Favorite Movie Quotes

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by lokee, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Rowen Registered Senior Member

    "In Paris a vampire must be clever in many ways... here all one needs is a pair of fangs"
    Lestat "Interview With the Vampire"

    Server:your not hungry master
    Lestat:au contraire sherie he could eat the whole colony

    "but there was a hell and no matter wher we moved I was in it"
    Louis "Interview with the Vampire"

    "All I have to do to find you louis is follow the trail of rat corpses"
    Lestat "Interview With the Vampire"

    "you ask the wrong questions"
    Armand "Interview With the Vampire"

    "and for you peggy sue"
    Buddy Holly "Pulp Fiction"

    Any of you fuckin' pricks move and
    I'll execute every one of you
    motherfuckers! Got that?

    Pulp Fiction
    Check out the big brain on Brett.
    You'a smart motherfucker, that's
    right. The metric system.
    (he points to a fast
    food drink cup)
    What's in this?


    Sprite, good, mind if I have some
    of your tasty beverage to wash this
    down with?

    Pulp Fiction

    "so how does it feel to kill a man"
    Esmeralda "Pulp Fiction"

    Mia powders her nose by doing a big line of coke off the
    bathroom sink. Her head jerks up from the rush.

    (imitating Steppenwolf)
    I said goddamn!

    Pulp Fiction

    "The Spider has caught two flies"
    Pawn shop owner "Pulp Fiction"


    Oh, but there is - it colorfully details the sham

    that is organized religion. The Walrus - with his

    girth and good-nature - obviously refers to either

    the Buddha, or - with his tusks - the lovable

    Hindu elephant god, Lord Ganesha. This takes care

    of the Eastern religions. The Carpenter is an

    Obvious reference to Jesus Christ, who was

    purportedly raised the son of a carpenter. He

    represents the Western religions. And in the poem,

    what do they do? They dupe all the oysters into

    following them. Then, when the oysters collective

    guard is down, the Walrus and the Carpenter shuck

    and devour the helpless creatures, en masse. I

    don't know what that says to you, but to me it

    says that following faiths based on these

    mythological figures insures the destruction of

    one's inner-being.

    BARTLEBY sits amongst a row of seats by one of the arrival gates. He eats popcorn and stares at...

    A steady stream of TRAVELERS, exiting the gate, meeting loved ones, family.


    Organized religion destroys who we are or who we

    can be by inhibiting our actions and decisions out

    of fear of an intangible parent-figure who shakes

    a finger at us from thousands of years ago and

    says "No, no!"

    Bartleby smiles at the meet-and-greets, warmed. Loki saddles up beside him, kneeling on one of the seats, facing the Nun.


    'Through the Looking Glass' - a children's tale?

    I think not.


    (really dazed)

    I've... I've never really thought about it like


    (beat; shocked; off her cassock)

    What have I been doing with my life...?

    Kevin Smiths Dogma

    Thats all for now folks now get the fuck out...heard it from somewhere meh

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  3. aghart Registered Senior Member

    Infamy' infamy' theyv'e all got it in infamy. "Carry on Cleo"
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  5. Blue_UK Drifting Mind Valued Senior Member

    "And we will fight with all out valour, with all courage... ...to ensure than Huamn civilisation - Not instect! Dominates this galaxy now and always! - The Sky Marshall - Starship Troopers.


    Evil Girls: We're going to f*** you to death!
    Sidekick: (Boldly steps forward) HA! I'd like to see you try!
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  7. Redrover Registered Senior Member

    Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family, Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed-interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose a three piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing sprit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up brats you have spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life.

    But who would I want to do a thing like that?

    Renton - Trainspotting
  8. DouBTlessWonDer socially inferior to TV Registered Senior Member

    "Game over man, game over!" is a classic. (from Aliens, by the way)
  9. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    "I neva fucked anybody over in my life, who didn't have it comin' to 'im, you got that? All I have in this world is my balls, and my word, and I don't break 'em for no one, jou understand?" (Tony)

    "You know what capitalism is? Gettin' fucked!"

    Dis fuckin' guy..." (Tony re: Alberto)

    "Ja! How'd jou like that, eh? Jou fuckin' maricon! Ja!"

    Don't fuck wit me!"

    "Well you stupid fuck, look at you now!" (Tony to Alberto)

    "Can't you stop saying 'fuck' all the time?" (Elvira)

    "Say 'ello to my little friend!"

    Mr. Jones: Boy, bring your ass off up in here! What you talkin'
    about you wait 'til I come out? I smelt your shit for 22 years. Now
    you can't smell mine for five minutes?

    Craig: Look! She's bendin' over!
    Pastor Clever: Lord have mercy! The Lord is my Shepherd! He know what I want!

    Smokey: I know you don't smoke weed. I know this. But I'm going to get you high today. Because it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!:m:

    Last temptation of Christ:
    Jesus: God loves me. I know he loves me. I want him to stop.

    Jesus: You think God belongs only to you? He doesn't. God is an immortal spirit who belongs to everybody, to the whole world. You think you're special? God is not an Israelite.

    Judas: I struggle, you collaborate.

    Narrator: Amélie still seeks solitude. She amuses herself with silly questions about the world below, such as "How many people are having an orgasm right now?"
    Amélie: Fifteen!

    Leonard Shelby: Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They're just an interpretation, they're not a record, and they're irrelevant if you have the facts.

    Leonard Shelby: I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning... even if I can't remember them. I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world's still there.

    Leonard Shelby: I have this condition.

