Explosions at Brussels airport and metro

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Plazma Inferno!, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. billvon Valued Senior Member

    How many Muslim refugees in the US have committed acts of terrorism?
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  3. timojin Valued Senior Member

    Well, it's more than screening. The fact is, the migrants are there. There was no screening, there was no opportunity for screening. There wasn't any planning. Europe got caught with their pants down. The refugees just showed on on their doorsteps. The EU is years late and more than a few Euros short.

    The EU needs to be more proactive about these things. The time to fix this problem was long before these refugees found their way to Europe's door step. The EU should have been actively involved in Syria and Africa long before the refugee problem materialized. If people were safe at home, there would have been no need for them to migrate. There wouldn't have been a migration problem, thus no need to screen them.

    Additionally, the EU needs to become better at integrating immigrants into their communities. The US is pretty good at this in comparison to our European cousins. The EU needs to tighten up controls. It needs to be more decisive. The EU needs more central governance. Getting the EU to do something is somewhat analogous with trying to herd a flock of birds. The EU needs stronger central leadership.[/QUOTE]

    I believe EU have a program for migrant . What is taking place now is not migration but war torn area and they are refugee, Many European have compassion but there are to much infiltrators from ISISS,
    beside many of the ISIS fighters are Arabs from European nations, and ISIS have taken the advantage of the European generosity , so they come to extend their fight into Europe because some of the nations send military inti middle east to suppress ISIS. .
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  5. timojin Valued Senior Member

    So far on what comes out of my kopf 4 or five.

    Beside our shores are far away , and I believe to come here is a little more difficult , beside why do they have to kill civilian bystanders
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Which ones?
    Might be the same reason we do; too hard to separate them from their real targets.
  8. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Well (aside from 2 or 3 exceptions) the targets aren't military bases, government offices or police stations, so what exactly are they targeting other than civilians?
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