Freezing Humans

Nothing can live forever and living on in a computer is about as close as we can get (in today imagination). Yes that would be a copy but if the original no longer exist and if the copy believes it is the original then who to tell it different? Remember: “I think there for I am”
dental-plan said:
You Will Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die

HAHAJHhahahaha...right on dental-plan

it never ceases to amaze me how people will concot the weirdest ideas of escape from death. this goes way back. it's all to do with the fear of death.

alright, even RAWlison with his LifeExtension shit knew it was only meant for space travel, nt earth. but jeeez who'd want that. it all sounds to computer room geeky for me....give me spindle branched woods with the clouds moving over head and the possibility of an erotic encounter before i...DIEEEEE!!!! hehe


You said that : The process has been tested on frogs and they have been successfully unfrozen and returned to life.

Frog do that each year without any help! That is not a proof!

if with one way or another they manage to freeze brain/body u could trow few bucks in a bank/invest and after 100 years that u wake up u will be a millionaire (even a billionaire depending on the money you invested).
And after that many years technology would be so advanced that u could live forever with uploading or telomerase cause u would be fuckin rich.
I wouldn't use the freeze thingie tho..ONLY if i was about to die from age or a desease.
To freeze a human and keep it alive you'd have to freeze it at a precise rate so as to not damage anything and then keep it at a constant temperature. Near impossible.