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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Anew, May 28, 2015.

  1. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    anyone agree relative of the fact that Yes:

    1. for a time user name and password seemed enough for security relative of writing participant. Perhaps screename, would be a greater security value.
    2. perhaps considering the fact that 2015, ; the year is of natural interest in editing standard presentation.

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  3. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    Learn how to make sense.
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  5. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    apparently simple commentary, is presumptive upon as accostive., why bother. as if the word acostive a value without 2 c's. only a bigot would demand such.

    isn't the word scence neat. it gives a new balance to the variable dedication of the error (ignorance) relative to the word sensuality, directly related to the variable misuse of the word sense.

    in a way the word gives to realism. it's strange when individuals latch themselves to words wrongly. a great many have worship propulsions concerning phrase, which these as long ago isn't and hasn't been worthy. apparently haste is aspect of many matters, and has been for some time. variable perhaps hasting presumes as it needn't. It is that commitments with vehemence to words of phrase in music for sale is and has been of problem, and degrative usary (misuse) for some time. the quote 'the word is love'" from 'The Beatles entourage music collection for sale and dedication to such presumptive that such is somehow more than principle ethical value is an idiocracy.

    Perhaps the word hyrax was initially a word invented of variable interest relative to makers integrity of variable food providorship credit. ? Is makers mark liquor missing.

    did Jack Daniels become some nomic issue.

    now I find interest in stoeffers lady fingers product, and consider as to ?why and how such is related here: yes topic of discussion does get variable. hmmm
    perhaps " learn how to make sense' is relative to written document integrity for the value of the interest of the subject interest of this writing.

    now what to write: really it's simple consideration of the icon above your creative screename and the definition chosen below it. really the icon isn't exactly discernible considering realism.
    art isn't exactly discernible, and for myself it is only a pleasure to comment of it. really the icon of the circle with arrow in my view considering my daily represents the word 'why; and considering your interest in choosing it as represent, and whom I am brings me to place of defining 'why as related to the drawing as: one needn't question the obvious, or seek more [hence my definition below my screename "life doesn't ask.

    now relative to the realism, that yesterday I wrote of the strangeness of the website keeping itself, or being kept somehow for a questionable assureity it seems.

    apparently I'm cute, and only choose good value understanding the error of greed. I am also of empathy for what I believe. There are variable reasons as to why greed occurs midst people. the word hyrax is variable. apparently hyrax had been an perhaps 'first real cookie kind which one could purchase at a store.
    really it is cute 'relationship of words. yet misuse presumption and rushive intent with words for confidence or the violence of placation is what it always will be; related to guilt.

    often in life individuals have false guilt, or what later becomes real guilt do to wanting or caring about a way to be that is greedy.

    personally I had liked the facial product referred to as alpha hydroxy, I hadn't needed to; yet I didn't quite mind considering my integrity for life and earnesty. why of me (Anew) is really anybody's error if they bother. Yet networking is riddled with common and or worse error as conglomerate demand laced with greed disguised as whatever it uses as an excuse is the error that it is.

    hmm confidence wrongly defined is too much gossip. as it is the greater dictionary[lexicon definitions of confidence really are 1. personal integrity 2. trust

    since 2008 ish it seems there's a meticulous idiocracy practicing itself. The demand of language equality, and answer is a violence.
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  7. Hipparchia Registered Senior Member

    I thought his reference to Jack Daniels made sense.

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