation in my temples was still there my head felt numb along with my chest and between the shoulders. I was looking around my room with a different perception of normal. Everything seemed more fake, like this is truly a dream I'm in still. Everything I experienced was running thru my head constantly and a feeling like I lost something I shouldnt have. And it isnt over.

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