    Teddy: You don't want the truth. You make up your own truth

    Angela's ashes
    Frank: "Kiss me arse!!!!!!!!"
  10. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    7 Samurai
    Gorobei Katayama: You're Good.
    Heihachi Hayashida: Yeah, yeah. But I'm better at killing enemies.
    Gorobei Katayama: Killed many?
    Heihachi Hayashida: Well - It's impossible to kill 'em all, so I ususally run away.
    Gorobei Katayama: A splendid principle!
    Heihachi Hayashida: Thank you.
  11. Vultekai Registered Member

    Ichi the Killer:

    "Causing pain is a serious matter"

    "When you are hurting someone, don't think about the pain they are feeling, think about the pleasure you get from inflicting pain"

    Battle Royale:

    "Today's lesson is: You kill each other off until there's only one left. Nothing is against the rules"

    Dark Crystal:

    Gen: I don't have wings
    Kira: Ofcourse not. You're a boy

    Captain Harlock: Arcadia of my Youth:

    "My name is Phantom F. Harlock and this plane is flesh of my flesh, sharing my blood... The friend that shares my fate. Arcadia of my youth"
    ~Phantom F. Harlock

    "Harlock, when we meet in Hell, let us drink together as friends"

    "We will not pray for anything. Nor will we seek help from anyone. Never again will we fight under another's flag. We will keep on fighting for what we believe in only under our flag, for as long as we live. Under my flag!"
    ~Captain Harlock

    Grave of the Fireflies:

    "Why do fireflies die so soon?"

    Hellsing: (a tv series, but what the hay)

    "Now what happened? Only two of your legs have been ripped off. Summon your beasts! Transform your body! Regenerate your legs and get the hell up! Pick up that gun and fight back! Come on, the night has just begun. The fun has yet to begin. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!"

    "Dust to dust, amen!"
    ~Alexander Anderson

    Alexander Anderson: Monster!
    Alucard: I get that alot. Then what are you? A human? A dog? A monster? Die Miserably.

    "It was a little intresting, Vatican's son of a bitch."

    "We, the United Kindom Royal Protestant Knight Organization, Hellsing, bow to no one. All obstacles will be squashed and obliterated. If you wish to live, hide your tail between your legs and scamper on home, Vatican's swine."
    ~Integral Wingates van Hellsing

    Bad Taste:

    "I'm a Derek and Dereks don't run."

    "Bastards have landed!"

    "Suck my spinning steel, shithead!"

    Meet the Feebles:

    "Don't worry if you feel ashamed / It's been around for years / And thousands more that can't be named / Are interested in rears / Don't worry about hell / No harm will come to your soul / We're not a Pentecostal / And everybody's got an asshole / SODOMY!!!"
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2003
  12. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Undercover brother:

    The Chief: Today is a great day for black people of all races.

    Anton Jackson: Hi.
    Conspiracy Brother: "Hi"? What you mean "hi"? Like "high yellow wanna be white"? "High" like the *white man* wants to keep us? Wait, you don't smell any weed on me, do you?
    Anton Jackson: Brother, when you get a minute, could I get a list of the words that trigger these episodes?

    Lance: I *feel* Black.
    Conspiracy Brother: But you *look* white...don't touch me!

    Anton Jackson: Are you telling me there really is a 'The Man'?
    Conspiracy Brother: What do you think? Things don't just happen by accident! Sometimes people - mostly *white* people - make things happen!
    Anton Jackson: So the conspiracies we've believed for all these years are true? The NBA really did institute the three point shot to give white boys a chance?
    Conspiracy Brother: Of course!
    Anton Jackson: Hollywood really *is* out to get Spike Lee?
    Conspiracy Brother: Come on man! Even Cher's won an Oscar! Cher!
    Anton Jackson: Then O.J. really didn't do it?
    [Everyone looks away and mumbles]

    Conspiracy Brother: Jesus Christ: black man. Babe Ruth: black man. Madonna:...slept with black men.

    Lance: So let me get this straight; whenever a black guy does well, starts wearing Dockers, buys a few Celine Dion records, and sleeps with a White chick, you automatically say he's sold out?
    The Chief: That's enough, Lance!
    Lance: Always trying to shut the white man down.
    Conspiracy Brother: THAT'S RIGHT!!! That's Right! ...Oh, ain't right.

    The Chief: Smart Brother, you're so damn smart. Can you tell us what the Hell just happened?
    Smart Brother: Well, uh, I, uh, um...
    The Chief: (mocking him) Well, um, I, uh...Shut up! If I wanted to hear something stupid, I'd ask his skinny Black Ass!
    Conspiracy Brother: Ha, ha! In your face! Ha! I'm a...HEY!!!
  13. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    "When I was 15, I had a great butt. I mean, I loved my butt. I wish I'd taken photo graphs of it." Iona from Pretty in Pink
  14. gracie_lou Registered Senior Member

    "he's lucky, i'm lucky, you're lucky, we're all lucky! hahaha!"
    -magenta from the rocky horror picture show
  15. Nebula Occasionally Frequent Registered Senior Member

    WORST movie quotes

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    Guy 1: We're stuck up here on this rock!
    Guy 2: Yeah! That makes me pissed off.

    Lady: Thank you for delivering these letters! You're a godsend!
    Postman: I'm not a godsend...I'm just the postman.
    -The Postman
  16. Skulls Registered Member

    Kelly's Heros

    German Colnel ; "But the Geneva convention states..."

    Kelly ; "Well we ain't in Geneva Colnel"
  17. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    Here some Hellraiser quotes:

    Pinhead: Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. There is a secret song at the center of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh.
    Joey: I don't believe you.
    Pinhead: Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now. I'm here to turn up the volume. To press the stinking face of humanity into the dark blood of its own secret heart.

    P.J. Monroe: Jesus Christ!
    Pinhead: Not quite.

    John Merchant: For God's sake!
  18. plasticwingsmelting Banned Banned

    "What if you could go back in time and take away all those hours of pain and darkness...and replace them with something better?"

    Jena Malone
    -Donnie Darko

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